Helpless Model

She thought the photo shoot would just be a simple bondage shoot, some simulated fun, but nothing too intense. She partly wanted them to use the Hitachi wand properly when they had asked her if it would be okay to involve it in the shoot. Though, in truth, she had expected it wouldn’t even be plugged in.

When she did feel that hum of the vibrator press to her mound, an electric shock seemed to jolt through her entire helpless frame. The sounds of other girls moaning and screaming out in pleasure ebbed through the headphones, creating an even more intoxicating state of arousal. Completely lost in a pitch-black abyss of aural and sensual pleasure, she gave in to her desires and took hold of the experience. The only images that ran through her mind were of how erotic this would look on the website. The only time she strained against it was when the first orgasm hit, yet there were no signs of them backing off with the toy. It remained exactly in that same excruciatingly tender spot even as the waves of pleasure thrashed against her, yet there was nothing she could do to tell them she needed it to back off.

The feeling of complete helplessness caused the welling of pleasure to enhance within, especially when she realized that even her guttural moans of overstimulated turmoil were having no sway. What turned her on the most, however, was that even under the vacuum-sealed cover, she had never felt so naked. With her attention solely on the vibrating menace pressed against her hypersensitive mound, the sleek, smooth sheeting clung like a second skin around every contour. With it revealing every outline of her body and with the aggressively intense pleasure enveloping her womanhood, she felt as if her body was on display more than ever before. Never had she felt so entirely revealed in her modelling career as this, her deepest arousal brought so publicly to the forefront.

All she could soon do was whimper through the next orgasm, unable to see a thing or say a word, just the sounds of ecstasy further fueling her fantasies. Right now, her world was solely revolving around the inferno of those orgasmic peaks and the searing heat between each one that seemed to burn hotter and hotter each time, a heat she couldn’t escape from.

She couldn’t wait to see how hot she would look, squirming in such wonderful agony.

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