Wanting them to see you writhe and shudder. Feel their eyes bore into your gorgeous, sensitive frame. The way you moan and cry out, the trembling of your body as each orgasm takes hold. You want them to become as lost in your pleasure as you are, ensuring they’ll want more and more and never stop.

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Just keep teasing yourself, don’t lower yourself down any further. Just let that inch penetrate you, making you want so much more. I know you want nothing more than to take it all deep inside you, but you’ve got to wait and anticipate it until every inch of you screams out for it. After all, you must know how much I also want to feel that tight, soft wetness wrap around my entire length. Good girl, keep letting just the tip slip up and down. If only you could feel how much the rest of my cock is pulsing in anticipation of being inside you. I want you at that point where you know that you will come the moment you take every inch of me within you.

Get ready to thrust down on me…

Now… take it all.

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Feeling the sensitive parts you want the most, the differences that will very soon unite you so intensely. The softness and the hardness, the firmness and the wetness. Feeling the same pulsing desire that the other can feel just the same. It’s these moments before which linger on your mind most afterwards. The more you explore, the more you want to be explored.

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Image source: Hegre-Art

Taken and Manhandled

They were waiting for her, ready to pounce as soon as she returned from work. She was surprised at how fast they were, catching her off guard. She should have expected it, but she really wasn’t too sure what she was expecting. She struggled against them playfully, wanting to get her moneys worth for the taken and manhandled premise that she had opted for. She’d always fantasised about such a situation, to have pleasure thrust upon her in such a way and to be forced to orgasm in ways she could never invoke upon herself. Through the Pleasure Torture Experiences website she’d found, she realised she could turn her needs into a reality.

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Video and Audio updates

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your patience as ever – waiting in patience for the content to come, just as you are waiting in patience for your fingertips to bring yourself to the climax you crave.

I will be planning to upload the first new video this week. So be on the lookout by the weekend for a brand new upload.

The novel-length story is also having a final read through to ensure there’s no obvious errors (keep in mind too that although the story has taken years to complete, it is not quite years worth of content and more a case of a couple of months worth of work and a lot of procrastination).

I’ll also be working on a new audio very soon (I have put a vote on my Patreon to see which type will be created first out of a few previous requests).