A Simple Seduction

Once he awoke, he began to recollect meeting this woman as if piecing together a dream he had been yanked from. The way he had tried to entice her, drinks and dancing provided as a pathway to seduction. He was amazed at first that of all the people in the club, she only had eyes for him. She had indeed made the first move; the moment she kissed him, he was hers. It felt as if her lips were coated with the most addictive of drugs – he didn’t realise how close to the truth this was. That’s when he became confident, knowing that she wanted him. He whispered to her all of the things he was going to do, how he’d tie her down and tease her until she was begging him to fuck her.

“How many times are you going to make me come?” she had asked.

“Until you’re screaming for me to stop,” he replied.

That was the last thing he recalled, before waking up here.

She didn’t wait for him to ask any questions, instead she merely locked her lips to his, once again letting him feel that sense of euphoria course throughout his body. Every second she kept her lips pressed against his own, his desire and arousal seemed to magnify tenfold. He nearly let out a deep groan of frustration when she pulled away; something about it made him crave more of her. 

He should have been thinking of how this woman could be making his cock so painfully erect with merely a kiss, how she brought him here, and what her intentions were, yet all he could think about was being inside her. It was like being lost in a fog of lust. This sensation alone was its own form of bondage – paralysed with arousal.

“The saliva of my kind does such wonderful things to humans, don’t you agree? Just imagine what it’s going to do to you when my mouth is wrapped around your cock.”

What are you going to do to me? Will you let me go? Who are you? What do you want from ?’ all were thoughts that ran through his mind, yet all that his lips could convey were, “Please… more!”

She leaned forwards and kissed him again, slowly stripping him as she did, mercifully releasing his throbbing hard cock from the confines of his clothing. He moaned into her kiss while his body started to tense with longing. His hips started to thrust back and forth to signal his need. 

“Don’t worry, you’ll get what you crave,” she said once she parted her lips once again and began moving her body down his, “Though I like to play with my food first.”

She simply watched as his cock twitched of its own accord as the man tried to speak.

“Plea… I… I… What – Oh God… Fu-Fuck… What is this???” he finally blurted out, fighting against the incapacitating sensations which had him as terrified as he was aroused. 

“Don’t worry. The things you wanted to do to me with this -” she flicked her fingertip along the underside of his cock, causing him to groan in joy at the shocking pleasure it elicited, “- will still happen. It’s just that instead of just making me scream, I’m going to make you scream and scream and scream. You see, we often feast on your kind, draining your life through your manhood – so erotic, for your intimacy, your sexuality, to also be your end. Though we like to have our fun… and we have ways to keep the fun lasting as long as possible.”

“A succubu-” he began, before her lips wrapped around the head of his cock. At that moment, he became nothing more than those inches of manhood nestled within her mouth, his very being condensed to the pulsating phallus that had become her prize. Whatever effect her saliva had on his mouth paled in comparison to the devastation it wrought from it coating his cock. Simply her tongue touching the tip of it should have been enough to make him climax, yet when he still hadn’t come when her mouth slid up and down, he knew he must be under her spell. 

To an observer, once she pulled away from his cock, the constant twitching and bobbing back and forth could have been seen as either the phallus’ desperate longing for more, or an attempt to escape from the cruel torment it would endure.

“You won’t come until I want you to. Your pleasure tastes so much better when it’s been withheld a little.”

Once she went back to sucking his length, she did not hold back – taking so much joy in feeling every vein bulge, every inch twitch. 

In between his pleas for mercy, for her to just be done with it and let him come, he looked down at her. The way she looked back at him sent a chill through his spine; her eyes conveyed the most inhuman desire imaginable, a desire to torture him beyond the scope of his nightmares. Her gaze bore into his very soul and let him know that she would not let go. 

His hips went from thrusting up and down in desperation to pushing back against the ground in a bid to escape her cruelty, for just a moment of respite. Yet still she sucked and licked and stroked him without any heed of his pleas. He promised he’d do anything if she would just let him come. 

“In a few hours, you’ll be wishing you could go back to this moment, the moments where your orgasm was still pending.” 

He couldn’t imagine anything worse than what he was experiencing, being trapped at the pinnacle and desperate for release, still he continued to beg and cry for the orgasm being withheld.

For a moment, when she released his red, engorged length, she made to move away, yet when his precum continued to flow and trickle down his shaft, she smiled hungrily and went back to devouring him. The shriek of agony bound frustration this caused her captive made her simply moan in joy as she began to play with herself. 

