How does it feel? I cannot imagine the sensation of having a Sybian vibrator devastating your sex so intensely, such a brutal machine with complete mechanical indifference to the sensitivities of your delicate pussy.

Another orgasm? It must be drilling against your clitoris, shuddering through your entire body; though you are doing well, just five minutes left to go, don’t give up now.

That look of pained ecstasy – pure perfection!

Oh! Have you had enough?

Poor thing, you were so close. You only had to last a few more minutes, and it would have been over. I’d have let you off. Oh well, it looks like we’ll be getting the leg restraints out. If you thought that was intense before, think how it will feel now, being strapped to it and unable to pull away. In a minute, you’ll be wishing you had endured for those last few minutes – time for you to experience true orgasmic torture.

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Image source from: KenMarcus

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