The Interrogation

Was it hours that had passed, or was it merely minutes? She had no idea. Time itself seemed lost in limbo. Her only measurement of being that seemed to exist now was whether she was coming, or just recovering from having climaxed. A hell of orgasms that would not stop.

No matter how many times she had told them all she knew, they would not relent in their interrogation, desperate to acquire the correct codes for her employer’s office. Her first mistake had been to side with them once in the past, when her ex-boyfriend had convinced her that her employer wouldn’t miss just a couple of the highly valuable paintings he kept there in his vast collection. The second mistake was to back out of the plan, having already told them that, being a close assistant to the boss, she was privy to the access code.

When her ex lured her back to the den where the group had been originally concocting the plan, she knew something was going to happen, but foolishly went along anyhow, knowing there was no way out of it. What she hadn’t expected, however, was for him to make advances on her, something which she was more than pleased to reciprocate. Once their usual practice of teasing foreplay was underway, she thought little of him restraining her for more, though it was when he slipped over the blindfold and restrained her much more thoroughly, that she realised just what trouble she was in for. The sound of footsteps clearly coming from the rest who were involved meant that her fate was sealed.

If she could have, she’d have gone back in time and simply told them there and then what the code was, but at the time, she was both defiant and curious; she knew that they would mean no physical harm to her, though the torment that awaited her was not quite in her comprehension until she had felt it.

Her ex was the one to administer the stimulation while she remained defiant, not giving the codes out of her own moral standing, and paying for it with the kind of sexual teasing that her ex knew just how to apply. Not being able to see anything meant that she wasn’t all too bothered with being watched, in fact, it seemed to turn her on a little more, though still she did not give in even after the slow teasing gave way to much more direct stimulation. With her pussy already dripping wet from the slow foreplay and sensual teasing, being fingerfucked so intensely fast and hard brought her to the edge of orgasm in no time. Though just as expected, having known her ex’s methods of play so well, he stopped just before she could climax, leaving her dangling so painfully close to the brink, well aware of all the signs that told him she was close. While she was used to taking this kind of erotic play, she hadn’t ever experienced this degree of ferocity, with him edging her repeatedly without rest. After every five times being brought to the brink and having it stop, the others would ask what the code was, and every time she would tell them that she didn’t know. Soon it started to become unbearable, with her juices now collecting in a trickling stream at the base of her ass, her clitoris swollen in attentive longing. It was harder to defy them, knowing that they did not believe her when she cried out that she was lying before about knowing the code.

Her rocking hips and constant cries for mercy were not swaying the group from their goal. Finally, she gave in. She told them the code, expecting the relief of an orgasm to be granted at last, though still, it did not come. Instead, they told her that they didn’t believe her, and that they needed to be certain. On and on, they pushed her beyond what she thought were the limits of her sexual need. Her lower body writhed constantly in an effort to entice the orgasm that was being so cruelly pulled back, while her upper body strained in a desperate plea to make them have mercy. No matter how much she cried out to them that it was the truth, they would not relinquish the hold over her pleasure. She repeated the code over and over, barely even aware or caring that the tormenter was being switched, each time attacking her body with a fresh sexual animosity.

After she’d repeated the same code too many times to possibly count, screaming it with all her might as if the words alone could masturbate her towards what was needed, a new sensation was granted. The vicious pulsation from the vibrator made her jump, taking her breath away; overly intense at first though after a few seconds becoming something that would surely welcome in the orgasms it could so easily grant her.

They took the vibrator away one more time before she climaxed, leaving her entire body to rise up to try and meet its touch again, before telling her that this will be to make absolutely sure it was the truth. With that, they then pressed it right against her already pulsating clitoris while fingers explored her deeply, flooding her with an orgasm almost immediately. The power of the vibrator made the orgasm almost feel like a constant electric shock of pleasure. Though while the orgasm made her body jolt constantly in overbearing pleasure, there didn’t seem to be any come down from such heights. At the moments she felt as though the waves of pleasure were fading, the vibe was kept in place while the fingers continued pressing within her tight depths. She bucked and thrust and told them that she’d came, as if they needed telling, though there was no stopping in sight. The next orgasm hit even harder, partly due to it being so unexpected. The repetition of their cruel interrogation mirrored the repetition of her confessions, constantly telling them the code any time she had the chance between her struggles to breathe, struggling even further to speak through her tortured screams of over-simulation. She tried desperately to clasp her thighs together, though the strict restraints would not allow such mercy. No matter what she did, there was no relief. 

Over and over this repeated itself, with her soon begging them to stop, in tears of pleasure and sobbing that the code really was the correct one. Yet still, the orgasms were relentlessly forced from her, with her every muscle straining in agonised over-stimulation.  After she’d repeated the code again, exactly the same one, time after time, they soon told her that they believed her now, though this was from hereon going to just be punishment for not telling them to begin with. There was no hope now for her, as she knew that there was no code that they wanted, this was just simply for their own amusement. They were going to keep forcing her to orgasm until she passed out. It would take many more bouts of climactic screams, streaming pussy juice, the wet slapping sounds of being fingerfucked brutally hard, the searing stimulation of the vibe pressed tight to her swollen red clitoris and being told to ‘come one more time for us,’ before that release came.

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