Two Participants

The soothing hum of an air conditioner drifts through the office, filling the void of the girl’s hesitation at the question.“No, not for over two years,” she finally responds. 

The interviewer makes a note. “Any encounters within this period?”

“…Yeah,” follows the pause.

“If you care to say so, roughly, how recently was this?”

A rustling of paperwork fills the moment’s silence as the young woman averts her gaze.

“It was – um, about …uh, 4 months ago.”

“Lastly, have you been looking for any further partners recently?” the interviewer asks softly, making sure not to offend or embarrass the gentle looking girl before him.

Lifting her deep blue eyes to his, she firmly states, “No, just enjoying my independence,” before giving a warm smile.

The interviewer smiles back and turns off the sound recorder on his desk which separates them both in the spacious, finely decorated office room. Laying down his notes methodically, he addresses the girl.

“Thank you Kyra, I hope that wasn’t too invasive. We just need to collect as much data about our subjects as we can,” the interviewer beams at her, taking in the sight before him. Kyra’s long, silky, white blonde hair was radiant against her slender face. Her high cheekbones encompassed a smooth, pale complexion; all serving to cast an exotic impression.

“No, I fully understand, Dr Chain,” Kyra replies.

“Please, just call me Terrence.”

“…Terrence,” she repeats after him. “So what will the study involve?” she asks, trying not to let her eyes linger too long on his, which seem to pierce through his eye-length dark black hair.

He answers without taking his penetrating gaze from her, though his tone and expression is warm, “We are merely looking for your feedback to a new range of massage oils. I cannot give away any more I am afraid, as it may interfere with the results.”

“Oh, okay then,” replies Kyra, pressing against the armrests of her chair, a slight creaking of wood as she leans on them, preparing to be asked to leave. “When will the test take place?”

“If you remain in the waiting room outside while my colleague and I confirm times, we shall inform you shortly on when to expect it to take place. Also, payment will be received following the experiment, so you don’t need to worry about looking for a new job for a little while,” Terrence says with a smile before standing.

“Okay then, I can’t wait to take part in it all,” she responds sweetly and makes towards the door.

Terrence surveys her slim, petite frame as she walks away.

“You have a delightfully mellifluous voice,” he comments suddenly before she can leave. “I do look forward to hearing much more of it.”

“Oh… Th-thanks,” she replies, a little flustered as she partly opens the door, not truly knowing its meaning, though the little smile she notices from him gives her a warm, appreciated feeling nonetheless. 

Jonathan sits in the waiting room, thinking about the questions he had been asked and quite surprised at how personal some had been, even delving into his sexual orientation. The way he was looking at the researcher though, he was surprised she even needed to ask. Jasmine was not the kind of person he had expected as one of the researchers; her laid back, flirty manner seemed to make it clear she knew how much he desired women. Also, her questions about his sexual history seemed to be more for her personal interest than for what the study must surely involve, though it didn’t bother him. Jonathan simply smirked to himself, picturing being back in the office room with her, that devilish grin of hers, those thin, black rimmed glasses that accentuated such suggestive eyes.

He is pulled from his daydreams by a slight girl entering the room.

“Hi,” she says sweetly with a gleaming smile. Jonathan does his best not to settle his eyes on the rest of her body, which is doing its best to draw his gaze. From her form fitting white top to her tight fitting jeans, her clothing succeeds in displaying every aspect of her physical femininity. 

“Hey there!” he says as she sits beside him on the black leather settee. They share an awkward, silent moment as they both look around the plain, unspectacular waiting room, only a small table with a jug of water and several glasses adding a little diversion to it.

“It’s hot in here isn’t it?” she says aloud as if to break the ice. Jonathan nods before extending his right hand to her.

“I’m Jonathan by the way,” he says coolly, smiling at her warm demeanour. As she introduces herself as Kyra and shakes his hand, he begins to wish that he had made more effort in his clothing. Introducing himself to this stunning looking girl made him very aware that his baggy long sleeved shirt and black jeans hid his athletic build.

“So… You’re here for the study?” he asks, sitting back against the settee and watching her shapely lips as she replies.

“Yeah, but they didn’t tell me anything in particular about the study. Did they mention much to you?”

“No not really,” Jonathan replies, remembering some of the questions he was asked, trying not to smirk at the thought of whether Kyra was asked the same.

“So,” Kyra suddenly spoke a little louder, as if actively trying to snatch her own attention from the path their topic would lead, “What do you do?” 

Jonathan clears his throat as if ready to reel off a well-rehearsed speech. “I’m still looking for work, hard to find anything out there at the moment. I did a course in sports studies but that hasn’t helped too much,” he ends with a wry laugh, but her warm smile and interested gaze implores him to carry on. “I’m really interested in working abroad. I have been teaching myself Japanese, somewhere I would love to go to teach.”

“Oh really?! I love anime. And the music… just adore Gackt. I’d love to learn the language!” she responds cheerily. 

“So you can understand the lyrics?” he says with a laugh, but her sweet giggle in response alone makes him never want to leave the room. 

