Here’s to a magnificently erotic 2024!

Look out for several audio teases in the coming weeks (currently working on both a chest-focused audio and a very long edging challenge that you may be destined to fail).

Work is well underway on the next novel – the first instalment of an erotic fantasy saga. Expect samples on the way, though updates are always posted to Patreon. Thank you to all my Patreon followers. I can’t list supporter names due to wanting to ensure complete privacy for everyone who visits the world of PleasureTorture. But thank you all the same, and if anyone would like to join my Patreon, you can do so at As thanks, I try to provide very early access posts for stories and audio work.

If you ever utilise or, both of these links are affiliate links for PleasureTorture.

On Saturday (1/13/2024) at 2000 in the UK (1500 EST) look out on for some exclusive audio posts and curated videos. *UPDATE* Apologies for the technical issues. Hoping to overcome the Kosmi site issues to ensure the audio and videos play without stopping any time a new person enters.

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