Is that realisation one of joy or of slight terror? Knowing that even after coming beyond what you could have ever expected to handle from the intense vibrator, those fingers inside you seem to rekindle the flame. The realisation that your pussy could be forced to orgasm even more from those fingertips finding just the right spot. 

There’s something so intense about having someone do that to you; the desire projected from someone else adds so much more. The unmoving, unfeeling vibrator locked in place made you feel like you’d die from the pleasure. Yet having a person take control makes it feel like they want you to die from the pleasure, so terribly intense to have emotion and desire added to the beautiful torment. Maybe that is why you are coming again, even though you said you couldn’t take any more.

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Test Subject: 009

Ensuring the potency of this substance has proven to be a rather lengthy process, though the results appear to have been worth the wait. The ability of substance 113, hereafter referred to as ‘SenseStop’, to prevent the post-orgasm refractory period from becoming painful has been previously uncertain. SenseStop has indeed caused for a large number of subjects to continue being stimulated to constant multiple orgasms without any pain/hypersensitivity (or loss of sensation). However, some of the subjects used proved to be able to experience multiple orgasms easily without SenseStop being administered, voiding the results. It could have been that the findings were exaggerated or researcher bias played a part in the results. Subject 009, however, has proven its potency.

She has spent many years with us, closely analysed to make sure that she always corresponded with our wishes to keep her as sensitive to stimulation as possible. During her first years as a subject here, forcing orgasms from her had proven exceptionally difficult due to her becoming overly sensitive after the initial orgasm, then quickly losing sensitivity afterwards if pushed much further. She has since been teased on a regular basis, only permitted to orgasm once every two weeks for the last few years, while being teased gently and denied orgasm outside of the allocated orgasm period. Even her periods of climax have purposely been gentle, stopping before any over-stimulation could occur, to the point where each orgasm has verged closely to being a ruined one. 

My desire has long been for subject 009 to be the guinea pig for SenseStop. This has proven very fruitful. Having administered the SenseStop gel to her vaginal region (most importantly, her clitoris) and restraining her to the most powerful vibrator in the lab’s possession, she has climaxed repeatedly for the last 40 minutes since her first orgasm. Her sexual essence has been dripping non-stop while she has continued to convulse in orgasm after orgasm. There has been no sign of pain or physical discomfort. Instead, she has only been screaming and crying out due to the intensity of pleasure. Having not experienced more than two orgasms in a row in her lifetime, this level of stimulation is beyond anything she could have imagined. Also, having spent so long just barely given any sexual gratification during masturbation and within the lab, the intensity of this proves the effectiveness of SenseStop. When this experiment was conducted in the past with her, without the substance, she lasted 10 seconds after the first climax before the test needed to be aborted. 

We had told her to count the number of orgasms, to tell us so that we could record the exact amount. We do indeed have the equipment to record how many, though her own account seemed more appropriate to me. She stopped after 8; however, since then, she has merely screamed and continued to beg us to stop making her come. It will be interesting to hear her own account of how it feels to experience such prolonged pleasure after never even enduring anything close to it. I propose repeating the experiment with her tomorrow, though I shall tell her that if she again fails to count, we will be forced to continue the experiment repeatedly until she can comply. 

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I can only come once. I can only feel that sweet, explosive release of ecstasy one time before it’s over. Maybe another entire day before I get to build back up to that moment. That’s why we are here like this right now.

I want to take my frustration out on you. The frustration of being unable to come more than once while focused on your multi-orgasmic body. All of my attention is on making you come so much that I’m almost glad I can only come once.

How I masturbate you lets you know that I’m thinking of all the times I had to hold myself on the brink when fucking you. All the times, I had to withhold my orgasm because it would have been all over if I hadn’t. It was almost like a punishment for my cock, for being unable to climax multiple times. So now this is the punishment for your pussy in return.

So just lean back against me and keep coming just like that. Let me have a taste of what it feels like to be able to orgasm again and again.

