Will you try to write an erotic story about girls’ everyday fantasies? When she get up in the morning and thinks about what to wear so that someone can see her nipples. The story of how she is excited by the sight of other men when they look at her exposed body parts. The story of how she dreams that someone today would remember seeing her breasts. The story of how he notices a man gagged on her cleavage on the bus, and she does not mind and gently secretly opens another limb of her breast so that the man can look at her well.

I like these very simple scenarios, while this is something I have added a little of with the novel length story being edited, I will certainly work on erotic stories which follow the pattern of more everyday situations. A nice diversion from the more fantastical tales often posted.

Recently discovered your site and it’s now become my go-to. The gifs from your recent post ‘Succumb’ had me tantalised and I’m wondering if you plan to upload the full video? I really hope so.

I plan on uploading that video segment within the next month. It’s only a short piece though, as her preference was for the session itself to not be filmed, so we only created that little segment of oral teasing.

When are you planning on posting a new audio? You’re audios have ruined all other ones for me and I really need something new to get off to Sir.

Sadly since the pandemic situation it has been a little more difficult to work on audio posts as frequently. However I plan on creating a new one within the month; it will focus on a shorter session, particularly good for those who are a little newer to edging themselves.

For more ask me anything answers, or to write your own: https://www.pleasuretorture.com/ama/

Still Waiting Patiently

“Sorry I took so long, was gone a little while longer than I had expected, oh well, I’m sure it wasn’t too difficult for you to handle, was it? Hmmm… it seems that the way you are squirming and rocking your hips, it had quite an effect on you. Well, being as you had to spend well over the expected hour watching porn while that little vibe was tormenting you, I think I’ll reward you with some more powerful stimulation.

I’ve got to go back out again, I shouldn’t be too long, so this powerful cordless wand vibrator can tend to you while I am away. Yes I know it is very powerful, especially with your panties pressing it so tightly against you, but I’m sure you will be able to take it. I will try and return before it gets too much to handle… though my advice is to try not to come too soon. I know it is hard, after being so close for so long, with the pornography playing still and with how sensitive you are. Though if you do come quickly, you will simply get way more sensitive, making the time while I’m still gone even more torturous. It looks like you’re getting close already! I’d better be off, see you soon.”

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The next post will be something a little different. I’ve had the pleasure to work on a short story for Miki3d, who creates 3D content.

Also, the novel length story is still well-underway with the editing process. Currently the biggest edit being done is changing some of the narrative perspectives, so that by the time it is released, you’ll be getting the best quality iteration possible.

Sir, I find it difficult to pleasure myself through fingering, trying to find my g spot. This may be because I have short fingers and find it hard to fit them inside my self. Do you have any tips or experience in this?

There are some toys that can be found designed just for this. The affiliate Lelo site (found here) has some g-spot vibrators (there is a category just for them). I hope this helps!

I’d swear there used to be a passage of pleasure audio, but I can’t find it anywhere on your site. Am I just misremembering it?

There certainly was a Passage of Pleasure Audio/Video version. Due to some copyright issues due to the video/gif footage used, it was removed when it was originally posted. It is going to be recreated, so it’s something to look out for in the near future!

As always, look out for plenty more erotic content to keep your mind occupied in the sensual space during these unusual current events.

Do you write professionally. as in for a living? Hope you dont mind me asking this! Also are you going to be posting more frequently because of the lockdowns happening?

I would love if my writing were a professional gig, however at the moment it is simply as a hobby (though my Patreon certainly does help keep things afloat for the website cost etc). I simply love the exploration of eroticism. I will definitely be continuing to post, helping keep people occupied during this time with their fantasies and desires, something that can never be taken away. I do hold a position in which I supervise a number of people, therefore I am still very active in my profession, so cannot post on a daily basis. I will certainly be posting more content at every available moment though – expect another to be coming tomorrow.

Do you plan on making more audios in the future?

Absolutely – the major audio post being worked on is an updated version of ‘The Torment of Denial’ audio. In the meantime however, I am going to post an audio tease which is a shorter one than normal – perfect for those who are not used to teasing and edging themselves – basically one that is more around the 15 minute mark as opposed to the 30-40 minutes like usual. I enjoy making them far too much to stop creating audios.

I found your twitter and am sorry your Tumblr got deleted. I liked your stories a lot. Especially the one where a girl was denied to orgasm or make a sound while another girl tired to make her sigh while a man watched them both. If she made a sound she’d have another mouth of chastity and you could see the agony of keeping quiet. If she remained silent she would be awarded an orgasm. I loved that one

I’m currently uploading all of the posts that used to be on tumblr (not certain which one that was, but I’m slowly getting through every post one by one). Plenty more to come, and I’ll make another original story in that same scenario too!

Hey, great videos! Will there be more with brush stimulation? I really enjoy the clit tickling with the brushes.

Thank you. I do intend to create a brush teasing video as soon as possible. I’ve been planning on some brush based tease and denial stories for a while, so this is certainly on the agenda (there will be a large section in a future novel length story which focuses specifically on some very cruel paintbrush teasing).