Laura’s Fetlife Meeting

A sharp intake of breath, the prickling shock of realization, Laura had regained consciousness as if torn from the comfort of sleep by the stark horror of reality. From the moment she’d regained her senses, her mind had been racing to make sense of the predicament she found herself in. Laura squinted, the light piercing her vision until she adjusted to the brightly lit room, a sight which both mystified and terrified her. The room was small and bare, surrounded by mirrors which seemed to shine upon the young girl who was bound in the middle of it. Arms hanging from the ceiling, her wrists cuffed together while her legs were spread apart, feet flat on the warm carpeted floor as her ankles had been cuffed and pulled wide apart, leaving little room for movement.

“Please, where am I?” Laura called to no response, struggling to raise her voice as her head swam, the effects of the drug still lingering. She looked at herself in disbelief, feeling so small as the room seemed to engulf her, every angle of her slender frame displayed. How many times she had fantasised about being in such a situation, almost admiring the view as she hung there, spread helplessly, pale blue lingerie clinging to such a delicate, petite frame. ‘But not like this,’ she thought to herself, snapping back to the gravity of the situation, trying in vain to free herself.

Suddenly, a movement, the slow idle rattle of a turning doorknob, before one of the mirrors in a corner of the room swung forward to reveal an opening. Like the entrance to a house of mirrors, except all of these mirrors were displaying but one attraction. 

“WHO ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME?” the distressed girl mustered all her strength to scream at the man now standing inside, wearing a form-fitting sharp black suit, cutting an imposing figure as the mirrored door closed behind him. Much of his face was concealed by long black hair, but his teeth seemed to shine through with a wide, sinister smile. With a briefcase held by his side, the brooding man walked calmly up to the anxious girl shackled before him. With both the after-effects of whatever drug had been used on her and such an air of menace exuded by both his presence and the room itself, Laura struggled to get any more words out, her body trembling.

Laying the briefcase down and standing by the girl’s side, he finally spoke with a voice more calm and soothing than expected.

“The effects of the drug shall not linger too long, but I assure you, you shall be here for as long as I desire.”

“Why am I here?” Laura asked meekly, her eyes lowered to the ground, unable to look on as the stranger feasted his eyes on her delicate figure. Slowly he moved around to stand behind her, taking his time to examine her outstretched body; all Laura could do was look on in the mirrors around her. She wanted to cry out, to beg him to let her go, but she knew it would be useless. 

Suddenly his voice rang in her ears as he spoke, such an icy cold tone while his eyes bore into the back of her.

“Don’t pretend this isn’t what you have always dreamed of. Your revealing little profile on Fetlife told me everything I needed to know about you, told myself and others exactly what you desire most, what you won’t admit in real life.”

Laura gasped as her light blue eyes widened with realization.

“F… Fetlife??? B… but…” her voice trembled.

“That’s right, my dear, that website has been so helpful in finding girls like yourself craving for someone to satiate your desires.”

He spoke softly, not letting her interrupt, while trailing his fingers down her long black hair, which shimmered in the light, before taking a deep breath, inhaling her flowery scent. Whispering into her ear from behind, he continued in a cold, emotionless tone.

“From the site, I tracked you down; how could I let you go throughout your life without experiencing what you truly crave.”

The stranger’s fingers left her hair and gently touched along her upstretched arms, softly stroking below the elbows; all Laura could do was swallow nervously and listen.

“In the future, I’d advise sturdier locks to your apartment,” he gave a wry laugh, fingers trailing gently down to the dip in her armpits, making Laura shiver at the tickling sensation. 

“It was so easy, spiking your drinks, then waiting patiently outside, waiting to bring you here.” 

As he whispered to her, he slid his palms down her side, only the thin line of the side of her bra strap and thong parting his smooth touch from the soft, warm contact from those shapely feminine curves. His large hands caressed her frame, stroking up and down from her underarms, down the sides of her chest, and along her hips. She tried to move away, but all she could do was twist her waist slightly.

“I thought you’d like this room… free to watch yourself from every angle as you writhe for me,” although the words were barely audible, they seemed to cut through the air like a cold blade. 

“Please… please… I don’t want this… if you jus…” the helpless girl began to sob before being silenced with shock as his tongue slid along her ear, she closed her eyes in disgust and pulled her head away, but her captor followed her movement and closed his mouth around her earlobe, suckling gently on it for a moment. 

“It was all just… fantasy…” she said with a sense of loss, shivering as her body was massaged. She tried not to watch as his hands massaged up and down her sides, across her tummy and back up, feeling all over her upper body, but not touching her most intimate areas yet, as if trying to relax her body for what he had in store. Those large warm hands didn’t stop in their desire to massage every facet of her uncovered skin, moving across her waist, over her toned flat stomach, up around her bra line to her upper chest. It wasn’t until his long fingers crawled along her cleavage that he said another word to interrupt her murmurs of resistance.

