Aerith’s Encounter

“Please! Please let me come. I can’t take it anymore.”

If only her pleas could bring any mercy or respite.

Aerith had been warned about venturing off alone. She wasn’t scared of Shinra however, and felt as if there was little that could be hazardous in the flower gardens. How wrong she was; there were other things besides Shinra that had taken an interest in this magically powerful Cetra.

She had been too preoccupied with picking flowers to notice a Marlboro behind her. This large, dangerous creature was able to move with unexpected silence and caught her off guard. As Aerith snapped upright at the rustling sound behind her, it was already too late. Her scream was caught in her throat as she looked in horror at the creature – a mass of green separated by the white of it’s countless teeth. The huge, swollen plant-pod, almost entirely covered in tentacles aside from a huge, eerie, grinning mouth, was directly in front of Aerith; nobody was around to help.

Before she could make for her staff, a cloud of what looked like fog streamed from the monster’s mouth and engulfed her. Falling back, Aerith finally managed to scream out for help, but she was miles away from anybody. Aerith knew that it was hopeless; even first-class SOLDIERs had difficulty defeating these hulking beasts on their own. Whatever the cloudy substance was that she was breathing in, it made her feel faint, she couldn’t stand back up.

She expected it to eat her up there and then, though once her ankles were restrained by tentacles which rose from the ground, she realised it had far more sinister plans for her.

Terrified, she had begun to breathe more rapidly, causing her to inhale more of the gaseous substance. After a minute of watching the Marlboro through the fog – which remained in place, seemingly surveying her -her body began to sizzle. Somehow fear had blossomed into arousal.

What had sprang from the Marlboro’s mouth was a devastatingly potent aphrodisiac fog. Within seconds, Aerith burned with sexual longing, a need to be touched brought everything else to a halt. Her staff was out of reach, yet all she could think about was why the creature had done this to her. Her skin burned with a need to be touched, while all rational thoughts of fighting, of escape, were being replaced with erotic fantasies. At first she wanted to strip, then as the potency of the substance increased, her desire was for someone else to strip her. Erotic yearning seemed to course through her veins at a renewed vigor with every heartbeat. Still the monster continued to watch in silence as its prey clawed at the ground in a bid to escape the rising tide of unbearable arousal.

Tear my clothes off, lick me, finger me, eat me out, fuck me… just do anything to me, her body and mind seemed to cry out in unison. With her free hand, she had stopped trying to pull against her restraints, instead she began to slip her hand down between her legs in an attempt to quell the onslaught of arousal that was consuming her. She was truly at the mercy of the living plant-life’s wicked intentions and it terrified her, yet she had given in.

“What do you want?” she cried out as her fingers pressed to her pussy.

Her question was met with another breath from the monster, engulfing her once again in the aphrodisiac fog.

“No more, please!” she pleaded, praying that it could hear or understand her, feeling as if she would die if she were any more sexually aroused. Her nipples and clitoris pulsated, making Aerith clutch her chest and pinch her nipples before returning to stroking her pussy desperately.

She dared not ask anything of the monster again, in case it responded with another blast of the fog, yet still it continued to seemingly watch her.

While her legs remained held apart, with her other wrist restrained,  completely on display for the creature, she felt her orgasm quickly approaching. Her situation didn’t matter, whatever happened afterwards did not matter, all that mattered for Aerith right now was the rush of release. At that moment, when her orgasm was about to crash over her, something felt different.

As soon as she expected to feel the convulsions of climax, to feel her pussy clench and her muscles seize in rapture, she remained stuck at the peak. At first she simply stroked herself faster and harder, yet still there was no release. A few minutes passed before she began screaming and wailing, “What have you done to me?” though there was no response, it simply continued to watch.

If only she knew that her lack of release was her own doing. Aerith had equipped a stop-materia, and that very same materia which was embedded in her bracelet was being used by the Marlboro. It intercepted the magic and was using the stop spell on Aerith in a way to stop her orgasm in its tracks and hold her right at the pinnacle.

Even when she slowed down, the sensations did not cease. As much as she begged for it to let her come, it merely responded with another cloud of the aphrodisiac fog, to constantly elevate her torment.

