To feel the body of another quiver and twitch in rapture against your own. The height of existence.

No matter how intense, however much you convulse in ecstasy, how tightly the grip signals for things to slow down or give respite, it must continue.

You’ve taken all you can take, now let me give you more.

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are u the same guy as “pleasuretorture” on pornhub pleaseeee tell me u are

Yes, That is correct. All videos can be found here.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4 years. He’s a wonderful guy and I enjoy being with him but our sex life is very boring. I’ve tried to tell him what I like and he’s done a couple things like spanking and hair pulling, but that’s it. We’ve talked about fantasies and he’s admitted he doesn’t have any. Worst of all, he’s never made me cum in our 4 years together, I’ve had to do it myself. I’m losing my patience. Should I break up with him or continue to try and spice things up myself?

Sexuality is such a big part of a relationship, and a lack of chemistry in it can be a very difficult thing; though it is not everything. Better to have the other things feel right and only that one aspect be out of sync, than the other way around. Have you told him how you feel? Perhaps the communication may help him realise how important the sexual compatibility is. Perhaps even let him watch you, to get a better understanding of your desires, and perhaps even show him footage of things that turn you on the most, to give a better picture of what you crave. 

If things do not get any better, perhaps bringing up the idea of an open relationship may be a final idea. Personally, I have never understood the emphasis on strict monogamy. While being in a relationship with one person is understandable, having to imprison our desires and exploration of pleasure is such a source of unhappiness and frustration. Many of the happiest couples I know are ones who engage in healthy open sexual activity.

As was brought up by another follower through Tumblr (Thank you ‘sexypsyker’), context of the relationship is key in making the right decision. Depending on where you are in the relationship and where you are in life, you may not have the patience to wait around when there is limited sexual compatibility, it may be too much a waste of your time. While as mentioned, sex isn’t the only thing in a relationship, it certainly is a component of a healthy one – again, it’s all about the specific context.

Just out of my curiosity, is it okay that sub has a crush on her master and vice versa? I’ve been meaning to ask you about this so badly. Btw, I love your works sooo much. Thanks xx

If it’s mutual, then that is fantastic. At the end of the day, it’s all about a connection or relationship. Even if there isn’t a crush, there has to be some connection there otherwise it would be difficult to fully enjoy the time spent without a sense of security and desire. For my own sessions, the lack of there being a chance of things progressing further, into a more personal relationship, is what helps, as the focus is solely on the situation itself and the pleasure. However, there has to be a connection, the desire to fulfill the other persons needs and to make sure they are safe and secure drives everything. If you however do want to progress things, then communication about it is a must. As previously mentioned though in a previous ask, context is key.

There was a gifset you did about a telepath who tormented a girl with orgasm denial. Do you remember the source of the gifs?

Yes, it was from a movie called Show No Mercy
I will be re-posting the GIF-set and and story in time, with the source also attached. I’ll also be exploring that avenue a little more in future posts too (and a lot more in a larger story further down the line).

Master and Sub

She had no idea where she was going, yet she could not help but smile in anticipation.

Once the blindfold was off, she instinctively tried to cover herself up. The moment he whispered, “they are here to enjoy you just as much as I will,” she let out a sigh of longing and began to touch herself, giving into her desire to be seen, to be lusted after.

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Passage of Pleasure (Flash Version)

How much erotic torment can you withstand?

An interactive, flash based tease for females which requires only your imagination and fingertips (or perhaps someone else’s). If toys are available however, use them for the relevant parts dictated by the scenarios (such as a massage wand vibrator and a dildo). The game requires Adobe flash. Simply follow the instructions in order to progress to the next room. With each room comes more teasing, denial and edging.

The end of the tease gives a chance to climax as well as an option for those who are not allowed or do not wish to.

