It’s that single moment I want to see, the moment your orgasm is signalled through your eyes. That fleeting second of desperation as you try to look at me, as if you are trying to tell me that the pleasure you are a breath away from feeling is going to be too much to handle if my fingers keep going like this. That moment just after when your body climaxes, but your mind has that millisecond of control, how I can see it in your eyes, trying to focus then suddenly being overcome. 

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The pure, undeniable eroticism of what we both intend. To know exactly how your dress so finely details those enticing curves of your femininity, how you know that the moment I see you, I’ll instantly be thinking of stripping you of it to reveal those delicate delights. The sheer sensuality of it, to always think that every time we are so close, only such thin segments of fabric separate us from what we truly desire.

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The Interrogation

Was it hours that had passed, or was it merely minutes? She had no idea. Time itself seemed lost in limbo. Her only measurement of being that seemed to exist now was whether she was coming, or just recovering from having climaxed. A hell of orgasms that would not stop.

No matter how many times she had told them all she knew, they would not relent in their interrogation, desperate to acquire the correct codes for her employer’s office. Her first mistake had been to side with them once in the past, when her ex-boyfriend had convinced her that her employer wouldn’t miss just a couple of the highly valuable paintings he kept there in his vast collection. The second mistake was to back out of the plan, having already told them that, being a close assistant to the boss, she was privy to the access code.

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The way your body responds is so erotic, isn’t it? I don’t just mean the way you can come from my fingers playing with you like this. I mean, because of how when you are trying so hard to concentrate on not coming for a certain period of time, that very thought is what drives you closer to that orgasm even faster. Every aspect of your body and mind is wired for the pinnacle of pleasure.

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