Hope you have all had a happy new year so far. Thank you for all the messages and emails regarding the recent video (some of them I’ll repost under the comments). I am glad you enjoyed seeing her erotic torment. In response to the majority of messages, we will certainly try to create another video in future.

I will continue with the posts as of tomorrow, and will also be uploading a checklist of some projects planned outside of the GIF/image based posts and stories. Here’s to a new year of teasing and tantalisation.

Recent Answered Asks

Any no nut november related content that you might have planned?

Something will be posted tomorrow particularly related to this.

Hey, it felt super weird to see violently transphobic bigot and admitted sexual assaulter of women lily cade in a recent post. (https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2021/11/04/lily-cade-bbc-trans-porn/) Like, she called for the lynching of all trans women in the last couple of weeks, you know? Not the vibe I was looking for on this blog.

Wow, thank you for the information and the link (also seems to only be the tip of the iceberg as well). I had no idea! While that post was a repost from the Tumblr content, I had a number of other unposted GIFs involving Lily Cade which I will certainly not ever be using due to this information.

Can you please make more brush teasing videos? I would love to see her orgasm with a brush.

This will definitely happen, I assure you – I enjoy using soft tipped brushes too much to not document it a little further 

Will you ever do another audio vibrator tease?

Absolutely, however I’ll be doing the nipple based tease first (I’m also planning on doing a lovesense focused tease in time).

For more AMA answers and if you wish to ask your own:

A November focused story is on the way, intended for the end of the week as it will resonate more perhaps for those denying themselves of an orgasm – waiting patiently for October to hit.

Future Plans

Once Halloween season is over, I will be focusing on more frequent content particularly on the Patreon page, allowing for more early access content there, while allowing for more frequency on pages not utilised as much such previously such as Twitter, Instagram and the recently updated Tumblr page (posted below and found in thecontact’ section).

The plan will be to post early access/behind the scenes content once per week on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/pleasuretorture

Revel in your arousal…





Coming very soon…

Currently I am putting the final touches to an erotic horror themed video and have just finished a continuation of the Telepath C23P story, which is a choose-your-own path style story with some different outcomes depending on what direction you take. That will be posted by tomorrow (with an even more interactive version planned to come in the near future as well).

A halloween themed instructional audio piece is being planned as well.

The next post will be a brand new piece to kick off Halloween season.

Also, any ‘from the past’ posts are behind a ‘read more’ screen due to GIF images being larger than their previous uploads.