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Image source from: thewhiteboxx

Held Down and Teased Relentlessly

A little massage turned to an unplanned forced orgasm session. No restraints or cuffs. When she cannot take it any more, Ari Raven is held down to be made to withstand more forced orgasms. Featuring slow teasing, soft tipped brushes and a powerful vibrator, she is tormented with pleasure.

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Model: Ari Raven


Never a warning, never a sign of any change, yet it was always the same day: October 31st.

She always ensured she stayed at home, the intoxicating aroma of dread, arousal and anticipation in the air, keeping her in the house every night on this date as if a prisoner in her own home.

It was always the same pattern. She would lie in bed, drifting off into the arms of sleep, when the night was at its most still and silent, the moonlight always shining through as if to bathe her in the most erotic glow for the unseen intruder, a preemptive spotlight.

At first, it was simply a gentle tease, like the softest of fingertips slowly alerting her body, tracing up and down her frame and waking both her mind and senses. It brought about feelings that made her want to touch herself, though whatever it was, it never allowed her to do such a thing. It wanted her pleasure brought about by itself alone.

Not once was a sound made except for her own breathing. Even after all this time, she still couldn’t stop herself from calling out to it, even though she knew there would be no reply. That moment was always when things began to get too much… it always became too much by the end.

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The first orgasm was just to make her more sensitive to what was in store, to make sure that when she unsuccessfully attempted to pull her hips back and away from his touch, she’d fully realise just how helpless she was. The thought of not being able to pull away once the water was thrashing against her sex made her body surge with desire, even during the afterglow of her first orgasm. All those times using the shower head in her bathroom to pleasure herself would pale in comparison to this, to finally be made to push past those moments of over-sensitivity. 

The minutes it took for him to manoeuvre things into place felt like hours to the unbearably aroused young woman, fit to bursting with anticipation and dripping wet, her pussy still tingling from the fingertips that had already lavished it with so much attention.

Without warning, the streams of water hit like a whip, jets of focused stimulation that seemed designed just to stimulate and torment all at once. Her gasps could not be heard over the sound of the water smacking against her sex, slapping hard as if trying desperately to penetrate that tenderness. To have so much pressure forcing against her most delicate place should have been painful, yet it was an indescribable pleasure that teetered along the line of being too much and not enough at the same time. Whereas when she played in the shower with the faucet, she could control the force and accuracy to some degree, here she had to endure an unchanging torrent of power that would not relent, making her both anticipate and fear how it would feel once she came, her already hypersensitive clitoris wanting so much more protection from the stimulation. Her hips didn’t know what they wanted to do, whether to rock up and down to attract the attention closer to where needed it in a bid for the climax she craved, or whether to try and pull away and stop the torrent of sensations. 

Once the whip-like jets of water-focused their attack more directly on the innermost regions of her sex, the orgasm, which was so slowly building up seemed to leap upon her. Like having her pussy constantly slapped, the sensations were all her mind could maintain any focus on, an unrelenting, pleasure-filled, stinging impact that would cause for an orgasm to be the only possible outcome her body could comprehend. Partly due to the strict constraints of her bondage, the orgasm was the most intense she’d ever experienced. To be so wholly immobilized while experiencing sensations of pleasure that made her every muscle tense up, that made her want to curl up and protect her sensitivities, made it all the more agonisingly erotic; it was everything that she’d ever hoped it would be. Of course, the torrent did not cease for a second. Striking her clitoral region like a million thrashing tongues, her thighs strained to conceal herself from the onslaught to no avail. Never before had she felt so completely exposed. 

More intense than the roughest touch of a lover, the water showed no mercy to her delicate flower. At least when in the shower she could at the very least change the setting on the faucet to give herself a little respite. All she could do here was scream and cry out that she had come, though the man in control of the faucets knew that she wanted so much more. With her legs shaking uncontrollably, she strained against the bonds, both reviling and relishing the captivity as the water continued to wreak havoc against her sex. The problem for her would be that it would take a while for it to truly feel painful. Until that time, it would force another few orgasms from her trembling body. From then on, she’d never be able to have a shower without thinking of these moments. 

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