As Aerith tried in vain to masturbate herself to a climax that simply built and built with no end in sight, she wondered if this was all the monster desired – to torture her to death with pleasure.Wwhen her free hand was then ensnared as she reached the edge once again, she felt sure of it.

Hanging on the very edge of multiple orgasms all piled together to form a flood of agonising ecstasy, Aerith weeped. Her hips rocked uncontrollably as her pussy continuously convulsed in desperation for more. Her clitoris seemed to have not stopped twitching for the last twenty minutes.

While she lay spread eagled, waiting for the next stage in her torture, vines crept towards her dripping wet pussy.

“PLEASE STOP TORTURING ME,” she cried out, only to be met with another blast of the fog. Just the feeling of the silky soft petals drifting along the soft, succulent lips of her own flower seemed to be enough to bring her to the brink. It was like a thousand tongues all lapped at her delicacy, such soft, dedicated strokes designed to wreak havoc. They crept and slithered around her overly engorged clitoris, too swollen for its hood to contain that hypersensitive little cherry; once a petal brushed over it directly, it kept her on the knife edge of perfect pleasure with the softest touch.

It felt like hours of this, being trapped in hell. Every time she thought she would pass out, another blast of the fog made her body convulse in another surge of desire. What made it worse was the monster which remained in place, never reacting to her writhing body or screams for mercy. If she could see its eyes it would have made it a little more bearable, to know what it was watching, perhaps to see if there were any signs of empathy or even desire in the creature’s eyes. Instead all she had was that wicked, constant grin.

Finally, after her eyes began to glaze over, there was a change in sensation. Right as the tendrils and petals continued to masturbate her to what seemed to be the one hundredth edge, the stop spell was not cast. Like an electric current, her body jolted as the orgasm hit her with the force of a sledgehammer. Every muscle in her body seemed to seize. To her horror however, the monster had another trick up its sleeve.  The moment it sensed Aerith’s orgasm, it cast a slow spell on her, bringing everything to a snail’s pace.

Aerith was very familiar with the spell, recognising the haziness around her, as if she were within a painting. To have this used on her at that moment seemed to confirm to her that this monster merely wanted to torture her to death.

Trapped at such a moment, Aerith could feel every tiny pulse of her clitoris, every miniscule clench of every fold of her pussy. It was as if these sensations allowed her to focus everything as if under a microscope.

Instead of an explosion, her orgasm trickled from her body. It was like her orgasm was constantly being ruined without it ever vanishing, the joy replaced with despair and a need for mercy. It was worse than the denial, at least with that, there was a hope for release. With this – between her internal squeals for mercy and the blank spots where her body tried to pass out – there was only the anticipation of it ending. Instead of the rise and fall of pleasure, the peaks, little anticimalaxes and convulsions of a regular orgasm, it was simply a slow descent from the top to the bottom.

She strained to escape even harder, though the fog had kept her sluggish and weak, otherwise she’d have hurt herself trying to escape this hell. The vines and petals did not stop their assault on Aerith’s delicate pussy; every twitch of her defenceless clitoris and the non-stop convulsions of her entrance seemed to be a signal for an increased speed and intensity of the tendrils. Aerith was certain that she would have passed out or gone insane if it weren’t for magical intervention by the Marlboro.

Once her orgasmic ordeal had finally come to an end, she remained held in place, panting. She had no idea how long the orgasm lasted, though the last ten minutes of it felt the worst: the constant decline in pleasure felt like the opposite of edging, slowly feeling the pleasure drift away for an extended duration, yet held in its grasp. Even though she knew it was no good, she still couldn’t prevent herself from screaming out “Make it stop, make it stop. Oh God, make it stop!” repeatedly.

As she lay there, she began to beg for it not to put her through that again, anything else but that. To her shock and delight, she saw the Marlboro begin to back away.

Her body felt like it had run a marathon while her mind was trying to process the nightmarish level of pleasure it had just endured. She looked down again to watch as the Marlboro continued to back away entirely, still facing her. She realised that this was all it had wanted, to explore her pleasure. Breathing a sigh of relief, Aerith let her head fall back against the grass. Suddenly, she heard a rustle to her right. When she turned to face it, her mouth fell open in horror.

She was miles away from anyone, nobody could hear her screams for help. To her right, a horde of Marlboro’s were approaching one at a time, all with exactly the same intent. 

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