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“Are you a man or a woman?”

I’m not a woman, I’m not a man, I am something that you’ll never understand.

“How do I edge Myself?”

One of the most frequent requests is about how to edge and deny oneself as well as the best ways to do so. While the audio and written instructional teases can give guidance on how to tease oneself, it’s always important to know that the focus is to explore your own sense of arousal and response. Not everyone reacts to things the same way, so it is always about finding out what sensations and manipulations cause for the best reactions for you.

Edging and orgasm denial is all about control, so practice is always going to be the best way to build that level of control. The first aspect of masturbation isn’t just about engaging your body, like sex, it’s about engaging the mind and imagination. Focus on the things that turn you on the most, those deepest fantasies, while you just explore yourself without touching those most sensitive places. Instead focus on teasing those areas, until you cannot wait to touch. This way you’ll not only find yourself ready to focus so much more on your body, but also find yourself so much more in tune with your sensuality. 

Masturbation is all about exploring what pleasures you the most, so don’t focus so much on orgasm itself, but instead on simply letting your fingers fulfil the desires of your imagination for as long as possible. Whether it takes 10 minutes or 1 hour, the point is simply about enjoying every moment of your play and every inch of your body in this state. Once you feel that pleasure begin to crescendo, that’s when you need to control yourself and stop yourself from climaxing – holding yourself from tipping over that ‘edge’. It will take a lot of practice to keep yourself on the frustrating side of orgasm and not going over, but the more you hold off, the more intense that orgasm will be. Though like anything so exciting, the practice itself is part of the fun. By slowing down when you feel it rising or simply taking little breaks between strokes of yourself, you can prolong the sensations. While the audio and written teases give ideas on stimulating yourself in a controlled way, you’ll find that certain methods work best for yourself. Try setting a timer for yourself (for example 10 minutes) where you will hold back your orgasm until the time is up, by slowing down as you reach that pinnacle and holding yourself on it for a few seconds, then stopping. Once you feel the orgasm receding, do it again right away.

Once the time is up, you can let yourself orgasm. Now you’re ready to build upon it. I look forward to seeing you in front of me for the next tease…

“What is the best way to finger a girl?”

Doing it so that she knows every inch of her is yours to pleasure relentlessly.

Every person is different and likes different things, so communicating together what feels best will mean you’ll understand what works best.  Simply starting slowly, gently and with the mindset of wanting to explore what sets her off most is the way to start.

Really, there are plenty of pieces of advise ranging from the right position to have your fingers in order to stimulate her G-spot, to how to stimulate her inner most sensitivities – there is no need to repeat all that here. However, one thing to take away is that it’s not always about following directions as if reading answers from a text book – the main point is to truly make someone feel in the moment, to have someone’s mind engaged in what you are doing. It’s not just your fingers you are stimulating her with… the way you may hold below her neck with your other hand, applying a little pressure to pin her down against the bed, the way you may hold her waist tight to keep her pressed tightly against you while you finger her, the way you may whisper in her ear just what you can feel and just what you are going to do to her… these all make the difference.

“How do you feel about femininism?”

PleasureTorture aims to always focus on the beauty of sexuality and pleasure, worshiping comfort, safety, security and respect without the threat of degradation, humiliation and victimization; in my view, to share this focus is to share the aspects of feminism. 

Feminism is about equality, to treat someone as a person first and foremost regardless of gender or sexuality. Feminism to me is striving to be able to celebrate the differences between men and women while justly respecting each as people, equal and standing side by side.

In short, feminism should not be a war on sexuality, a war on men or a war on women, it is a fight against injustice. 

“Sir, I have a very hard time cumming multiple times because my clit gets too sore. Do you have any tricks?”

It can often be a case that things simply become sensitive from over-stimulation and just needs rest (our sex is simply still just skin after all), perhaps focusing attention on other areas during this period (circling around for example) may allow for the area to recover. Alternatively, masturbating using a slower method may not only help, but also make for a more intense orgasm… try rubbing at a slower speed and maintain it as you build up, only allowing for the slowest motion that could cause an orgasm. Do not speed up as you climax, just keep that same speed.