“So that I can get a little more out of the country when I go on holiday there, bit of a dream destination, you know? It’s just such a difficult language. But what new language isn’t I suppose.”

“Yeah, just about having the determination is all.”

“Maybe you could teach me sometime?” she says with schoolgirl innocence, her brilliant white teeth shining like a beacon to Jonathan. He isn’t sure whether she is serious or not, so simply responds with a smile. So often had he been in this same situation, completely unsure whether a girl was flirting with him or just being polite, yet he always felt like even the slightest smile was a cause for flirtation. Alas, it was the trappings of his never ending duration of single life.

“Hajimemashita, Jonathan desu, dozo yoroshiku.”

“So what does that mean sensei?” Kyra asks with a grin.

“I’m Jonathan, pleased to meet you.”

“Hmmm… Hajimeshite Kyra dess, dozo yoshiku… I think I need to practice.” The pair laugh together.

“You’ll get the hang of it,” Jonathan says brightly as he leans forward and pours two glasses of water out. “Anata wa utsukushii desu,” he adds while handing her the drink.

“So that means?”

“You are beautiful. The first sentence I memorized.”

She smiles at him while he laughs, “Aww thank you… A right little charmer aren’t you. I bet your girlfriend must love all the compliments.”

“I’m single actually.”

“Really? I am surprised! Guess not all the hot ones are taken.” 

The sentence catches Jonathan by surprise, and he finds himself not wanting this conversation to stop anytime soon. “How about you?” he asks.

“I’ve preferred the single life for a little,” she replies gently, “It’s more fun.”

“I agree, besides, you don’t get so tied down. At least, not in the good way anyhow.” He chuckles, hoping he hasn’t overstepped bounds with the remark, but her giggle in response reassures him while they both drink.

“So, were they asking you some, um… pretty dodgy questions in there?” Kyra blurts out, suddenly finding the courage to ask what had been on her mind while gazing into Jonathan’s oval face. His large brown eyes were drawing her in and letting her feel so much more relaxed.

“What kind of questions?” he asks slyly with a gentle smile, knowing exactly what she means, but wanting her to linger on it more. 

She feels her face get hotter and her cheeks tingle as she answers. “You know… Like, sexual questions and all that,” she says quickly before diverting her gaze to the table in front of them, watching a bead of water tumble down the glass jug. The way it glides down the smooth curve of the jug makes her suddenly think of something so phallic, so erotic. She feels herself growing woozy and tired.

Jonathan feels his head spinning as he answers without even thinking about what he is saying 

“Y-yeah… all about how often I masturbate and when I last had sex. I bet they asked you the same things?” The room started to get darker for him, all while thinking about nothing other than Kyra being asked the same questions. In a jarring flash he imagined her sitting there, masturbating herself in front of him.

“I think something’s been…” the petite girl begins, as the room starts to spin, quickly succumbing to a deep sleep beyond her control.

* * * * *

Jonathan slowly comes around, the sound of voices seeming so distant, trickling into his consciousness.

“Subjects: one male. one female. Both are in their late twenties. No sexual activity with a partner noted within a 3 month period.”

Jonathan’s senses start to return and instinctively he tries to rub his eyes against the light, but discovers he cannot move. The young man’s wrists are cuffed above his head. When he tries to twist his body he finds his ankles are also locked in place, leaving him standing upright with a strap around his midsection. The solid feeling against his back tells him that he has been strapped upright to some kind of table. He feels bare, with only the familiar tightness of white boxer briefs against his skin, but the heat filling the small, padded, brightly lit room is comfortable. Eyes now adjusted, the outline of numerous black monitor screens fills his vision. They are elevated in front of Jonathan on their stands, stark against the white padding of the otherwise bare room.

Jonathan’s throat starts to tighten, struggling to swallow or catch his breath as his fears go into overdrive, until suddenly the screens click on all at once. A single image materializes on them, and it makes Jonathan gasp. 

His thoughts of Kyra quickly flood back as his memory restores itself; sitting alone with her, getting to know a little about one another. ‘The water, it must have been,’ he thinks to himself. However, never could he have comprehended that he would be seeing her like this: Restrained spread eagled on a table as he is, in a room just like his, but positioned lying down. Every screen was showing a different angle of her, though it was the centre screen his eyes were glued to, showing in profile the way her thin, fragile body naturally arched on the table. He could see her chest rising and falling quickly as she lay in wait, blindfolded and unable to see what looked like solar panels above her.

“Gorgeous, isn’t she?” comes a familiar female voice from behind which causes him to jump. Before he can speak, she continues. “You are both perfectly safe here. You see, we have our own particular ways of testing massage oils.” As she spoke, he recognized the sultry tone of that bespectacled, flirty and distractingly sexy examiner. Jonathan’s head was spinning in a way that had nothing to do with the drugged water.

“Now, if you look above her,” continued the woman, “Those screens are for measuring her sexual responses. You will notice the same array in front of you. In short, the readouts let us know just when someone is about to climax, whether or not they try to hide it.”

“What are – ?” Jonathan begins before being cut short by her.

