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The next post will be a test-subject based one

good sir you have absolutely ruined me. i cannot get off to anything but your audios. sending you some love and thanks during these weird times. cannot wait for the next audio <333

Hi! When do you think you’ll post a new audio?? I’m in desperate need of something new to get off to, and your audios are my favorite ones 🙂

Hi there. By the end of this coming week is the plan.

Hi! I was wondering if you had any good advice for someone who gets really sensitive really fast, often to the point of things no longer being pleasurable after a few minutes of anything but teasing. (Abt girlfriend, not me, if that changes anything!) (also, Long time follower, BIG fan of your work!! (: tysm for everything you do!)

Hi there. That’s a difficult situation, as there could be many factors that may help. If she’s able to masturbate to bring herself to orgasm, perhaps incorporating that more into play may be of great benefit. Also perhaps using this as a means to build up to things could be rather erotic… teasing all over her body before becoming a little more direct, then just before things get too sensitive, repeating the process (or focusing on areas that this doesn’t impact so much) before repeating… may help build to more of a crescendo that overcome the sensitivity. Please do message back if there’s any further development with this (and if you find any method that helps) – but overall, patience will always prevail. Personally I have never been fond of ‘quickie’ sex, due to preferring to spend the time exploring someone… so even with this situation, it’s still providing reasons to explore what can be done to add extra pleasure to your play. If you’d ever like to message directly to update, please feel free to. Wishing you both good luck. And thank you for the support for such a long time, appreciate it so much.

I know you focus on female orgasm denial but I was wondering if you would be willing/able to make one for ftm (female to male transgender) individuals? It would really only need to have different pronouns, same parts that you know so well 😉

There will be a number of male denial posts on the way (presently the focus is on reposting the content that had all been on Tumblr previously). I’ll also be looking to upload a number of posts that are from a first or third person perspective to allow for a lot more immersion for such a situation.

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  1. I’m wondering if this question is asking for audios that are geared toward men with vaginas (and women with penises). Since not all (in fact a good portion) of Trans folx don’t undergo surgery, their pronouns may not match their genitalia.

    1. If that’s the case, the closest I’d have to this will be some of the scenarios that occur in the ‘sexecutioner’ series in future.

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