The preparation. Feeling every inch succumb, that mixture of softness and hardness, throbbing and pulsating. Getting it wet as if preparing it for your entrance, feeling it twitching in anticipation between your lips and imagining the feeling of it within your pussy. Every flicker of that tongue, each suction of that mouth, the constant slick gliding motion, hoping it feels as tortuously wonderful as you imagine. 

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Bathing in Pleasure

The moment she sank into the bath, the desire to masturbate herself that had lingered all day finally overcame her. The moment she closed her eyes and opened them, she found herself in a different place. Somehow there was no sense of fear or shock – a warm haze drifted over her – yet the sexual longing did not subside. Instead, it seemed to be amplified. While the water was still just as warm as her bath, she could not fully control her body, as if she were being held in place. 

The moment she felt a mouth press between her thighs, she jumped and tried to look down to see who – or what – was there. It was then that she realised that even her head was being held back in the water. The water held her wrists, waist, ankles and head in place like liquid hands.

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