“Hush now, and watch!” she says as she steps forward to stand beside him. When he turns his head to see her, that buxom figure standing out in that tight white researcher’s jacket, she gestures to the screen that her own eyes are locked on. Jonathan does as he is told.

They both watch, transfixed by the young girl on screen, writhing and calling out for help, for some kind of response. Her modesty preserved only by thin white lingerie. The shape of her mound outlined under the delicate fabric, as well as the low cut of the bra that only just conceals her nipples, is arresting. The little red bow at the top of her panties and the red trace along the bra straps completes this picture of sheer eroticism, leaving Jonathan to chide himself. He shouldn’t be feeling so aroused under these circumstances. 

“J-Jasmine, right? Your name was Jasmine!” Jonathan addresses the researcher standing next to him.

She finally turns to him with a smile that would have him ready to pounce on her under different circumstances, something he thinks she must be all too aware of.

“That’s right Jonathan, Why don’t you enjoy this, while I help you feel a little more comfortable?” Her words are as soft as her touch. Those long fingers press against his chest; standing in front of him, Jasmine slowly drops to her knees, drifting her hands down his torso, leaving him to focus on the screens. She kisses down his body to his naval lightly while addressing him further, “You are both our subjects now,” she purrs, “We will let you go, of course, after we have had our fun with you. Things will be much more enjoyable if you simply relax and go along for the ride. You will both have a lot of fun,” she assures. Her caresses drift to his hips, she begins kissing lightly above his waist line.

Jonathan stays silent, watching a dark haired male approach Kyra, introducing himself as Terrence.

“Don’t worry; she is in the same position as you, though it can take a little longer for females to settle into the scenario,” Jasmine’s fingers trace across the elastic of his boxers, admiring the bulge held tightly in the soft underwear.

He focuses on the screen, watching as the male begins tracing a single fingertip down the centre of Kyra’s body, from her neck, slowly down her cleavage, down past the hem of her panties and over her soft mound. The last part makes her try to twist away, but the strap over her waist keeps her in place, letting him begin all over again at a cruelly methodical pace.

Seeing her straining against the cuffs, begging to the tormenter she cannot see to let her go, sends a feeling through Jonathan that he cannot explain. So often he’d watch such predicaments online, but to be involved in something like this, for it to be a reality, was beyond his comprehension. 

“Enjoying watching her?” Jasmine asks quietly before kissing down his underwear, pressing her lips along the sides of that bulging manhood.

He struggles to keep his concentration, but does not respond, focusing on Kyra writhing as she is being massaged more thoroughly by the man, palms pressing against all the exposed areas of skin, of which there are many. Terrence continues to console Kyra; his touches are like that of a lover, so tender and delicate. Jonathan listens to the ensuing conversation, finding himself entranced by Kyra’s sharp little intakes of breath between every word. While she may be telling him to stop this, that it is illegal, that they can’t get away with doing this, Jonathan can almost hear the battle raging between the girl’s mind and body.

Only the long, lingering kiss which Jasmine suddenly places to his bulging manhood against the confines of those boxer briefs can shift his attention from the screen. When she pulls her head back and makes to stand, he realises just how desperately he wants her to do so much more to him. His own mental battle prevents him from voicing it.

“I think you are coping well enough. Let me go and help your pretty friend in there relax a little more,” she says before leaving Jonathan alone in the room to continue watching Kyra’s massage.

Jasmine suddenly enters the room on Jonathan’s screen, her fingertips eagerly joining Terrence’s. Kyra gasps, “Who is that?” at the new touch, but does not receive an answer. 

Their four hands work in unison, gliding across each side of the girl’s body, making her writhe more and more. Her protests and pleas begin to wane by the minute, giving way to deeper breaths which beckon Jonathan to jump through the screen and take her, luring his eager manhood to strain ever helplessly against those tight fabric confines. 

“Mmmmm, okay. Okay …. What do – what do you want?” Kyra raggedly asks once her pelvis begins to rock in a slow rhythm of need. 

“Tell us where you want us to touch,” replies Jasmine in a tone that makes Jonathan want nothing more than to be in that room with them, tormenting the helpless girl.

Her reply does not come instantly, instead it is coaxed out of her by fingertips trailing painfully close to her most intimate places. They curl around the base of her cupped breasts but do not squeeze, merely applying the faintest pressure, making the girl raise her chest as best she can for more but to no avail. Terrence’s fingers slide along her inner thighs, his fingers brushing so painfully close to those tight panties, her body betraying her with a little patch of wetness. Even Jonathan feels her frustration through the screen.

Finally she gives in. “Please touch me a little more,” Kyra whispers. 

The hands pull away instantly; wordlessly the pair exit, leaving Kyra to scream out after them. While she is calling out for them to let her go, Jonathan knows full well that she wants nothing more than for them to give her body much more attention. The very thought sends a surge of desire through him, making him want nothing more than to free his hands and masturbate to the view of the writhing girl before him. 

Neither Jonathan nor Kyra sense the gas circulating the room, odourless and invisible, it affects them both almost instantaneously, sending them into the gentle arms of a deep sleep.

