Mmmm … yes please! I can’t wait for your paintbrush video – so hot! Any chance of hearing a male denial audio or story in the near future? I’m a woman who’s into male and female edging (I like to think of myself as the clinician or whatever in “The Two Participants” – the hottest denial story I’ve read!). I love getting a guy desperate by making him watch his woman get desperate  Such a turn on.

There certainly will be more male denial themed content in future, as well as audio which features a little of that too. That kind of scenario will indeed be explored more over time. I certainly intend to turn you on a whole lot more.

A Selection of Asks and Answers.

Is the story about the girl tortured by the tentacle being coming up soon? I can’t remember the title, but i think her name was sarah and she was exploring tunnels!!!

That is due to be posted in October (for the Halloween based posts). There’s also going to be more of that nature to come over time too. 

When will the novel be released?

I had hoped that it would already have been uploaded by now, but I’m still finishing the last batch of editing due to having to add an extra chapter in. The problem really is that I procrastinate as much as Spongebob Squarepants trying to write an essay about what not to do at a stoplight.

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A weekend all to herself, finally the chance to try out the PleasureTorture outcall service had presented itself. Having made the call and booked for the entire weekend, she started having second thoughts, though by this time, it was too late. As per the service she had chosen, there was no warning or introduction; as soon as the door was answered, she was stripped and tied. She was shaking, her heart pounding, yet even through wondering whether this was all a mistake, it somehow felt so perfect.

The first hour was pure bliss, not a word was spoken to her, all part of the package that had been chosen. Of course, after a couple of hours, the denial period would take its devastating effect; soon she’d be begging for an orgasm, begging for just a word or acknowledgement at all from the masked tormentor.

A weekend of orgasm denial and forced orgasms… once chosen, there is no going back. She had asked to be teased to the extreme, wordlessly brought to the brink until she was crying with need, then forced to endure orgasm after orgasm until the weekend was over. This was the service she asked for; it was the service she would undoubtedly receive.

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Cheerleader Rivalry

She hadn’t expected to be asked to come over to Annie’s house, though she jumped at the opportunity to bridge the gap between her biggest rival on the team. Since being picked, Emma had felt much resentment from her team-mates, particularly from Annie; she was unsure whether it was her looks, her acrobatic ability, or the strong bond she alone had already sprung with the coach.

She was just a newcomer, though these girls saw her as a threat, they wanted to show her where she stood.

Under the pretence of wanting to bridge the gap between them, Annie had invited Emma back to her house after training. Little did Emma know that Annie had invited another friend over, both with the same intentions… both waiting patiently for their prey.

The moment Emma entered the bedroom she was surprised to see Tory there as well. Before Emma could ask what it was that they both wanted to talk to her about, Annie pulled her towards them; while the door was behind her and escape was still possible, Emma stayed still, as if trapped by the intense gazes of the two girls before her. Even though she was fully clothed, Emma felt so on display to the pair of girls in front of her, yet her embarrassment was not going to end there. Tory and Annie began to comment on how tightly the outfit fit Emma, taking delight in watching her squirm in embarrassment at the revelation of being the subject of such lustful thoughts. They tried to pour as much imagery into Emma’s mind as possible. From the way every team member watches her arch her back in every routine, as if baring her body to the world to gaze at and touch, to the way they hold her in split lifts, as if parting her thighs to every spectator to gaze at the slender curve between her legs, all with one thought in mind. Blushing, Emma stood awkwardly, the images in her own mind overcoming her while Annie moved in closer.

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You look down and beg them to let you come this time. Yet still they continue, over and over again, relentlessly bringing you to that pinnacle..

Every time you pull against the handcuffs, every time you try and close your thighs to their onslaught, it makes your torment so much sweeter.

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Tantalise Yourself

An instructional tease aimed at giving a bit of an introduction to edging.

Follow the instructions and take the time to get accustomed to the sensations you can bring upon yourself. Indulge in being able to draw your pleasure out for as long as possible. All in order to make sure that any time you play with yourself, it is to explore your physical and mental desires to the fullest.

Soundgasm link (in case the audio file does not work correctly for you).

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“I would love to hear an audio of you and a rather vocal woman during one of your sessions. The instructional audios are nice, but for me, i find hearing two people teasing and moaning much more arousing. “The Trapped Man” is a big favorite of mine, and the audio stories you’ve done are fantastic. Would love to hear an audio version of “The Two Participants”. But don’t want to sound ungrateful – always glad for new content :)”

I certainly do plan on making a ‘Two Participants’ audio post (will be a little while away but it’s definitely going to be done – featuring both male and female audio). These audio posts may be ones you’d enjoy due to the female audio involved –

Vibrator Tease

Scream with Need

Hoping to put up more content that you desire, though of course on whether the person involved in any session is okay with it being posted on here (whether audio or video). Going to be putting up a better quality audio of ‘The Torment of Denial’ too in time.