Thank you ever so much for every message, every comment and every ask. It always means a lot and shows that it’s always worth keeping the content updated. If you have any old favourites from Tumblr, don’t worry, they will be on here soon enough. Just keep checking in to see what’s newly posted. Aside from a couple of new posts to add into the mix (a couple of ideas that were requested), the focus is on re-uploading past content.

Regarding the message about creating a website/blog. Tumblr was the first step, but when Tumblr began hiding and removing erotic content, creating a website was the next step. I had help from people who know a lot more about website hosting etc. and it does cost to keep it all up and running. Sadly I’m not the best person to give advice on all the steps to take, as I had a lot of help. My focus was really on getting the layout that I wanted. Sorry that I can’t be of too much help at all, but do feel free to message directly (more direct contact details are here) if you’d like.

Mmmm … yes please! I can’t wait for your paintbrush video – so hot! Any chance of hearing a male denial audio or story in the near future? I’m a woman who’s into male and female edging (I like to think of myself as the clinician or whatever in “The Two Participants” – the hottest denial story I’ve read!). I love getting a guy desperate by making him watch his woman get desperate  Such a turn on.

There certainly will be more male denial themed content in future, as well as audio which features a little of that too. That kind of scenario will indeed be explored more over time. I certainly intend to turn you on a whole lot more.

A Selection of Asks and Answers.

Is the story about the girl tortured by the tentacle being coming up soon? I can’t remember the title, but i think her name was sarah and she was exploring tunnels!!!

That is due to be posted in October (for the Halloween based posts). There’s also going to be more of that nature to come over time too. 

When will the novel be released?

I had hoped that it would already have been uploaded by now, but I’m still finishing the last batch of editing due to having to add an extra chapter in. The problem really is that I procrastinate as much as Spongebob Squarepants trying to write an essay about what not to do at a stoplight.

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“I would love to hear an audio of you and a rather vocal woman during one of your sessions. The instructional audios are nice, but for me, i find hearing two people teasing and moaning much more arousing. “The Trapped Man” is a big favorite of mine, and the audio stories you’ve done are fantastic. Would love to hear an audio version of “The Two Participants”. But don’t want to sound ungrateful – always glad for new content :)”

I certainly do plan on making a ‘Two Participants’ audio post (will be a little while away but it’s definitely going to be done – featuring both male and female audio). These audio posts may be ones you’d enjoy due to the female audio involved –

Vibrator Tease

Scream with Need

Hoping to put up more content that you desire, though of course on whether the person involved in any session is okay with it being posted on here (whether audio or video). Going to be putting up a better quality audio of ‘The Torment of Denial’ too in time.

In response to a message regarding monetizing the blog (the blog dracko’s tips is a good source for information on that, thank you for the insight). The reason I haven’t done it, and don’t intend to, is simply because I do not want pop ups or random ads to spoil the experience of coming here. The focus should always be on the content, and I do not want to take attention away from that. I like keeping here easy to navigate and unintrusive. As far as getting support from people through my work, the Lelo affiliate link is a better option as it can be helpful for people who want some new toys etc. and it is unobtrusive; also it fits more in line with the feel of the site. Thank you for the message though, I appreciate it.