* * * * *

Kyra wakes as if wrenched from a cool stream, instantly hit by a sense of heat and urgency, like being awoken amidst a wave of oncoming traffic. Light strokes against her skin alert her body before her eyes can even adjust. Figures stand around her, each with brushes in hand, gliding the soft tips up and down across every inch of her not covered by the new lingerie. She has been tended to during her sleep, cleaned and changed into pink lingerie that hugs her intimate frame tightly. The thin material has a slight flowery pattern etched along the light pink fabric, clinging tight like a second skin. 

She is standing, restrained as before, spread eagled, though mercifully not blindfolded. TV monitors stand in front of her, and the image on them sends a pulse of desire through her. The man she remembers she had been speaking to before, Jonathan, was standing the same as her in an identical room. He is completely naked and also not alone; two women are servicing him, though his sudden gasps indicate that he too had only recently awoken. The moment Kyra’s gaze fell upon his throbbing manhood, the pulse of desire sharpens to a surge, yet the brush strokes did not change pace.

Kyra realises that it is Terrence knelt between her open legs and administering brush strokes up and down her inner thighs. He isn’t the only one, though he is the only one familiar, yet before she can say a word, he speaks first.

“Relax again, my dear Kyra, and enjoy Jonathan being worked by my lovely assistant and colleague. Jasmine has been waiting patiently for this chance to take good care of him. Just watch the way she teases him, imagine it were you. Now that you are both willing to climax, our machines can truly gauge your pleasure.”

With that, Kyra noted the machines on screen above Jonathan, as they were with her, humming gently in the warm room, reading every sensation. There must have been five men teasing her with brushes, yet her view of Jonathan was never interrupted.

Kyra cannot take her eyes off Jonathan’s cock; two tongues slowly trace along from the base to the tip and back again, repeatedly yet never changing speed.

“Oh God!” Kyra hears Jonathan moan. She wants to echo his cry as the brushes keep lavishing her skin slowly, finally working just over her bra and panties, just grazing the outline of her sensitive points. They trail along her arms, down along her legs, across her stomach and chest, lacing her body with whatever oil the brushes are coated in, painting a soft, sleek trail sliding along her hot skin. Her cleavage rises and falls faster as they work her like artists practicing on their living canvas, her usually slightly small breasts heaved up so much more by the tight bra. 

She hears Jasmine speaking to Jonathan, telling him to focus on Kyra. The young girl blushes even more, knowing he can see how vulnerable she is. Previously she may have been focused on her embarrassment, yet all she can now think of is how turned on she is. Watching the women on the screen begin to take turns engulfing his swollen length, moving their heads back and forth as they suck on him, makes her loins radiate with desire. Kyra throws her head back and moans out deeply from the pit of her stomach as brushes focus on teasing her; the oil making the lingerie cling to her even more, making it almost see through. They circle around her pronounced nipples, gliding up and down her now plump mound, up and down against the slight elevation of the girl’s aroused sex, the tightness and wetness of the panties not aiding in concealing it. She strains against the cuffs as if trying to control her level of arousal, sensing that something isn’t right, having never been this turned on in her life.

“This oil seems to be taking effect nicely, which is just what you are here for, my dear,” says Terrence in a pleased tone, before flicking the paintbrush tip up between the folds of her lingerie which clings to her pussy lips. Kyra lets out a yelp of pleasure, unable to control herself. This has an effect on Jonathan too, who lets out a cry of ecstasy before one of the women pulls her mouth from his cock fast.

“Please! I was so close,” he yells out, before Jasmine takes over and masturbates him, her hand dripping with newly applied oil. Kyra watches as his muscles tense, the smooth glide of Jasmine’s hand stroking his shaft rapidly, before letting go abruptly to leave his cock bobbing up and down in evidence of how close it was to release. 

The slow strokes, the cruel administration of the oil, and the display of pure male desire all add to the whirlpool of craving.

“Please, more!” Kyra exhales as two paintbrushes slip up and down the outline of her labia, as if outlining a path to her clitoris, which is already aching with need for attention. She tries to close her eyes, trying to focus on anything else, but the moaning from Jonathan makes short work of her will. The pair of women with the straining young man continued to take turns lavishing his throbbing cock with attention, stroking and sucking it while massaging his balls, which are tight after being brought to the edge of orgasm repeatedly. The women appear to be wearing earpieces, being told just when to stop, keeping him constantly on the verge. The screen zooms in on his cock, dripping with a mixture of oil and precum, the effect of the oil mingling with the constant torture of stimulation making every vein bulge. If Kyra hadn’t already been dripping wet, seeing this throbbing display of manhood on show and twitching constantly in need certainly would have made her so. Feeling the wet bristles trail along her cleavage and coat her soft flesh is an incessantly erotic tantalization, and coupled with the show on the screens, Kyra is finding it harder and harder to maintain any semblance of control.

“It is an aphrodisiac,” Terrence says softly to her. The soft strokes do not relent for a second.

