Forbidden Romance

Princess Sohia had quickly found that her fantasy and reality were not at all in sync. After the long and perilous journey from Helm to the Vaunt Empire, she was greeted not by the welcoming arms of her lover, but by guards and a swift imprisonment. 

“You’ll be sorry if you don’t release me. Prince Tobias will not stand for this, he’ll punish you once he finds out I’m here.” Her protests and threats meant nothing to the guards.

She had expected to be led to the Prince once she had passed through the gates to the great empire of Vaunt. While always seen as a hostile territory to her own Kingdom, there had always been a certain level of respect for the majestic stone architecture which encompassed the mammoth realm she was now a captive of. At once she was separated from her personal guard and led towards the central castle. Led to a cell and imprisoned within the dungeons, she had hoped that the next person she would  see would be Prince Tobias. Dangling from her shackled wrists held above her head, at the centre of the cell, Princess Sophia was approached by a group of women. With their plain white robes, she recognised these as the castle maidens. Accompanied by guards – who simply stood around the room and watched – the maidens stripped the captive and began bathing her. Sophia’s protestations did nothing to dissuade them. Neither the guards nor the maidens made any sound at all as sponges and hands soaped up and cleaned the completely naked girl. 

After some time had passed, the multiple hands still did not cease rubbing all over the slippery, soapy body of Sophia. Having spent many days fantasising about the things she and Prince Tobias would do once they met, and having abstained from masturbation in a bid to further ready herself, she quickly succumbed. 

“Please! I came here for… for the Prince,” she uttered in gasps as the maidens’ hands explored her body. Palms trailed along her legs, up to her inner thighs, across her midriff, down her cleavage. Having yearned to be touched for days, this much attention all over was having a devastating effect. 

“Please… just take me to… Tobias. Please!”

Met with silence, the maidens’ hands continued to caress all over her front and back. Entirely surrounded, she could not turn away from the attention. They took their time to massage every inch, letting every curve of her body bask in the delightful touches which tantalised it. It aroused her further to imagine what they must all be feeling: the smoothness of the curves of her ass, the soft, slippery feeling of her breasts covered in the soap, the stiff peaks of her nipples. If they give her just a moment alone tonight, she’d masturbate herself relentlessly; no matter how soon her Prince would arrive, she just couldn’t take it anymore. 

As one maiden’s hand slid down from Sophia’s neck, trailing down her cleavage and to her pubic mound, another maiden’s palm slid down between her shoulders, along that slender arch, down to the taut curve of her lower back. Sophia’s mind’s eye followed both hands all the way down, until finally the hand at the front slipped along her mound while the maiden behind slipped her hand under Sophia’s buttocks, both meeting at the middle and making the Princess sigh with pleasure. 

Deep down she wanted to feel the joy of their touch, yet under the watchful eyes of the guards, Sophia did not want to admit her desires. The moment she rocked her hips, grinding a little against the palms which pressed to her sex, the hands pulled away and simply massaged her inner thighs.These women knew exactly what they were doing to the defenceless princess, they were here to tease her until she begged them for more. Once the warm water being applied soon washed away all traces of soap, there was no masking the act any further. The women continued to touch Sophia as intimately as possible without delving quite as deeply as the girl may have desired. 

Clenching her jaw in a bid to control herself, Sophia was inwardly screaming, ‘Please make me come, please make me come, please make me come,’ while her body began to rock uncontrollably. 

What made it worse was that the guards and the maidens remained completely silent, leaving any utterance by Sophia to be magnified. As much as she tried to also match their silence, a sharp sigh escaped her lips once a fingertip peeled back her clitoral hood in order for another to circle around the aching jewel. They wouldn’t touch that throbbing bud directly: no matter how much her hips thrust back and forth in desperation, their attention to her torment remained precise and calculated. The fingertips which trailed around her nipples, around her chest, the ones which slipped along her neck, her back, her thighs, teasing every contour of her body, they were all a background sensation compared to the fingertips which teased her clit so cruelly. If only they’d touch it just the once, to brush it gently. The need was maddening. The maidens knew exactly what she was feeling, how that tender button was now her centre, her sole focus, the button that needed to be pressed. 

