Did you really think I would go any faster?

I remember you telling me how wonderful that slow build up was, how intensely it made you come. That’s something I’ve been picturing ever since you first mentioned it, the way you must have shuddered in pleasure, the way your back must have arched while you convulsed in bliss. All while those soft bristles pressed so delicately to that tender clitoris. So much time spent unsuccessfully trying to have that paintbrush press a little harder to that swollen jewel; finally the speed and pressure was just enough to topple you over the edge of an orgasm.

I would love nothing more than to feel what it’s like, to have something so soft and delicate constantly teasing something so precious and sensitive. The way you moan, the way you writhe, the way you beg – I’ll use all of those to gauge just what it’s like now that I have you here. The restraints will show you just as much mercy as I will give: keeping you trapped within this realm of frustration.

I’m going to keep sweeping this brush back and forth until I know your body can not feel any more in need, until you’ve begged so much that you’ve lost all hope of mercy. These gentle strokes: not enough to let you come, but just enough to keep you teetering on that bring, to keep that climax constantly simmering. You can pull against the restraints as much as you want, I’m not speeding up. I love how your pussy seems to blossom for me, getting so swollen as those tender lips open up, trying to invite me to give it so much more; all while your clitoris pulses in desperate need. The perfect picture, one that I want to keep in sight for as long as possible.

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Pillowcase Bondage

What You Can Do With A Pillowcase (Video Link)

A nice way to use a pillowcase. Simply sliding the pillowcase up the other persons arms, behind their back, then having the person lie back, letting their own body trap their arms by their sides.

Dominating someone, having that person know that their pleasure is under your control, is not about the tools or equipment you own. It’s about the mindset, the desire to spend those moments taking them to the pinnacles of pleasure and holding them there as long as you wish. The look in your eyes, the tone of your voice, the way you touch them with intent – when it all conveys how much you want to indulge in their fantasies, that is when you truly hold someone captive… after that, the items you use and the tricks such as above are all simply the icing on the cake.

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A little update: There are a couple of posts on Patreon that have been made available – one is a snippet from the novel (with a longer segment soon to come) and a couple of behind the scene GIFs from a recent session that never materialised into a full video).

Hi. Love your posts! I’m just curious what your policies are with your sessions. Like the videos, your privacy policies and things like that?

I’m going to be putting up more details related to this soon – after a request for some information on safety for those new to bdsm play, I’ll make some posts regarding safe practices and tips etc.

In terms of privacy, if someone wants a session filmed, it is always their decision if it is made viewable on the site. If someone is okay with it being made into a video for public view, any GIFs that are made will always be made without showing faces or anything identifiable (particularly as it may be difficult as well to, at a later date, get permission for every single GIF created).


How does it feel? I cannot imagine the sensation of having a Sybian vibrator devastating your sex so intensely, such a brutal machine with complete mechanical indifference to the sensitivities of your delicate pussy.

Another orgasm? It must be drilling against your clitoris, shuddering through your entire body; though you are doing well, just five minutes left to go, don’t give up now.

That look of pained ecstasy – pure perfection!

Oh! Have you had enough?

Poor thing, you were so close, you only had to last a few more minutes and it would have been over, I’d have let you off. Oh well, looks like we’ll be getting the leg restraints out. If you thought that was intense, think how it is going to feel now, being strapped to it and unable to pull away, In a minute you’ll be wishing you had endured for those last few minutes. Time for you to experience true orgasmic torture.

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Any update on the novel?

Yes… the novel has been completely written and formatted. Just having a read-through with others to make sure there’s nothing that needs to be edited. For the time being, I have put a small segment of the story on the patreon page (this will be posted here in time too). I’ll be putting a full chapter on the patreon page soon too as a little preview (and then on here a little later). Hoping to have it available by Christmas.

Just wanted to let you know your site got infected by a virus. AVG pings me every time I visit the site. It only started a few days ago. Otherwise, I love your stuff.

Thank you ever so much for mentioning this. I’ve just installed a number of security measures and ran tests which are now showing that the issue has been cleared up. The site is much more secure now (have ran numerous scans indicating that the site is completely safe from any viruses, malware or hacks). If anyone has any issues (including if any of the security measures implemented impede any access to areas of the website) please reach out and let me know. Really appreciate it. (please do mention if the same issue persists).

Hello there! I was wondering if you were going to do even more stuff regarding ancient royalty having fun with a girl. Maybe being bored and so taking enjoyment from edging a spread-eagle girl whom is helpless to resist. Letting her cum after a few hours of torture, but of course not stopping there. Maybe something including a forbidden romance between kingdoms, getting caught and the girl getting punished by the man’s guards… And then being comforted with passionate sex by her lover? Perhaps I’m thinking too much into this, but maybe you could do something with it if it suits you. I love your works!

Hello. This is actually something that is heavily involved in the next large story I’m working on. It’s going to be a large world-building series involving a fictional world where one of the large aspects of the royalty in the kingdom is sexual pleasure – using it as a means of both entertainment and punishment. The working title is ‘the sexecutioner’ but that won’t be the finished name. I think you’ll very much enjoy what it involves – it’ll be a very large work spanning multiple novel length stories. Until then though, I will certainly put out a story much like the second one you’ve mentioned – you’ve given me a nice idea for the scenario actually!

By revealing her deepest fantasies to him, she had given him the key to unlock the doors of her sexuality she had never thought would be opened.

To be watched, to be made a sexual spectacle of, to be rendered helpless; what can feel like locked away desires can so easily be brought to reality. Sensing eyes surveying every curve of her naked body, feeling unfamiliar hands explore her, the sense of having such private moments being put on display without any sense of fear sets her body alight. A tingle of embarrassment surges through her which seems to amplify her pleasure. Like a dream come true, he has made her feel like a work of art being studied.  

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