“Made to affect males and females just the same, it is a fast acting, easily applied concoction of pure pleasure,” he smiles up at her before brushing up and down the centre of those oily wet panties, making her shiver in the restraints. “It seems to be working on you both just perfectly. Do you want to come?”

“Y-Yes… yes, please!” she replies, not even considering the answer before it escapes her lips. Kyra watches Jonathan’s hips rock constantly, bucking as if in sync with Kyra herself, whose pleasure is never allowed to rise to that sweet edge, instead trapped on a pinnacle of arousal which never rose nor fell. As one of the women tormenting Jonathan licked and sucked the sensitive head of his cock, the other jerked the shaft back and forth, both pulling away at the same time to leave him to fuck the very air itself, trying to relieve the sexual tension in any way.

“Please! Please, I need more. Anything!” Kyra gasps, yet the paintbrushes do not falter in their speed, continuously circling and stroking at a deliberate pace. Suddenly, Terrence addresses her.

“We are curious to see the effects it can have without the implications of getting you to the edge like your handsome friend. Often just edging itself can be seen as a form of release. Well, more than what you are receiving.” He smirks before continuing, “I see it is already becoming a little too much for you. I think you are ready for the next stage.”

“OH FUCK! Stop teasing, please, I can’t take it…”

Two brush strokes sweep along her innermost thighs, where the line of her panties sinks against that sweet centre of femininity. The third, in Terrence’s hand, whispers across her slit, the thin pink panties, soaked in aphrodisiac oil, doing little to dull the sensations of the bristles swiping across her clitoris. Every inch of her screams for so much more, envying the relief Jonathan must be feeling from at least being brought to the edge. Seeing his cock twitching and dripping was driving her crazy. She wanted to feel it inside her, feel it throbbing within. The fact that it was his eyes on her, seeing her arch her back, wriggle her hips and cry out in need, would have normally made her want to sink away. But she adored every moment he gazed at her. Her inhibitions were broken; all that mattered was the raw, animalistic cravings that clawed to the surface.

The two of them moan, gasp, writhe and beg in unison, it seemed like there was no end in sight, lost in a timeless void. As instantly as it had begun, however, the sensations abruptly stop, leaving the pair panting uncontrollably as wordlessly the group leaves Kyra, leaving only Terrence alone with her.

“Tomorrow, you’ll get what you want,” he whispers to her, nibbling her earlobe. “You are going to be all his.”

Before she can respond, he is already gone, leaving her to gaze at Jonathan. His cock pulses with his heartbeat, constantly throbbing with need: the need for Kyra’s own juicy, full lips to wrap around them. She thrusts her hips out at the thought which had caused a rush throughout her body once more, thinking of how beautiful the sight and thought was, of how the harder he gets, the softer she gets. It was such a desperately erotic notion. The undetectable gas begins to fill the rooms as Kyra keeps her eyes fixed on that masculine frame, knowing that he is also watching her with animalistic desire. After several seconds of unknowingly inhaling the gas, the last image in Kyra’s view before falling to sleep is the pulsating length of manhood she so desperately wants within her.

* * * * *

“They are quite the perfect pair, Jasmine,” Terrence comments warmly to his colleague.

“Why else would I have chosen them?” Jasmine replies with a smile. “As soon as the girl put her name forward for the study, I had to see that sweet body of hers at its most intimate and primal. The same for Jonathan… speaking of whom, it appears the sedatives are wearing off, he is becoming erect again.” says Jasmine. Looking through the one way mirror and watching the unconscious Kyra and Jonathan slowly stirring, the scientists observed undetected from adjacent seats.

“Okay, I’ll turn on the cameras. I do hope the delay lotion proves as effective as the aphrodisiac,” mutters Terrance distractedly. The awakening pair are naked and covered in oil, their shining bodies seeming to pulse with the pent up need for sexual release. “Clearly the effects of the aphrodisiac lotion have remained potent,” he adds, flicking on the recorder once the pair inside the padded cell starts to stand.

“Shall we tell them about the delay lotion?” Terrance asks, not taking his eyes off Kyra, who stands in silence. The woman’s hands automatically clasp around her breasts and between her legs, feeling the heat and losing the fight instantly against her need to come. Words escape her as she realizes the stimulation of the last few hours remains built up inside, burning throughout.

“No, I think they’ll figure it out soon enough. Besides, I am curious as to how they are going to react, whether their base urges have consumed them.” Jasmine’s words are cool, contrasting the heated pierce of her gaze into the black padded room hazed with yellow light. She is intensely focused on Jonathan’s cock, transfixed by how it instantly begins to twitch and pulse to its fullest erection without so much as being touched.

“If all is as planned, the male variant administered will be longer lasting and more efficacious,” Jasmine adds just as the pair within the cell stops paying attention to their own bodies and notices one another. The scientists are on tenterhooks with anticipation as they watch Kyra and Jonathan, curious to witness just how they will react. The outcome makes them both smile with delight. 