“You will beg me to push you further into your fantasy, I assure you.”

Before Laura could respond, she felt the sharp prickle of teeth slowly, cautiously, sinking into her underarm, tasting her succulent warm flesh while his greedy palms clutched at her chest, making her wince as her breasts swelled within the confines of the bra. 

He took his time savouring the taste of her sweat-lined skin, kissing and nibbling down her underarm. As much as she tried to twist away, Laura could not stop the attention he focused upon her chest, until it felt as if the bra had become a prison, confining those ripe globes of flesh. The nameless figure certainly thought so too, and without warning, had brandished a pair of scissors. 

Laura gasped and began to protest but was interrupted once again.

“Shhh… You are only to be tortured with pleasure, not pain,” his words alarmed her even further, but before she could try and reason with him, she gasped as he slid the cold hard steel up from her stomach to the crevice of her cleavage, further igniting her senses. Taking no time, he snipped open the front of the bra; she watched in the mirror as her breasts sprung from their confinement, her heaving chest rising and falling. How much she wished it was a stranger she was observing as she struggled to contain the thought of how erotic the picture looked to her; such a tight bare body, with tight lingerie covering her womanhood, the outline of a figure behind, his arms curled around her, hands smothering such full, firm mounds. 

Having cut away the bra, he methodically began to massage her defenceless breasts, not touching her nipples however, but fondling around them, cupping them to feel their supple texture and weight. 

“Don’t you think you look gorgeous?” he whispered gently while she watched herself being manhandled, unable to stop his groping hands; what horrified her is that maybe she wouldn’t even if she could. His touch was so gentle and deliberate, kneading her breasts like dough until she had lost track of time, her breathing becoming shorter and deeper.

“You are enjoying this, aren’t you?” he asked starkly, but Laura did not answer, lost in her own conflicting mind. Suddenly he gave her breasts a firm slap, making her squeal before he gripped them tighter, groping them harshly.

“Answer me, like a good girl,” he spoke sharply.

“N… no… I’m not,” she spoke as much to herself as to him. He simply laughed cruelly.

“Still won’t let yourself give in to your desires?” at that, he began circling her nipples with his fingertips while fondling her breasts, massaging each heaving globe while teasing the edges of her stiffening nipples.

Like a lion ravenous for its prey, he licked his lips as she began to purr, despite her efforts to remain silent. Her gentle moans grew with each quickening breath. It seemed like he had spent hours focusing on just her breasts. Laura had to grit her teeth to stop herself from crying out for him to pay her stiff, throbbing nipples some direct attention… but still he teased them without mercy.

“I know this is what you truly want,” he uttered with a vicious grin, before pinching her stiff little tits, making her cry out in joyous shock. The room seemed to centre around her, like a star at the centre of the stage, all eyes focusing on her arousal, and she could see through every single pair of eyes. While the mysterious stranger tweaked her nipples, rolling them between thumb and forefinger, Laura’s will for release was being replaced by lust. The man’s silence only seemed to add to the sexual tension within her. To her surprise, he began to kiss down her back, lips trailing along the arch of her spine, making her shiver slightly while his fingertips also began making their way south, sliding unbearably slowly down her cleavage, to her lower stomach. 

His lips continued pressing to her curved lower back as his fingers walked along the line of her knickers. Painfully close to her mound, they pattered down the front of her lingerie, stroking along her inner thighs and back up. He worked his mouth back up her body, keeping his fingertips stroking along the sides of her pussy. The moment his eager lips began trailing to her chest, he slid his fingers down her soft, plump mound, feeling her tender crease under the cotton. Her moans grew louder while he stood at her side now, kissing along the side of her heaving breast while his fingers played with her most intimate place.

Laura’s body grew hotter by the second, unable to control the embarrassing sounds radiating from her as she watched her own hips writhing, taking a little delight in the way she could see her round pert ass swaying from such delicious torment.

“You will tell me if you are going to orgasm. Understand?” her captor said sternly, before wrapping his lips around her erect nipple and sucking it gently as those explorative fingers began rubbing her slope, only her now wet thong underwear keeping his fingers from her delicate pussy. Laura didn’t know what to say until suddenly, he bit down on her nipple, making her squeal a response.

“Yes! Yes, I understand.”

At her reply, he pulled away from her and opened his briefcase, revealing a Hitachi wand massager, an object Laura had seen and heard about often. How frequently she’d watched videos of women being pleasured so intensely by this device, dreaming of taking their place… but never had she meant for it to become a reality as stark as this.

With an air of pure certainty and command, the man, still suited and grinning so enthusiastically, hooked a finger under the side of Laura’s lingerie before cutting them away and letting them drop to the floor. A discarded relic of a fantasy that she had never sought to further explore… every inch of her, now, was his.

