Her Sweet Torment

Helplessly, all she could do was give in to the desires ceaselessly coursing through her body. Restrained and blindfolded, even the slightest touch from our fingertips sent a surge throughout. Never had her pleasure been so out of her own hands, to be so out of her own control.

We kept her on the edge for what felt like hours, never giving the mercy she pleaded for. Relentlessly tortured, as however much she screamed in pleasure, it was never enough to satisfy our desires.

As the wand pulled away, she begged for more until the moment that pulsing vibration settled between her legs once again, taking her breath away. Arching her back, tensing her body, hoping that this will be the moment… but again, her torment continued.

Locked between heaven and hell as those teasing fingertips continued their work, trailing across her body as she tried to regain composure once more. We felt her heart beating so fast against that rising and falling chest. We all smiled, knowing she’d never experienced anything like this.

Her moans echoed around the lab. No matter how many promises were made or how loudly she cried out for it to stop, we continued to edge her over and over again. The blindfold soaked up her tears of desperation for an orgasm we would not allow. Her pussy was on fire. Every inch of her body seemed to leap out to embrace the ecstasy. We knew exactly what she was feeling. That’s why we wanted it to last so much longer. All she could do was helplessly pray for mercy.

That gorgeous pussy contracted continuously while her thighs tried to clench together, trying to protect her swollen, dripping-wet sex from so much torment. She could no longer talk. She could barely think, unable to even continue begging us or bargain for release. We looked down and smiled as she writhed, adoring every moment.

The two wands resonated deep within her sex. It was too much and not enough all at once, yet just as she reached the brink, it was stolen away, leaving her to whimper in disbelief until we pushed it deeper once again. Rocking her waist, bucking her hips, hoping to entice us to push her over the edge, the despair renewed itself.

Straining against the cuffs, trying to will the climax upon herself. Foolishly she began imagining us being merciful. If only they would pinch those overly stiff nipples, if only they would do more than simply brush their delicate fingertips against her needing body, maybe it would quell the sensual agony.

Her body was ours, made to endure more than even the most depraved, erotic depths her imagination could have envisioned. Yet again, she was met with silence as she begged us to let her come. Shaking with pure frustration as the burning need within that womanhood went unfulfilled, her climax pulled away time after time.

We pressed down on her hips, further immobilizing her, wishing to add to the torture as much as we could. Every cry of need added to our joy, yet we never responded, the silence making her suffer even more. Every time it pressed to her clitoris, every muscle tensed, yet we knew just how to keep her right on the edge of orgasm and hold it there. Kept on the edge for so long she’d do anything in the world to stop it; we had made sure she was helpless to do anything but endure it. Trapped at the point where every second felt like an hour.

When the wands pulled away, it was like dying; she wanted to cum so bad it hurt. The way we held her hips from rocking with need made the agony so much worse. Her body was coated in sweat, breathing so hard and fast as we ceaselessly continued our merciless torment.

Yet again the vibrations drilled into her very being, coursing through every fabric of pleasure. Like an inferno inside, it built in seconds, as usual, so much denial turning into an orgasmic time bomb.

Suddenly she was there, faster than ever expected… It stayed held to her throbbing pussy, pressed between those legs with intent, driving her over that cliff. She exploded. Her body arched as every muscle clenched, an eruption of pleasure filling her existence. The only thing that mattered was the gushing intensity between her legs. The sensations which had felt like they would never come had so quickly consumed her.

It didn’t stop for a moment. What had so suddenly become a wonderful release had so quickly become a new prison of its own. She started to strain as it became too much, a new kind of torture. Her body convulsed and quivered uncontrollably, unable to withstand the feelings being forced upon it; if only she had a choice. From the very beginning, she was ours. If only she could close her legs to stop or, at the very least, control the sensations. We would not grant even this one mercy.

All she could do was endure.

All sense of time was lost in this little world of beautiful agony.

We knew when she was truly spent when every ounce of will and resistance had vanished… when she truly could no longer come for us.

Once we were done, the nurses tended to her, making sure she was ready for it to start all over again tomorrow.

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Image source from: DMM / Pussy Beauty Salon 6

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