Ask Me Anything recent questions:

I am a writer just considering putting her toe into erotica, and your site has been a source of pleasure and inspiration. (Thanks, BTW!) My question: how often do you accept/dramatize other people’s erotic work? While hearing how this would be dramatized, I like to think I can contribute to someone’s pleasure.

It’s a pleasure to inspire other outlets of erotica! I would certainly love to discuss further the possibilities of hosting other content (or perhaps even collaborating a little if that is something you’d desire). Please do feel free to reach out to me through or simply¬†[email protected]

your videos seem to be purged off of porn hub, any plans on uploading them elsewhere or verifying your account?

I do plan on verifying my account on there (hopefully early this week), but if there is any issue with that, I will have them reuploaded elsewhere for sure.

Your erotic horror content is what I look forward to the most!

I’m glad you enjoy it; it’s certainly a genre that I find very entertaining to write in. Though the fact that it’s featured less frequently possibly also adds to the allure of it. While Halloween period is the main time for it, over Christmas there certainly will be a couple of posts which will feature erotic horror, as there should be in the Christmas season!

There is also more over on the ‘Ask Me Anything’ page.

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