A method I sometimes use involves simply resting a fingertip on the clitoris, not moving it at all for a little. Then very very slowly build a vibrating movement on it, as if turning your finger into a vibe by moving it ever so slowly. 

“I’m trying to give myself a more controlled orgasm, like when I know I’m about to have one (through masturbating) I would want to stop for a minute then continue but I just can’t get myself to stop. It feels too good. Do you have any tips (I am female)

It sounds like this is a matter of finding it difficult to control yourself, letting your fingers take over and giving in to your body’s desires. A way of working around this feeling may be to add a time or amount of strokes to your play…

For example, when you are masturbating, rather than continuing until you are in need, which you will then give in to, use a number of strokes along your sex…start with a small number then work up, such as 10 strokes, then rest for 10 seconds, then 20 strokes… etc. When you get to an amount that feels like you are getting close to orgasm, for example if you are doing 50 strokes… finish the 50 very slowly, then start again… keeping the pattern going like this until just doing the 10 slow strokes is enough to make you need to come…then allow yourself to orgasm. This method should hopefully add a more controlled method to your masturbation. 

Alternatively you could time it, playing for 5 minutes very slowly without an orgasm, then no touching for 1 minute… etc. Simply another method of adding a controlling factor to your playtime.

“You don’t post anal content on here?”

Out of personal preference, there will never be content of this nature on here or anything that depicts it.

Much like how content will never focus of humiliation or degradation either, PleasureTorture aims to always focus on the sensual eroticism and beauty of sexuality, content which I like to separate from bondage material. Pain, rough bondage and degrading material will never exist here… only pleasure and the joys of giving it. 

“What are ruined orgasms?”

To ‘ruin’ an orgasm is to bring yourself to the point of climax, but just as you orgasm, you stop all stimulation. This leaves you in a frustrated position of experiencing the convulsions and initial pleasure of that first moment of release with the unbearable need to continue stimulating yourself to fulfillment. 

PleasureTorture only ever deals in the wonder of pleasure, meaning ruined orgasms are the perfect punishment, a punishment of cruel pleasure and agonising frustration. 

This is why if you fail any of the video or audio teases, this is a punishment which is most suitable to perform. 

“Hello. Have you ever posted a “how to” about the basics of spanking? I have read a lot of books etc. that make me want to try this but my friend and I both do not have any experience and are not sure where to start. Thank you:)”

Hello. There has never been much description or advice regarding spanking here as it is not something which is focused on too much. While spanking can indeed be a wonderful way to a sexual and slightly dominative aspect to play, there are always different levels to peoples desire for spanking. As the focus is always solely on pleasure here, the only spanking used would be for the purposes of adding sensuality; the kind that simply arouses through stimulating the ass cheeks and sensing those shudders of sensation through to a girls sex, as well as adding a sense of erotic submission. In other words, a controlled, lighter, sensual manner. The harder spanking which is painful or leaves deep marks, bruises or anything else is not something I would partake in.

Overall though it is like any other style of play, simply starting light and building up while communicating is the best way to discover something and make sure everyone involved is on the same level with the experience. With you both having read about it and both understanding the necessity of taking it slow and in a controlled way, the way to experience it is to simply try it first hand. 

“Damn what’s a girl got to do to get a weekend in a hotel with you?”

Contact details can always be found here.

“Im a huge fan of ur blog but i do have a question…what if during one of these posts the women was actually hurt or needed to escape seriously…what would happen? I understand that its sexy and such but if she literally needed to escape what happens? Xoxo”

Safety, security and comfort is always the most important aspect of any situation. In the fantasy basis of the stories, the idea of not being able to escape adds a sense of eroticism solely as pleasure is the only outcome; in reality, a safe word/action is always utilised so that any discomfort or need to stop can be instantly communicated.

Pleasure is the only thing that should be taken control of, never someone’s sense of well-being.

“Your appreciation of femininity is so beautiful. not cliched or patriarchal or condescending, but gentle, respectful and intelligent. just wanted to acknowledge that. x”

Simply wanted to give thanks for this message. If the beauty of femininity and sexuality in general were celebrated rather than degraded, we would be living in a much happier world.