It Started So Playfully…

It all started playfully enough, I hadn’t expected her to agree to be restrained, but all the teasing, all the sensuality of the moment, must have taken its toll.

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They keep him held on the brink over and over, that constant pulsating sensation shoots through his body, threatening to bring him to his knees, to buckle to their whim. What started as a pleasurable bet, an erotic challenge, has become an exercise on his will. He tries desperately not to beg for them to let him cum, to keep his hands behind him and withstand it until they tire, yet every ounce of willpower seems to be directed at simply not letting his legs give way.

They feel that swollen length twitch against their mouths, bringing warmth within from simply imagining how it must feel, to have these inches of your body licked and teased to the brink over and over again. It almost makes them shiver in pleasure at the thought. Their soft lips press along his throbbing manhood, delighting in the pulse of it against their tongues. It lets them know that even though it isn’t enough to push him into orgasm, it is enough to keep him praying for it.

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”Fuck!!! P… Please… Oh God… OH GOD!”  

”That’s it… Take it… You wanted to come that bad? Then feel it over and over again.”

”N… No I… I swear, I didn’t… OH GOD!”

‘’Take it! Come again… Now.’’

”Please not again… I cant take it… I DIDN’T MASTURBATE OUT OF CLASS… I SWEAR!”

”Good girl… Scream for us, let everyone in the college hear just what happens when you come without permission.”

”Fuck… Oh Fuck… PLEASE STOP.”

”It’s not going to stop, no matter how much you beg.”

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How can I support you more?Was wondering if you had a patron or had thought about one. I have loved the things you make for years and want to make sure you keep making them.

I never created a Patreon account because I’ve always wanted the content to be easily accessible. The more people I can tease and tantalise, the better. I do appreciate the desire to support though. For me this is something I love to do, even when there are costs involved (like the site hosting etc). The Lelo affiliate link is always a great way to support me if anyone is looking for any intimate toys, accessories, products or gifts. Also, one of the big ways for support is going to be coming when I put the novel out online, which should merely be a matter of months now.

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