Laura turned away as he glared at her, ashamed of how aroused he had made her, but couldn’t keep from feasting her eyes on that precious shapely figure silhouetted in the mirror, the way the slender arch of her back gave way to those curvy ass cheeks; she bit her lip. The view from her side was so erotic, hanging in the midst of an overbearing presence beside her, holding an instrument of pleasure destined for her.

“I’ll give you something to write about to all your online friends,” laughed the tall figure, but even the cruel tone did little to quell the tingle coursing through Laura’s most delicate regions. Suddenly he lifted the Hitachi wand to her breast and turned it on, making her groan a little with surprise at the power of the device, even on its low setting. It distressed her that she had no name to call out to, to ask to stop or continue, as the stranger’s fingers slid back to her exposed, shaven sex. 

“Mmmm,” a little moan rose in Laura’s throat, followed by a sigh as she felt him circle the wand around her chest, feeling the vibrations tingle along every pore like concentrated sizzles of electricity. Her hips started to sway while those long, careful fingers trailed up and down her tender slit, gently parting her sex lips with every stroke. 

He picked up speed once her hips began to thrust into his movements, her body responding just as he wanted.

“Ooooh uuuhhh,” Laura’s moans fell from her open mouth as her pussy lips were being stroked and massaged, masturbated by a total stranger while shackled at his mercy, a fantasy she had long yearned to become reality. Working his fingers vigorously against her flower, feeling every fold of her lips part to his stimulation, the soft smacking sound of her arousal filled the air like gorgeous music.

“Uh uh uh uh… Oh God!… Mmmm… I’m…I’m going to come!”

Suddenly, at that moment, he moved his fingers away from her, leaving Laura with her beaming blue eyes wide open in confusion and surprise.

“I told you I’d make you beg,” he whispered before moving the wand around to her back, sliding it up and down, truly using it like a massager. After a few seconds, he drew his fingers back to her waiting pussy and began rubbing her more aggressively. Her juicy petals glistened while the sound of his fingers masturbating her wetness meshed with the hum of the vibrator and seemed to fill the room. Evident pleasure grew and grew in her voice, her lower body writhing.

“Do not dare come without telling me!” his voice cut through the obscene noises and the sensual thoughts filling her mind. She was in no position to dare disobey him.

“Yesss…. yesss… I’m there again!” she moaned loudly, and he responded by giving her pussy a short little slap, making her squeal, before pressing his fingers stationary against her mound once more.

“Please! I can’t help it… I’m on fire,” she said meekly, her mind obeying her body.

With a smirk, he slid his fingers slowly down her wet slit again, down to her pulsating entrance. Again his captive’s breaths quickened as he circled teasingly around that tight juicy hole. The loud rattling of the vibrator sliding along her back did little to mask her shrieks of joy as his finger slid into her, followed by a second. He wasted no time exploring her tight pussy, thrusting them in and out rapidly, his fingers coated with her sweet essence. It wasn’t long before she was back on the edge of bliss.

“Mmmmm…. Oh God!… Uh uhhhhh… please!”

He curled them up inside her, stroking the upper walls of her soft wet tunnel, searching for that rough little patch within her. How indescribable it was to be explored so intimately, the inside of her body being mapped out. The moment he began rubbing her G-spot, she wanted to explode in joy.

“Oh G… GOD…. I’M GOING TO COME!!!” she screamed, but could only moan in agonizing frustration as his fingers cruelly slipped out of her dripping wet sex. 

“PLEASE! Pleeeeease let me come!” she spoke in nearly a whimper, head hanging like a child being scolded, but still, the figure beside her simply smirked. She was his toy now.

Just as quickly, his fingers dipped back into her twitching entrance, making her gasp as he quickly finger-fucked her again… the soothing massaging of her back was lost to the joyous exploration between her legs. Violently he drove within her, her seeping juices flinging as his palm slapped against her mound with incredible speed. It took no time for her to again be tottering on the edge of ecstasy.

“Oh God oh God!!! Don… don’t stop… don’t stop!” her thighs were shaking. “I’m… I’m… oh fuck… yes… yes!”

Without warning, he stopped… fingers pulled out, dripping.

“Aaaaaah… Fuck!! Please! I need it,” she groaned, pulling at the restraints in frustration, at a newfound hatred in him no longer for kidnapping her, but for tormenting her like this.

“…As you wish,” he replied. His blunt, sinister response would have terrified her if she wasn’t so overwhelmed with arousal.

With his wet fingers he began to fondle her breasts, while slowly he worked the vibrator to her front, down to her mound. Laura watched in the mirror as her face tensed, her juices running down her inner thighs as the wand hummed loudly above her mons. Suddenly she gasped and moaned as he glided it down over her pussy, holding it firmly to her sex. 