The softest pinch to her nipples made her moan in pleasure. While they wouldn’t give her pussy the relief it needed, they began to focus more attention to her heaving breasts, her back arching as if to present them further. Every little touch, pinch and stroke made Sophia writhe, helpless as the pleasure was piled on. She could not keep up with each sensation, each individual touch amassed to one sweeping motion of ecstasy – each single facet coming together for a single purpose – like an orchestra of arousal. 

The touches were heaven and hell all at once.

“Oh God! Please!!!!” she finally cried out.

At the moment she gave in and signalled her need, her absolute longing, all contact halted. 

“But… wait, where are you going?” Sophia called out as the maidens began leaving the room in single file. 

Left alone with the guards, she didn’t need to guess for long about what was to happen next before the men approached her. 

The twelve guards all stood in a circle around the hanging girl before three of them advanced. One knelt between her legs and began kissing her thighs while the other two stood beside her and began kissing around her breasts. Sophia adored the feeling of their lips tantalising her skin, yet still she needed more. As if reading her mind, the pair of mouths at her chest pressed to her nipples. 

“Please, suck them more,” she called out in response to them both simply sucking as gently as possible while their tongues circled her achingly stiff peaks. 

All the while the guard between her legs continued to simply nibble along her inner thighs, occasionally letting his lips press against Sophia’s pussy lips. All she could hope was that the smoothness of her soft, warm mound would entice him to sink his mouth around it, sadly for her the guards had outstanding self-control. Once his tongue began circling her clitoris, her hips swayed back and forth in need.

With the two beside her also circling her nipples with their tongues, Sophia simply dropped her head back and screamed out into the air, “PLEEEEEAAAASE!” 

The only response was the feeling of each tongue lightly sweeping over the tips of those sensitive, throbbing little buttons, making them yearn for more attention still.

After a while, once her pleas went unheeded many more times, the guards stopped before switching with another three guards, renewing the process again. The same movements, the same patterns, the same time-frames – they worked her like a well-oiled machine, pure clockwork in their torment. Every time, the only sensations that her pulsating, stiff nipples and clitoris felt was the gentle sweeping motion of tongues – motions designed solely to add to her frustration and keep her body constantly swelling with need.

Once the last set of three guards closed in on their captive, Sophia finally moaned in relief at a different sensation between her legs. The mouth against her sex finally closed around her pussy, devouring her delicacy. The threat of finally having someone suck on that little area made Sophia groan deeply in relief. She had, however, celebrated far too soon. The mouth remained in place, neither sucking nor licking, just trapping the girl’s tenderness while the other mouths continued gently teasing her nipples as before.

The surrounding guards, who had all stood in silence beforehand as each had their turn, began to taunt Sophia.

“How bad do you want it?”

“Wouldn’t you just love my hard cock to slide into that little wet slit right now, Princess?”

“Imagine us taking it in turns to suck and lick your clit non-stop.”

“Good girl, wriggle that ass in need. Let us see your pussy drip for us.”

While Sophia moaned in desperation, the mouth at her sex gave the slightest suction before pulling away, along with the other mouths which had teased her to a dripping wet mess. Her pussy juices were running down her thighs; she needed those mouths to finish what had been started. Without another word however, the guards retreated to stand against the walls once again. While Sophia switched between begging them to touch her more, to bringing Prince Tobias to her, the guards simply smirked and watched her swaying body. 

After a short time passed, a new person entered the cell. Sophia was disappointed when it wasn’t her Prince drifting in to save her from this torment. Instead it was a short, long haired man. Two guards followed behind, carrying a Papasan chair; Sophia was lifted and placed in the bowl shaped seat, the soft, plush cushioning felt so silky against her bare skin. With her wrists still shackled – arms hoisted above – her legs were strapped to the sides of the chair, leaving Sophia entirely exposed. 

“Hello my dear, my name is Lance – it is my intention to make sure you are screaming it out for the next few hours. No, there is no use in asking where the Prince is, or what we intend to do with you. My sole intention, as researcher behind many implements of erotic torment this kingdom has to offer, is to make you scream in pleasure.”

