Several answered messages

A few previous and recent messages sent directly that I wanted to reply to on here (that aren’t specific to any stories or content itself).

Thank you as ever for the support and letting me know how much you enjoy the works!

Will you consider making audio versions of the supernatural posts more? Love them. and not just on Haloween!

Certainly! While I try to keep these for more closer to Halloween season, I will still be creating some supernatural/fantasy themed posts before then (including audio posts).

I thought I was wired differently, because I couldn’t come like other people, and then you helped me to find myself. Then, I lost myself (to a boy, who loved me a little until he found a more beautiful girl less afraid of herself than me). I lost a baby, I lost my sexuality. And then I came back here, and you helped me find myself again. The lust for myself, the pride in my body, the joy in coming by my own hand – you gave that back to me. You found me, once again. Thank you.

Thank you for such a personal message. This is why for me, sexuality isn’t simply about physical pleasure, it’s a way to enhance our very reason for being, the pleasure within the world itself. Always a true pleasure to be able to rekindle such desires and give such an outlet. For as long as I can, I’ll always try to keep such content in circulation.  

Fuck, this is the kind of content that is much healthier for me to be interested in. I recently found myself in a toxic sexual relationship with an older man who was interested in BSDM and he only ever made my feel used but it made him feel powerful in the ways he manipulated me. Masturbation has been a really icky thing for me since because I was using questionable content that replicated some of the feelings he caused in me. Fuck that shit. Thanks for the wholesome orgasm. Love your writing!

Thank you as well. I continuously want to add content that focuses on how aspects of bondage should be able to highlight the beauty of sexuality, not to degrade it, as so often is sadly portrayed. Hopefully plenty more of those kinds of orgasms to come, the kind that makes you want so much more. 

Found you from your videos. Absolutely marvellous, how did you find out you like teasing women in to orgasm in the first place? Cause your great at it

Thank you! Well it stems from simply a desire to give pleasure. Genuinely, the main aspect of it is from the intoxicating pleasure I get from the sight, sound and feeling of a girl trapped in the throes of erotic bliss, to me, there’s nothing better, and being able to draw that process out is where the desire comes from.

Reading your stuff makes me extremely horny….what is the worst/best tease you’ve ever done. How long?

Well long term denial isn’t the aim, so there’s never been any instance of things being overly long… though actually just making someone wait for a full day of teasing was possibly the most intense. It was a situation in Vegas, where I made her wait until the night time before I’d let her come. So up until that point, the day was spent teasing and denying her. At first it was sex in the morning, then going down on her at various times in the day, and then later using a remote control vibe on her while at a restaurant/walking around the hotel. By the time she was allowed to come, back in the bedroom, she was more desperate than she’d ever been. 

For curiosity sake,how tall are you?

6 inches taller than Prince was, and 379 994 feet and 3 inches shorter than what is internationally generally considered as the start of space. 

I need advice, before my current boyfriend I was in an extremely abusive relationship, he knew I was a virgin (19 at the time) and that I didn’t want to have sex. He didn’t care and ended up raping me more than once. It’s taken a lot for me to even trust my current boyfriend and we have really good sex but not only can he not make me cum I cant make myself cum and I’m not sure what to do. Do you have any tips or suggestions or anything? Its really starting to upset me and I’m not sure what to do

It may be that the focus should not be on the climax itself, but on the experience of enjoying the sexual pleasure and eroticism that those moments can bring, both by yourself and together. There won’t be anything that can just quickly resolve it, it’s just about the patience and understanding with both of you, making sure to remember that the focus is on the fun of pleasure rather than thinking it’s just about being able to ‘come’ which so often takes the real joy out of sexuality when it’s condensed to just that. After such a situation, perhaps the main aspect is of those little feelings and sensations that even the gentlest touches can bring, exploring every little detail of them, and realizing just how intense even those tiny things can feel, before building up and up.

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