Kyra and Jonathan almost instantly spring towards each other, grasping one another with a deep, primal longing beyond mere physical attraction. The wet clap of their bodies meeting mingles with the slight, near inaudible gasps of them trying to communicate their need for physical attention, though with the recent sexual build up and continued pent up desires, they both know that their needs are beyond words. They paw at one another’s bodies, pressing together, feeling the hot sexuality surging through each other, wanting to explore the other desperately. The sound of heavy breathing already fills the room as both of their bodies screams out for the fulfilment that has been denied for what feels so unbearably long. 

Jasmine licks her lips at the sight of Jonathan’s throbbing shaft sliding beneath Kyra’s entrance, as if ready to thrust into her at any second. The scientist imagines the heat of her sex against that manhood, imagines just how intense the anticipation must be for Kyra, who Terrence had established had not experienced any penetration from a male in months. 

“Perfect,” whispers Terrence just as Jonathan presses his palms around Kyra’s waist. There is a second of motionless apprehension, then he nearly throws her against the padded wall in a display of complete dominance before pushing his body to hers, lifting her up against the wall.

“Please, f-fuck me,” Kyra exhales as Jonathan presses the tip of his penis against her entrance, already dripping with arousal down her thighs. Instantly, he buries himself inside her, making her gasp as he feels every swollen inch of his cock bore into her delicate folds. Jasmine and Terrence gaze wordlessly at the pair, watching as Kyra wraps her legs around the man drilling into her, listening to every squeal of joy and moan of pleasure.

“Oh God… oh God… oh God… please – !” Kyra whimpers in pleasure as she already feels the surges of orgasm course through her very core; with the way Jonathan’s pace was changing, she knew he was also very close. Jonathan presses his body close to hers, feeling her breasts squeeze against his chest, feeling her astonishingly stiff nipples press against his skin, wanting to hold her tightly when he comes. Even at a distance, Terrence can tell that they are both close, the way their breathing is escalating, the way those hard, wet sounding slaps of skin meeting skin seem to be getting shorter and sharper, the way they are pulling each other closer to one another, as if trying to feel their hearts pounding against each other’s chests. 

“Fuck me harder… MAKE ME COME!” Kyra screams out, knowing that something is wrong, her heels resting on Jonathan’s rear, feeling his buttocks tensing and realising that he must be experiencing the same thing.

Jonathan’s breaths are ragged and deep. The tight pussy sucking in his cock, wrapped around him like wet silk, feels like heaven. Yet somehow he still hasn’t felt the gush of orgasm spring from him, even though he was sure he was on the verge after only seconds. Quickly he pulls Kyra from the wall and to him, making her wrap her hands around the back of his neck as she hangs elevated, her legs still wrapped around him. With his hands clutching her waist, he starts to thrust into her like his life depends on it. Kyra’s moans and squeals alone would be too much for him to take, yet somehow he still hasn’t climaxed. 

“I think they are starting to realize,” Terrence whispers while the wet sounds of oily skin pounding against one another echoes through the speaker. 

“It is so hot seeing these two suffer,” adds Jasmine, watching the young man pummel Kyra’s sex, every hard thrust so deep and fast it makes her breasts thump up and down while she holds on tightly. 

“What… h-have… they… done?” Kyra gasps between thrusts, lost in horror at the sensation of not being able to climax even though it had felt like merely having his length slide into her would send her over the edge.

“I can’t come… I can’t…. come!” Jonathan yells out in desperation, though continuing to drill himself into Kyra’s swollen red pussy. With a final thrust, he stops, breathing deeply but not allowing himself any rest before placing Kyra on the ground impatiently, keeping the tip of his cock resting at her entrance. They look into one another’s eyes, seeing desperation shining back, both of their bodies glistening in a mixture of oil and sweat. With a sharp thrust, he drives himself into her; the wet slap of his balls against her ass cheeks with every thrust mingles with the frustrated moans. 

“Please… please… Oh God oh God I’m still so close,” Kyra whimpers.

Faster and faster he pounds into her as juices drip down Kyra’s ass cheeks, both locked in a continuous cycle of need, constantly held on the edge but unable to peak. As more minutes pass, tears of agonised frustration trail down Kyra’s cheeks. With one final thrust, Jonathan keeps himself buried inside her, feeling her sex convulsing continuously around him as if responding to the constant twitching and pulsing of his length inside.

“We’ve… got to keep… trying,” he says breathlessly before sliding out, seeing the trail of her essence from her glistening pussy cling to the tip of his swollen cock, making him surge even more with overbearing lust. 

Jasmine and Terrence give a knowing look and a smirk to one another before turning back to watch as Jonathan pulls Kyra to her feet. Without a word of notice, Jonathan quickly slips his fingers inside her, making her gasp in surprise before moaning in pleasure. Instinctively, she grips onto his length but is unable to do anything other than feel how much it throbs. She is seized in her own little world of ecstasy the moment Jonathan’s fingers start to explore her. The masculine feel and speed of his hand slamming back and forth brings her to the brink again in seconds. Her legs buckle but he holds her upright, determined to finger-fuck her to orgasm.

After a while, after hearing Kyra spend minutes begging that it is too intense, that the sensations are driving her insane, he turns her around and takes her from behind. 

