Happy New Year

Another year to come, so many days to fill with pleasure and sensuality.

Thank you as always for following the work and the input regarding content. I know it’s often mentioned, but knowing the content is enjoyed always makes it so worthwhile.

Firstly, the Patreon website is being filled with all website content currently. A nice way to have all content very easily accessible. A new audio has just been posted there as an exclusive post for now (a dual masturbation based audio) – it will be posted here in time as well, but for now it’s a nice little exclusive as a thank you to the recent patreon supporters. There’ll be a couple of videos coming there soon too (which of course shall be uploaded here in time – one will be a short bit of extended tickling from a past video). There’ll be more Patreon interaction coming in the way of audio q&a posts, voting on stories, accepting requests, and snippets from the upcoming novel. Feel free to check it out at: https://www.patreon.com/pleasuretorture

Speaking of the novel: so far it is in the final edit. It’s taking a little time due to their other commitments, but hopefully it won’t take too long. In time I’ll be posting snippets of the upcoming project which will involve lots of longer stories.

The twitter feed ( https://twitter.com/PleasureT0rture ) is also going to be a good place to keep updated (currently catching up the posts being put on here). The same with Bdsmlr. The focus though is still on making all of the original Tumblr posts available here. Mixed in with the re-edited posts will be some newer pieces, including a few requested stories which are currently being worked on.

Overall, there’s a whole lot to come.

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