Birthday Gift

The moment her legs were strapped apart, she knew there was no going back; every inch of her body tingled with anticipation for her gift. Finally, she was going to be made to succumb to pleasures beyond her most intense experiences. Her voyeuristic longings and kinky desires – all wrapped up in a perfect little package.

Feeling a sudden surge throughout her womanhood as they exposed her, the cool air on her hot pussy let her know that they could do anything they wanted: the thought made her shiver slightly in delight.

In a state of pure excitement, her pussy clenched greedily around the unyielding finger. As excited and horny as she was, the rising tide of heat began building within. The wet, slippery sounds of her pussy being penetrated by just a single finger set her mind alight. 

Shuddering as her helpless clitoris was stroked, she wondered how it must look on the camera, seeing her young, inexperienced body writhing in constant arousal.

Once they pressed that thick, sleek cock inside, she was ready to explode. The way it made her pussy vibrate wonderfully as it juddered in and out made her pull instinctively against the ties that bound her.

She bit down on the ball gag and moaned loudly as that much-needed orgasm began to take hold. The last thoughts rushed through her before she bucked her hips in a crescendo of bliss, thoughts of how many people would be watching her come, watching her and wanting to fuck that pretty, delicate body. So many people wanting to dominate her, to feel their cocks pulse within. She wanted nothing more than to scream out as her orgasm took hold and seemed to never let go. 

It was like floating, stranded in the air but helpless to close her wet thighs. It was as if she had been coming for hours. Never had it felt so unbearably intense. If she had been playing on her own, she’d have stopped long before they did. Once they removed the ball gag, she thanked them.

“We have only just started,” they replied.

This time, she did scream out the moment they pressed the vibrator to her wet pussy. It was so divine, yet so hellish, all at once. The loss of control she had been seeking for so long was now about to consume her.

She felt it coming… and she almost felt fear, a fear of the intensity within her sex, knowing she could not fight it or control it.

Her thighs were shaking uncontrollably as every inch of her trembled in orgasm. Pulling against the ropes did nothing to quell the tremors of ecstasy.

“OH FUCK… FUCK… PLEASE! IT’S T.. TOO MUCH!!” Her pleas did nothing to stop them tormenting her hypersensitive clitoris, the restraints holding so tightly, giving no yield to her screams for mercy.

Even after her clitoris had endured so much, the first thrust of that machine pumping inside her made her gasp, welcoming every inch yet, at the same time, dreading how intense another orgasm would feel being forced from her.

They held her thighs steady; simply just the feel of their hands holding her thighs open, those firm, strong hands holding her womanhood in view for the world, made her eyes shut tight in deep delight – pure control. 

“If even a drop of your pussy juice drips onto the carpet, we are going to keep you coming until you pass out.”

While the battle between wanting to stop and wanting it to never end was one she had longed to truly feel, the sensation of her pussy juices slowly trickling down her ass cheeks set sensations and thoughts off in her mind that she would never be able to comprehend. A new battle now raged within her head, yet the outcome was something only her body could decide.

Focusing on that single feeling, the soft, tickling slither down her thighs and ass cheeks, was something that would drive her mad. Surely her juices would drip to the carpet if they didn’t stop soon. Though by the time she was to find out, she’d already be lost in a sea of orgasms.

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Image source from Humiliated

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