The guards remained standing around the room, watching with much delight. Though the captive Princess was solely focused on the mischievous looking man perched between her open thighs. Languidly, his fingers slipped up and down her engorged, plump pussy lips, so swollen with arousal and in need for so much more. She rolled her hips up and down automatically, as if willing his finger to slip within her folds. He was far too attuned to allow that to happen. Once she began to whimper, he finally spoke.

“The clitoris: such a wonderful instrument of pleasure. Yet for all the joy this wonderful structure brings, we only get to see a tiny segment; so many nerve endings bundled within that delightful clitoral tip. I simply adore drawing the most out of such tiny, delicate things.” As he spoke, Lance took out a small vial and uncorked it, holding the bottle just beneath Sophia’s pussy. The vapour alone made her clitoris sizzle with unrivaled anticipation. After all of the attention she had endured, Sophia had expected that nothing else could heighten her arousal, yet now she felt as if she were three times as sensitive.

At that moment, she’d have agreed to stay here for a lifetime just for the promise that he’d  simply touch her clitoris. Instead he simply watched as her clitoris began to twitch.

“Please, I beg you. I’ll do anything! Just stop.”

Without responding, he began circling his fingertip around her clitoris, watching as it began to swell, her clitoral hood unable to contain the engorged button of ecstasy protruding from it. 

Each time she jerked her hips in a desperate bid to have him touch that sweet spot, Lance stopped touching entirely. His smirk alone communicated that there was no use in trying further, that she would simply have no choice but to withstand the ordeal. 

Lance continued to circle Sophia’s pulsating clitoris. What made it worse was having him constantly watching her expressions. His eyes locked on every tremble of her lips, enjoying every time she furrowed her brow in pure erotic frustration, her body anticipating something her mind knew would not come. Her clitoris was so pronounced, pushing back its hood and on display like a ripe cherry aching to be devoured. 

“Oh fuck… please… I can’t. I can’t anymore, I’ll do anything you-” 

Lance interrupted, “oh you certainly can take more, and you will. Just think, that was merely the vapour itself from the substance.” His fingers did not stop circling her jewel as he continued, “Incubus and Succubus saliva, chemically enhanced to triple the devastating aphrodisiac effects. I call it Hell’s Teardrop. Now, with how much of an effect it had on you just from merely uncorking it, think how it’s going to feel when applied directly.”

Sophia’s eyes widened as he again uncorked the vial and tilted it over her pussy. She strained vainly against her bondage in a bid to get away, fearful of the substance. The vapour alone had brought her to nearly tears of frustration, she couldn’t bear to imagine what this would do to her.

“No, please, I’m begging you… don’t! PLEASE!” she begged as a droplet made its way out of the vial. 

The moment the smallest droplet of the silvery substance landed on her clitoris directly, she froze. Every muscle in her body seemed to seize, not knowing how to cope with the sensation being thrust upon her. It was as if every sense with which her body was capable of perceiving had been diverted to that one tiny segment. Everything centred on her pulsating clitoris. So unbearably swollen, she’d give anything to any person in the room just for the promise of them giving it just one firm suck.

“Agony, isn’t it?” said Lance, as if reading her mind. 

Sophia attempted to reply but couldn’t utter a single word. It was as if she were constantly on the edge of an orgasm. Her clitoris felt like a bubble, ready to pop at the slightest touch. 

Lance took out a brush and began sweeping it along her inner thighs. The anticipation, even if it were not for the substance tormenting Sophia, was exquisitely cruel. When she thrust her hips up in a bid to have him make direct contact, he pulled the brush back.

“Now, now, don’t spoil the fun. If you stay completely still, you may get what you crave. If not though, I will leave you in this state and return tomorrow to try again.”

Sophia nodded enthusiastically. It took everything for her not to simply break down and scream continuously from the sensation.

As he swept the brush along her pussy lips, Lance took much joy in seeing the agony etched in Sophia’s face. Finally, once he let the bristles glance across her throbbing clitoris, she nearly screamed in joy just from the slightest of touches. Such soft, delicate strands, yet every single individual one sliding along her hypersentive jewel was enough to have her fighting against herself; it took everything in her to not buck her hips wildly. 

