A little update: There are a couple of posts on Patreon that have been made available – one is a snippet from the novel (with a longer segment soon to come) and a couple of behind the scene GIFs from a recent session that never materialised into a full video).

Hi. Love your posts! I’m just curious what your policies are with your sessions. Like the videos, your privacy policies and things like that?

I’m going to be putting up more details related to this soon – after a request for some information on safety for those new to bdsm play, I’ll make some posts regarding safe practices and tips etc.

In terms of privacy, if someone wants a session filmed, it is always their decision if it is made viewable on the site. If someone is okay with it being made into a video for public view, any GIFs that are made will always be made without showing faces or anything identifiable (particularly as it may be difficult as well to, at a later date, get permission for every single GIF created).

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