Future Plans

Once Halloween season is over, I will be focusing on more frequent content particularly on the Patreon page, allowing for more early access content there, while allowing for more frequency on pages not utilised as much such previously such as Twitter, Instagram and the recently updated Tumblr page (posted below and found in thecontact’ section).

The plan will be to post early access/behind the scenes content once per week on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/pleasuretorture

Revel in your arousal…





Coming very soon…

Currently I am putting the final touches to an erotic horror themed video and have just finished a continuation of the Telepath C23P story, which is a choose-your-own path style story with some different outcomes depending on what direction you take. That will be posted by tomorrow (with an even more interactive version planned to come in the near future as well).

A halloween themed instructional audio piece is being planned as well.

The next post will be a brand new piece to kick off Halloween season.

Also, any ‘from the past’ posts are behind a ‘read more’ screen due to GIF images being larger than their previous uploads.

Supernatural Season Upon Us

With Halloween season upon us, we shall soon begin some of the supernatural/Halloween/sci-fi themed posts throughout the month. Look out for some audio posts along the way (and the video currently being edited). The novel length story is also entirely completed, so I’ll be looking at uploading that to smashwords and posting the details here soon.

In the meantime, a couple of past Halloween posts will be uploaded with larger GIF images.

“The physicality of those restraints. To think about nothing else but those cuffs curled tightly around your wrists, knowing that when I’m thrusting hard into you from behind – when you are about to tell me it is too much, that you need that deep and intense pounding to stop – those restraints are what will make sure that you can’t stop me from taking you for as long as I desire.”

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It brings great pleasure to announce that I’ve been working with Sssh.com and am an affiliate with the website.

With a focus on porn for women, I hope you greatly enjoy the high-quality content created. I have also contributed audio posts for Sssh.com and plan to create much more over time as well.

If you would like to browse and even join their website, please click on the banner below (here are some of the articles which also show my partnership with the site):