How can I support you more?Was wondering if you had a patron or had thought about one. I have loved the things you make for years and want to make sure you keep making them.

I never created a Patreon account because I’ve always wanted the content to be easily accessible. The more people I can tease and tantalise, the better. I do appreciate the desire to support though. For me this is something I love to do, even when there are costs involved (like the site hosting etc). The Lelo affiliate link is always a great way to support me if anyone is looking for any intimate toys, accessories, products or gifts. Also, one of the big ways for support is going to be coming when I put the novel out online, which should merely be a matter of months now.

There are more asks and answers found by scrolling down the ‘ask me antyhing‘ page, as well as in FAQ page. There will be more to come.

Regarding a recent ‘ask me anything‘ message about sex drive and medication. There isn’t a way to reply to the message without it appearing on the ‘ask me anything’ answers section, but it will appear as from anonymous. Is that okay? (message again there if so).

(just wanted to check because you asked it to be kept private, but without sending an email or using another means of contact, there’s no other way to reply directly.)

That’s a good thing to mention though to all, any message you send on here or through any other means of contact will never be posted on here unless you request it to be, and even then it would be as anonymous unless again you wish otherwise. Privacy is paramount.

Audio Tease: Punishment

For those who have failed at completing one of the past teases (such as climaxing too early) who have wanted a little punishment, or for those who simply want a little more cruel erotic torment.

Soundgasm link (In case the audio file here does not work correctly).

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