It seems like hours since they had woken, yet still neither had climaxed. The procession of intercourse had now become a base, animalistic need. The two researchers could see how now they were truly fucking one another with a machine-like furiousness. 

No matter what angle Kyra was penetrated from, her overly swollen clitoris was always being stimulated; whether from Jonathan’s balls slapping against it, his pelvis pressing against it or his fingers manipulating it, her clitoris was constantly being tended to. The ache was desperately intense, yet anything to bring her closer to release was something to cling to. Finally, after surely a lifetime of unstoppable penetration, something seemed to be flooding through her system, a heat which seemed so familiar and so different at once. Somehow, she was certain that this would be her time to come. 

Jonathan could see that something was different. While they had long passed the stages of speech, and having almost tuned out one another’s constant moans, shouts and screams of agony bound frustration, he could see in her eyes a sense of realisation, as if she felt something different.

He carries on pumping his hips back and forth, with her lying on her back while he thrusts into her from on top. Again her legs clench around him hard, feeling her heels press against his lower back.

“I… I… I think… this…,” she tries to speak, the new sensations of heat cutting through her consciousness. Suddenly, she lets out a scream of ecstasy so intense that even Jasmine and Terrence gasp and smile in response to. A sensation as if every orgasm in her life had been bundled in one and poured over her erupts from her body, through her sex, through her spine, through every inch of skin. Even as the scream subsides, her mouth hangs open as if there is not enough air in her lungs to vocalise the pleasure ripping through her. Jonathan feels her pussy tighten as if to push him out of her, but he stays inside, wanting to feel every convulsion. Her eyes closed, her mouth open still in tortured pleasure, he continues to pummel her pussy while she twitches, her body trembling from head to toe. 

“O-okay… okay… pl – oh, oh… plea – …please!” Kyra finally manages to breathlessly murmur. “It’s… too much!”

Even while the shocks of her orgasm seem to surge through her with an unspeakable intensity, Kyra can do little to stop Jonathan’s relentless need to fulfil himself. Her entire body is on fire with oversensitivity, she would just want to curl up in a ball and not be touched or spoken to, to recover from such a monstrous climax, yet still she is being fucked like a sex toy. 

“Oh God… stop… please… I can’t take anymore!” Kyra begs with no effect as Jonathan quickly turns her around and fucks her once again from behind. Taking her wrists, he holds her arms back, allowing him to thrust into her with brutal intensity while she hangs in his grasp. 

“What a lovely sight,” Jasmine gleefully says to Terrence, who is admiring the scene and delighting in the little screams escaping from Kyra’s lips with every deep thrust.

Jonathan keeps pounding into her, feeling the soft cushion of her ass cheeks hit against his pelvis, growing more and more worn out with each second. Slowing down until finally he stops pushing into her, he speaks to the girl at last.

“Please, stroke me off, suck me! Do anything, just make me come,” he pleads.

Without a word, Kyra turns around to face him as he lies back. She slides her body over him, giving him the temptation to grip her and fuck her once again, though he stays in place and controls himself. Kyra unexpectedly turns, positioning her knees on either side of his head, letting him look up to her brightly swollen red pussy still shining with her juices. In this 69 position, she finally presses her mouth to his length and closes her lips around it, placing her hand around the base of his shaft. She can feel every beat of his heart echoing through his cock, pulsating in her mouth. She sucks him, teasing the tip with her tongue while her hand works up and down. The sensations are unbearable for Jonathan, who wraps his arms around her waist to pull her delicacy towards him. The moment his lips press around her hypersensitive clitoris, Kyra pulls her mouth away and lets out a sweetly pained scream. Knowing he won’t stop even though she can’t take anymore, she works him faster, stroking up and down along his stiff shaft, masturbating him at a much faster motion than sex could ever provide. It takes a few minutes and she feels the base of his cock pulse on the edge a few more times, but soon the thrusting of his hips falters. That lets her know that a different sensation is sweeping through him: the feeling that this time might be different.

As Jonathan becomes lost in the sensations, unable to focus on tormenting Kyra’s sex, he begins to breathe even more heavily, moaning in delight that this might be the last time. Kyra continues to rub him, sliding around so that she is now off of his body. While his balls could not get any tighter than before, Kyra can feel the swelling of his cock as his orgasm begins to flow through his shaft, every muscle tightening. 

“FUCK!!!” Jonathan yells and continues yelling as his body seizes, his mind going blank for the moment that he ejaculates like a volcano, shooting up over his sweat and oil drenched body. The orgasm pulsates unendingly through his shaft and his essence drips down her hands while Kyra continues masturbating him, determined to give him every possible second of fulfilment. Jonathan throws his head back, his eyes shut tight as the fire of pleasure ensnares him, feeling like something buried deep within him all of his life is being finally unleashed. The surges of the orgasm continue as if echoing through his cock repeatedly every few seconds, with each throb, another surge of cum seems to be squeezed from his shaft. Finally, hearing the deep breaths as the echoes of pleasure seem to die down, Kyra’s motions also begin to slow and she knows that it is over.

