She had never truly expected the spell to work, to summon a demon to do her bidding, though it seemed worth just at least trying it if there was a chance of being in possession of power that would make her life so much easier and richer. However, it was far too late to turn back once she realised that it wasn’t a mystical aide that she’d summoned, but a demon of lust.

Before she could even begin a plea for him to spare her, he had already gripped her and transported them instantly back to his kingdom.

“In my world, there is no time, I can keep you here for the human equivalent of 100 years and still summon you back to your world without a second having passed. I will only send you back once I have had my fill.”

With that, her fate was sealed in his inhumanely lustful hands; all she could do was endure the sexual torment that awaited her. The worst of it was that in this existence, the laws of her world did not apply. She would not pass out or suffer any ill consequences from such prolonged intercourse.

Relentlessly, the demon penetrated her, with every thrust feeling as intense as the very first, making this a true hell of pleasure. No matter how many times she came, there was no halting the sensations, with her body unable to become desensitized or fatigued, trapped in a prison of unending orgasmic torment. The demon continued to remind her that if she thought that it was torture being fucked like this after what amounted to mere hours in the human world, she has no idea what she was in for. 

The constant orgasms would not relinquish their hold; the only times there was any change to this existence as the demon’s pleasure puppet was when he suddenly prolonged her orgasm beyond any mortal ability. The first time it happened, she was certain that she’d have died had she felt such a thing in the mortal realm, to be cruelly held in that moment of orgasm for what must have been at least an hour, an hour locked within the confines of convulsive ecstasy. Her mind wanted to shut down, to wrench itself from this uncontrollable body racked with pleasure, diminishing all thought and hope, simply existing to feel the kind of intensity that it was never designed to withstand. When the demon finally released this hold over her, he told her that he’d do it every ten times she climaxed if she made any noise at all within those 10 orgasms. He took much amusement in how much she desperately tried to make sure she kept quiet, knowing that she’d almost certainly always fail. 

All she could do was hope and pray that he wouldn’t make good on his statement at the beginning, that he’d keep her here for the equivalent of 100 years. 

For her sake, she’d have to hope that he grew tired of her tears of pleasure and her never-ending stream of pussy juice, which trailed so sweetly down her legs.

He could easily savour a woman’s pleasure for a century.

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Image source from: Hannah goes to hell

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