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Hello. I imagine you get messages about your posts a lot but i wanted to reach out and thank you so much for what you do. If you could pass this on to any of the people who have been in your videos too i would really appreciate it. I had felt like i had lost all sense of sexual identity and just couldn’t enjoy myself in that way (id been in abusive situations and also had bdsm used in the name of a physically abusive relationship) It was through your videos and seeing the women engaging in caring, gentle play that focused on just pleasure that helped me see a different side to it all. It has helped me find my sexual desires and confidence. Your videos and the way you approach the topics you write about have helped more than you can imagine. Thank you so so much.

Very happy to hear this, I will pass this on to my friends who have helped throughout. While not all are okay with having videos made viewable, I am happy that the videos seen have been able to help you so much (I have had a few messages from people over time who have shared how the content has helped them through hardships and I appreciate you reaching out). This is one of the reasons why I’ll always continue to create the content. There will also be some posts coming over time that will give a little more insight into safe BDSM play. While I do not engage in much BDSM play at all (all the focus is on teasing and pleasure based play – so there’s never any risks involved), I’ll put up little pieces of advice that may help those who are looking to engage in this kind of activity.

Super-Duper Website! thank you for this excellent read!! I love every bit of it. I haѵe got you book-marked to look at new things you post…

There’ll be lots more to come – with all of the Tumblr posts ready to be put up, there’ll be plenty on the way in a short amount of time.

I‘m really insecure because of my long lips, does this turn men off?

Everybody’s sexual parts are different to some degree; there’s nothing to be worried about – insecurities so often stem from things that aren’t a concern at all. After all, just your lips aren’t the part of you that turn men ‘on’ – it’s you in general: confidence in yourself, the way you can exude sexuality and desire, your longing to pleasure someone and indulge in them… those are the things that make the difference.

Hi there, I was actually wondering if you had any tips regarding waxplay? My sub and I are all for it, but it’s something I’ve never done before. Besides general safety (which I’ve researched like crazy!), are there any techniques to make the experience more pleasant/erotic for the sub? Thanks!

Hi. Sorry that I can’t be very helpful regarding this, as this is something I have never engaged in. The fact that you’ve researched so much is a big step in the right direction though. In terms of making it most erotic, it may be simply about all the things done around it that can make for a wonderful experience (the build up towards it as well as all the fun afterwards). I hope it goes well!

Hi. this is a little embarrassing, but I have a really hard time orgasming. I’ve been sexually repressed for most of my young adult life, and now that I’m in my 20s I’m trying to break out of that, but I’m scared because everyone around me has had atleast a couple of sexual experiences. Any tips or tricks you have to offer would be great.

There are many people who do not really begin exploring sexually until their 20s (and sometime’s later). The time that someone begins to find their sexuality and experience more things is not what matters, it’s about being comfortable and secure in doing so. The thing to remember is that it isn’t really about what other people have done, but what you yourself feel comfortable with: some of the most fulfilling aspects of sexuality can be from your own experiences with yourself. Masturbation, and exploring your own sexuality, fantasies and desires can help you comfortably enjoy your journey of sexual discovery. We often put too much emphasis on sex itself, and not enough on self discovery through masturbation and arousal. Gaining more confidence with your own desires will help you be much more confident when you invite others into your sexual experiences.

I really enjoyed the haunted house series of posts! How I wish there exists real life versions of those houses! Looking forward to the ghostly supernatural posts for halloween next year as those are my thing! Can’t imagine how I’m supposed to wait for one whole year

I’ll be sure to put up at least one other ghostly supernatural post over the Christmas period.

Is it normal to find the majority of porn terrifying and quite disturbing? I wind up feeling more sad than anything when I watch. I’ve completely stopped and just keep rewatching your videos and audios, maybe I’m a bit obsessed haha :’) I feel fully pleasured when I do, and completely safe, and its still kinky…

There is certainly some porn which is rather erotic and well made (many videos from hegre and x-art for example), however I do agree that a lot of porn can be very off-putting. Even with the GIFs I create, some scenes are not ones I’m overall fond of, however the little moments captured can be used out of context to make something very sensual. I always strive to create content that focuses on just the joys of pleasure and eroticism, so I’m very happy that it fulfills your fantasies the way it does. I’ll keep making much more to make sure you’ll have plenty to keep you entertained.

There are more ask me anything answers found here. Feel free to message me any time. Regarding a few messages I’ve had about how to support me further. Later on there will be some updated information on this. Also, the novel length story should be completely finished and released by Christmas as long as all goes to plan (just currently formatting the story and doing a little editing.

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