Outside the cell, Jasmine presses a button and turns to Terrence. “I would consider that a resounding success,” she says while smiling, gas filling the cell.

“Yes,” agrees her colleague. “Though I am sure we will need to test it much more extensively before ever releasing it to the public.” He smirks as Kyra and Jonathan succumb to the gas, their bodies slumping into an instant sleep.

“Naturally,” replies Jasmine, “I’m sure after these results there will be countless willing subjects, though I always enjoy perverting those that think they are innocent of such desires,” she adds.

Terrence smiles absent-mindedly and responds, “A pity we had to ever let them finish.”

“Oh I’m sure they will find themselves always drawn to these pleasures now. Now that they have tasted it, they will always crave it.”

* * * * *

The piercing morning sun filters through the cracks in the curtains, spilling along the large hotel room like a liquid trying to rest at every surface. Kyra and Jonathan wake at almost the same time, facing one another, wordlessly they sit up fast. A glance around leads them to the conclusion that they are alone in this magnificent room. They both collapse back down on the bed, remaining silent as waves of both embarrassment and disbelief crash through them. 

“That… that was… something else, wasn’t it? It was like a dream,” Kyra finally says, broaching the inevitable. With a deep breath and a sigh, Jonathan smiles weakly and agrees; the same sense of comfort he had felt with her before the ordeal, when they had just been sitting in the waiting room together, seems to come back. While avoiding the more explicit details, they spend much time discussing the events they had shared, speaking of it like it had merely been a cinema trip together. 

After a little while, Jonathan notices two envelopes on the drawer at the foot of the bed, his eyes widen as he opens it before passing Kyra her own. Having undergone such a period of unspeakable pleasures, and having spent so long engaging in one another’s company, the pair had entirely forgotten about the reason they had taken part in the study in the first place. 

The pair gasps and murmurs their joy upon opening the envelopes and seeing a higher payment than expected, nearly the equivalent of a whole year’s wages. In silence they each read the accompanying note…

‘Thank you very much for taking part in the study, with your help we have all of the information we needed. Your confidentiality and security is always our highest priority, therefore no recordings or records of participation will be kept other than that which is needed for research purposes. Please find enclosed your payment. We greatly appreciate your involvement and if you would be interested in taking part in future studies, or wish to inquire about any other associated research, please do contact us (contact details overleaf). Kind regards.’

As the two get dressed, they each read the note again, both with the same question in their minds. Jonathan is the first to ask it. “So… would you consider it? Would you be interested in doing any other research for them?”

Kyra contemplates for a moment. “I’m not sure. I don’t want to think about it right now,” she says softly, but smiles as Jonathan looks at her, letting him know that she isn’t trying to avoid him talking more to her. 

“How about I go and order a taxi into town and we can make our way back from there?” he says to change the tone of the conversation.

“I’d like that a lot,” she replies, beaming at him.

“Great, we can get something to eat too. I’ll go to the reception and see when one is available while you can get ready and meet me there.”

Kyra cheerily smiles at him before he makes his way out of the room. After getting herself changed and ready to leave, she picks up her envelope and takes out the note inside while passing a bin. Instinctively she passes it over the bin, yet something inside her seems to freeze every muscle. Rooted to the spot, she glances at the piece of paper loosely held between her fingers. A second passes, then a minute. So many thoughts buzz through her head. Without a sound, she puts the note back into the envelope with her cheque and leaves the room.

The End

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  1. This is definitely my favorite scenario/erotic story, although I like the original a bit more, which had more detail of them watching each other being kept on edge (especially with the oil and the paintbrush – so hot). Would love to hear an audio of the original story – ultimate would be that scenario on video! Just love the idea of two people on edge and getting off on each other’s desperation. Love your descriptions – the reader can feel the ache – Very hot!

    1. The only changes made compared to the original were just a few spelling and punctuation edits. Though there is a plan to create an audio version in time (first though, an audio version of ‘torment of denial’ is to be recreated). When I read this back though, it certainly did seem like the paintbrush scene felt shorter than when it was originally written. At least it’s a good reason to involve a much longer and more detailed scene of a similar nature in future.

      1. Looking forward to the audio versions! “The Torment of Denial” is another favorite – the original audio version was a big turn-on. Your writings/blogs get me so turned on – I’m not into “pain,” and trying to find vids/scenarios with orgasm denial/men and women begging and moaning b/c of pleasure (not pain) can be hard to come by. Appreciate all the effort you put into your work! Not sure why, but seeing/hearing men and women just balanced on the edge of orgasm is my biggest kink. I’m always that “third party” voyeur looking on – very intense. Looking forward to your future work (and your novel! Hope that’s coming along well, so to speak 😉 ).

        1. I couldn’t agree more. Seeing, hearing and, when applicable, feeling someone trapped in the throes of pure pleasure is the greatest of joys. The novel is still being edited, but at least progress is being made!

  2. Fantastic! My only suggestion is to reconsider the word “smirk” which has a very off-putting malicious connotation for me.

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