Comfort, security, warmth, relaxation… these are some of the most important aspects to ensure the most wonderful masturbation and pleasure. Comfort must be your reality.

However, in your fantasies, in your erotic imagination, you can concoct the most wicked and intense scenarios. When you next touch and tease yourself, you can imagine the helplessness, the lack of control. Restrained and unable to escape, unable to cry out or give any word or signal for it to cease. Trapped and helpless to do anything other than whimper, moan and cry in torturous ecstasy.

The vibrator pressed to your intimacy, unforgiving and unstoppable. Forced to endure orgasms that melt your body and sap your will. There is no mercy. There is no escape. The orgasms continue far beyond your ability to cope with them, far beyond your capability to endure the assault of brutal pleasure. Perhaps your fantasy pushes you further, not letting your fantasy self experience the relief of your sex becoming desensitised and numb to the vibrations. Instead, you imagine it going on and on until you see yourself passing out repeatedly from the cruel ordeal, always waking to the unending barrage of sensations drilling your body and punishing your clit.

Your reality is heavenly. Your fantasy is hellish.

You won’t feel any less comfort, yet you’ll feel so much more intensity.

As much as you try to match the pleasure of your fantasy in reality, you’ll always fail. Yet, the attempt will always be wonderful.

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Image Source: PerfectSlave (Isabella Camilla)

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  1. Something like this screams after an erotic horror version like a wish gone wrong cause of a genie

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