After another hour of unendurable torment, she released his cock with an audible pop, the mixture of her saliva and his precum trailing from her lips. The man under her control was gasping for air, as if his focus on trying to come had made him forget to breathe. Other than this, he was silent, trying desperately to wake from what seemed to be an unending nightmare.

“I’m so hungry now,” she said as she stripped and straddled him, her tight wet womanhood hovering over his tortured stiffness. As his tip pressed against her entrance, sinking into those delicate folds, she stopped. 

“Pleeeeeeease,” He bawled, tears streaming down his face.

“Remember what I said, you’ll be begging to return to this moment soon enough.” At that, she thrust her hips down and took every inch inside herself. 

He came instantly, every muscle convulsing as the pleasure wrapped around and became his tomb. At first, his mouth hung open, yet the intensity of the orgasm left him breathless, his body and mind unable to comprehend the sensations which wouldn’t seem to end. Finally, after the longest orgasm of his life, he let out a groan and a shout of ecstasy once he came back to his senses. He thought he’d be dead, yet still he felt everything, still he was breathing. The woman atop him continued to ride his inexplicably still-erect member. 

When she noticed his look of confusion, she spoke, “It won’t end quite that easily. It takes a lot longer to drain your life force. Besides, won’t it be fun to experience the kind of pleasure you enjoy putting women through? With my juices, you’ll not have to worry about only getting to come once.”

For the next couple of hours, she rode his cock furiously, pumping his length in and out of her pussy with delight. Every time he came inside her, it sent a surge of warmth throughout and added a renewed vigour to her tormenting thrusts. She was literally feeding on his orgasms. 

By the 3rd orgasm, with no sign of it stopping, he began to plead for mercy. By the 5th, he was weeping for the torture to end. By the 8th time he had climaxed, he was offering everything in the world to this demon which continued to unleash hell upon his cock. Somehow his pulsating shaft was reacting the same to her pussy, just like the very first time.

Still she continued to glare into his eyes as if seeing his soul leaving him, licking her lips at the anguish being caused. So erotic, to hold something as heavenly as a man’s pleasure and fashion it into perdition; she loved being able to taste that moment, when the orgasms became horrifying for her prey. For this man, it was right at the 10th orgasm, when the ecstasy became more than unbearable. At this point, he wanted to feel nothing at all. He couldn’t stand the orgasms being forced from him. Every orgasm was still as pleasurable as the last, yet the intensity of these in succession was something that his body was unable to comprehend or handle. As she continued to fuck him again and again to more orgasms, he begged her to end it all. 

“Now is when you taste best,” was her reply, before continuing to ride him, enjoying the feeling of his tight balls pressing against her each time she took him fully within, feeling his erection twitch madly against her soft pink walls. 

After another hour of this cruelty, even after he had passed out numerous times and recovered only to find her still working his body, she stated that in a few minutes, she’d let him have one final orgasm which would be the death blow. 

To the man, this was going to be a mercy, yet before she could work him to the final pinnacle, there was a sound at the door.

“Oh my! I nearly forgot about my sisters. They’ll want a turn with you. I guess you’ll have to endure that all over again. Don’t worry though, we can keep you alive for days.”

By the time the sisters were all done with him – repeatedly edging him into oblivion before forcing him to come mercilessly – before it was time to suck the last ounce of life from his cock, he wouldn’t be able to tell whether he was truly still alive, or simply already trapped in hell.

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  2. You just hit my sweet spot 😉 There needs to be more male tease and denial stories/audio out there – pretty please! Love watching and hearing a man beg and plead while being tortured by pleasure 😉 This one was perfection – imagining a man teased and tormented in this way – both the denial, and then the seemingly endless orgasms -mmmm. (It’s why I like your story “The Two Participants” so much -still hoping for a male/female audio for that one ;)). I do enjoy the idea of a succubus, although I quite like endings where the man doesn’t die, but is kept in that tormented state, then perhaps “rescued” and his entire sex life changes – he can only orgasm after being denied for long periods of time. Hope your book is coming along! Thank you for this treat!

    1. I’m very close to finishing the last editing stage on the book. Also I will certainly work on more stories of that nature (there’s plans for that to come). There is a plan to also make the two participants audio, just going to need to get some voice help to go along with it. I’ll keep you updated though!

  3. Love this story and agree with others about encouraging you toward producing more stories of male tease/denial/forced

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