Due to the difficulty and length of the tease, it may be necessary for some to complete it in sections (there are 5 sections or ‘rooms’ in relation to the tease, in total), though do not give in and orgasm until permission is granted. If you climax before you are granted it, either denying yourself an orgasm for 5 days afterwards, or alternatively, giving yourself 3 ruined orgasms in a row at the next opportunity, will be sufficient punishment.

Will you be able to make it to the end and earn your reward?

Test subject 0095:

Observing the subject using regular vibrators on herself had shown that over-stimulation caused for the girl to stop 2.00 minutes post-orgasm. This device, referred to solely as the ‘Amplified Vibrator’ has proven effective in pushing the subject past previous points of over-stimulation. The device maintains a low vibration consistently without fault until the first orgasm is achieved, after each subsequent orgasm, the vibrations increase. Due to the increase in vibrations after each orgasm, which in turn leaves the subject’s sex in a more sensitive state, it is advised that all future test subjects will also need to be restrained to continue observation.

37.00 minutes of stimulation have proven to elicit responses which had previously not been experienced by the subject. The scanners show very high physiological effects with the continued use of the Amplifying Vibrator, though attempts to draw coherent responses from her have been useless, indicating that cognitive processes are focused solely on the sensations of the device.  Any attempts by the examiner to communicate with the girl have been met with screams and pleas for the vibrator to be moved away. The agonised screams correlate with instances of extreme pleasure, which indicate that the vibrator continues circulating her orgasmic state; the device has been left pressed firmly against the subject’s vaginal opening and clitoris throughout.

Preliminary interviews show that subject 0095 rarely experienced an orgasm in her private life and gets too sensitive to have more than 1 orgasm during masturbation. So far 8 orgasms have been registered, with the vibrator increasing in intensity after each one without fault. The subject is registering a level of intense pleasure which she has never experienced before, causing for her to scream for it to stop.

Readings certify that orgasm no. 9 is nearing; I will continue the test to see if the highest intensity of the vibrator can be reached, therefore another 11 orgasms will be needed. The likelihood of this occurring before the subject loses consciousness is low. I request that further tests are carried out using this device.

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Image source from: PerfectSlave

Hi. There was this awesome audio/video where there were different rooms and it was sooooo teasing… The character had her bachelorette party and different people were teasing her in different rooms. Where is it now? Can I see it? Can’t find it anywhere…. PS. I love your blog, please keep going 

That is a favourite of mine, probably the most involved piece of work I created. I am going to be putting up the flash tease version of it again within the next couple of days. However, the audio/video version sadly got removed due to the use of GIFs from NewSensation videos, I think the problem was that they classed them as video footage as opposed to just GIFs when in the movie. So I will need to work around it. The plan is to put 3 versions up… the first being the flash tease, the second will be a re-edited version of the video/audio, and a third will be a text/GIF version (possibly with audio too along with it). The last one will be quite lengthy but worth it if it works.

I love you and how your work tends to women in a gentle way. Have you thought about more focus on kisses and neck kissing in posts, would be sweet xx

Always the best ways to entice the imagination as well as let someone know that the focus is all on their own pleasure and desire. It’s something that will be focused on in longer posts for sure (particularly in the novel length stories to come), but for the shorter posts, this can be easily rectified. I like the idea of a post centered around this premise.

Your fans love your videos. It’s been too long of a wait! You can’t upload the full video while continuing to work on your novel?

There will be a new video on the way soon enough. The difficulty is that the girls in the videos are only comfortable with certain sections of the video being seen. I’m planning on a paintbrush based tease at more of an up-close angle that should be okay to use in it’s entirety. I’m also in the process of checking if another session that was recorded could be used.
Apologies to all for the long wait times between things such as videos, audios and the longer stories (especially the novel). Being busy as well as being a procrastinator is never helpful.

Thankfully, regarding re-uploading old content, I’m nearing the point where the GIFs are of a better condition, so I won’t need to re-edit them for the website. This means more can be posted at a faster rate as opposed to having to find the original videos and re-make the GIFs.