Laura’s eyes clenched shut as the wave of fire built within her once more. The powerful vibrations coursing through her pussy, through her entire being, resonating so deeply within her as he held it firmly. Her legs trembled, but the restraints kept her upright.

“Ah! Ahhh! I’m there. I’m coming!” she cried out, each moment of being denied built up like a dam ready to burst. He let her have the release she craved.

Laura threw her head back and let out a wail of joy. Pleasure flooded her entire being as she climaxed. Every muscle tensed in a mini seizure of rapture – vagina convulsing – lost in her pleasure. It seemed to last forever. Never had she came so hard; she might have once felt sickened, but it didn’t matter in those heavenly moments. The flushed girl sighed as she came back to earth, orgasm subsiding, to find the wand was still pressed to her tender slit. 

“Ok… I came!” she said in ragged breaths, her sensitivity becoming apparent. However, the device continued to work away, buzzing powerfully against her swollen red pussy.

“No… I… I came! That’s enough!” she said in a clearer, more demanding tone, but still, he silently held it firm against her sopping wetness. She tried to close her legs, but the restraints kept them pulled wide apart. Her body began to jerk, trying to twist her hips away as the sensations began to overwhelm her.

Laura’s resilience did little to stem the waves of stimulation. The vibrator did not let up for a moment, driving her back towards the feelings of rapture. It hadn’t felt like long at all, but her body was shuddering in pleasure again… sweating from the sexual onslaught. 

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Laura screamed, hips bucking as she came again, face contorted with pleasure while her fingers clenched and toes curled. 

“That’s enough… really,” she called out to the man, almost in a loving tone in order to sway him, but he had no intention of stopping. 

He turned the device to full power, making Laura squeal, her swollen, sensitive pussy assaulted by the unforgiving onslaught. He wrapped his other arm around her body, holding her tight beside him. 

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” cried out the helpless doll while the vibration pounded against her most tender place. Every inch of her was part of the savage device. Laura could do nothing to stop him as he pressed it hard to her shuddering, convulsing pussy. She tried to clench her thighs together, to stop his abuse, to show him she’d had enough, but it was useless as her body and mind went numb again before the throes of pleasure swallowed her whole. 

“OH MY GOD!” she cried out, the intensity of the pleasure verging on pain. While she strained on the cuffs in desperation, he let his free hand crawl to her mound, and with intuitive fingers, peeled back her clitoral hood to reveal her precious little jewel. The moment he pressed the wand to her clit, she locked up like a vice; her scream should have shattered the mirrors, all honed in on her bucking, straining body. 

“PLEASE STOP! PLEASE! I’LL DO ANYTHING!” she cried out to him, but to no avail, as she climaxed, wailing in ecstasy and agony.

“Stop! Stop! FUCKING STOP,” her screams went unheard, the vibrator mercilessly tormenting her swollen, throbbing clit like a live wire. Laura’s jaw clenched while her knees buckled and gave way, but she couldn’t even be granted such a mercy as the restraints caught her. The vibrator pressed mercilessly against her tenderness, clitoris ablaze. Her very existence seemed to boil down to that throbbing little nub, abused so cruelly. Even words were too much for her mind to comprehend. Her mouth hung open, but barely able to scream or speak. No longer could her body seem to contain the feeling of an impending orgasm, as each climax seemed to mesh together; her vaginal muscles were in a constant state of contraction. Juices seeped from that red little slit and sprayed from the vibrations. 

No longer was this an enjoyable fantasy: it was pure torture. Drool dribbled from her mouth, her body like a puddle in his arms. Limp and broken, she hung, twitching, sucking ragged breath. Tears ran down her face though the countless orgasms never ceased for a moment. It was too much for her to handle, for any woman to handle. 

Her body was an inferno. Her clitoris felt like it was ten times its normal size. Laura was a quivering mess of intensity. Through watery eyes she made out her mirror self staring back at her like a stranger to take pity on, watching her body convulse over and over while her limbs were ready to pull themselves from their sockets in strain against the torture. She couldn’t even shake her head for mercy anymore. Her ravaged pussy would surely explode.

From beginning to end, Laura came, and came, and came.

Finally, he knew that she was done; he always knew when they had truly had enough. He let her hang, like a doll, his orgasm doll; soon he would tend to and comfort her, but for now he’d let her simply bask in the surges of the afterglow. Laura’s swollen red pussy was sopping wet and sore. Trickles of her juices soaked the floor. It would take a while before she was in any state to stand on her own. She was a jelly, both her body and mind completely spent. 

She simply hung, shattered as her captor left the room, pleased his victim had coped as he’d wanted. The only sounds in the room were from her deep hoarse breaths. She wanted to cradle her poor abused pussy… and later, dream about the experience she would never ever forget. The first thing she’d do when she returned home would be to send him another message, thanking him for responding to her request; he followed every single instruction just as she had hoped. She was thankful she joined Fetlife after all. 

The End

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