With every brushstroke, her clitoris pulsated with a longing for more. It was a glimpse of heaven, to see her swollen jewel twitch and pulsate madly as if vying for more attention of its own accord.

Her pussy juices dripped continuously as a testament to her need.

It felt like just a few more strokes of the brush alone would be enough to thrust her over the edge, yet the Princess never received that mercy. Lance continued to simply torture her clitoris with a few glancing brushstrokes before backing off. Each time, her clitoris twitched and pulsated as if trying to leap from her body. 

“Good girl, you managed to keep your composure. I’m not going to let you come, your desperation is too wonderful. Instead of simply leaving you here to fester in your torment however, I will let you have company.”

Throughout Sophia’s outburst of threats and pleas, Lance clicked his fingers and the maidens returned, each with a paintbrush in hand.

“The maidens shall keep you company for tonight, Princess,” Lance said with a smile before getting up and leaving. Sophia’s screams echoed throughout the dungeons behind Lance, pleased with his work. 

“What is the meaning of this?!!” Called out the Prince in disbelief as he stormed into the cell. There sat the object of his affection, sobbing in anguish and surrounded by the maidens.

It had been two days since Princess Sophia had arrived in Vaunt. While the maidens had taken care to clean and bathe her, they had continued to administer their cruelty upon their captive under the gaze of the guards around the cell.

Sophia had barely slept, struggling to take her mind off of the constant ache between her legs, wishing they would free her hands for a moment of respite – to quell the fire that raged within. Whenever she wasn’t being fed or tended to by her captors, she was subjected to the relentless attention of the maidens, slipping their soft-tipped, oil covered paintbrushes around her nipples and clitoris. Sophia had long since abandoned begging with them; she had made every plea and bargain possible with the women and with the guards, none of which made a difference. All she could do was cry with frustration for an orgasm that would not come. Even after two days, the Hell’s Teardrop still had the same effect as the moment it was administered. 

“Hands off her at once,” commanded the Prince. “Princess, my love, I am here for you.”

“My… darling… please, I…I…” she spoke while sobbing.

“What is it my love? Anything for you!”

“I need to come!” she wailed.

Without another word, Prince Tobias took her into his arms and carried her to his bedchamber. Throwing her onto the bed, she was the most erotic sight he had ever laid eyes on. Her naked body glistened from the oil, her nipples were erect, her pussy was so swollen red while her clitoris continued to pulsate: every inch of her beckoned him like a beacon of arousal. 

“PLEASE! Just fuck me!!! I’m begging you!” she screamed as he stood transfixed by her.

He pounced on her and pinned her wrists above her head after she tried to reach down and masturbate herself. The moment he thrust himself within, she came fiercely. His pelvis pressing against her engorged clitoris alone would have been enough to throw her into the abyss of pleasure, having him inside simply added to the rapture. 

The Prince loved every second of it, feeling her contract around him while trembling beneath him, as if lost in her own world. Her mouth hung open for nearly ten seconds before she was able to let out a scream. Sophia’s climax seemed to never end, two days of teasing finally let out in a single eruption.

For the rest of the night, Prince Tobias would alternate between penetrating her and going down on her. The mixture between having her tormented clitoris within his mouth, and having his throbbing hard cock sliding inside as he passionately fucked her, left Sophia unable to barely string three sentences together. It was a whirlwind of ecstasy that never let her feet touch ground.

Once they were done, after Sophia had passed out numerous times from coming, with the Prince spent and panting next to the sweat covered yet content Princess, they finally spoke. 

Once Sophia fully detailed the events of her journey and the cruelty she endured in the dungeon, she asked, “Who is Lance?”

“Simply the empire’s current lead scientist, he does everything I command.”


“Everything,” he replied, looking her in the eyes and smiling.

At that, Sophia realised that this was all Prince Tobias’ plan from the beginning. He knew she was there, he wanted her to be teased and tormented just for tonight. Every time she rode the edge, every time her body cried out for sexual release, it was all by his command. The Princess bit her lip as she remained held by his gaze; she hoped that he’d snare her in his fiendish plan again and again.

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Imagery/video provided by: Holothewisewulf

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  1. Beautifully written, and well done. Can’t wait to see if more like this is on the horizon.

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