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Do the sessions involve mutual pleasure/nudity? And also, do you ever have women request for a session who are shy and a bit nervous?

Honestly it depends on what the person wants from the session. Some people have wanted just the focus on themselves, with no further sexual interaction, which is absolutely fine; the priority is always their own enjoyment from the session itself. The whole point of this is always to allow someone to indulge in their desires without them feeling the need to reciprocate or involve anything else – I simply love allowing others to explore their fantasies. This is why I always like to have a conversation before the session (whether it’s a while before, or even just having a conversation over a coffee just before the session) about what the person wants from it overall. What they are comfortable with and what they want the focus on.

Others very much want a little more mutual involvement… that’s where it could be involving sex itself (perhaps one day I’ll be able to involve a video showing how I like to involve teasing, edging and forced orgasms through penetration etc.), simply a little voyeurism or being able to have a little revenge.

I often have requested sessions from women who have been a little shy and nervous about it… the majority of times actually. Due to my emphasis on safety, security, privacy and the more gentle side of bondage and pleasure, the sessions attract those who are newer to it all and haven’t been sure where to act out their fantasies with someone safely. I take great pride in the fact that I get to interact with people like this because it lets them experience something they may not have ever pursued. On a side note, I had a request to create a short story about a shy girl who becomes involved in teasing and edging with someone, this is something that I still need to complete, but it is certainly in the works.

Sorry to be this blunt, but how I’d love for you to be in my bedroom forcing me to go beyond what I believe to be my limits. Not exactly a question, but compliments can be made as well.

I’d also like to be blunt and say that I’d love to be in your bedroom making you come until you are screaming for me to stop, that you can’t take it anymore. Only for me to then tell you that I’m only just getting started. Perhaps it is something that could be planned one day – Organising sessions, whether in person or online, can be done though the contact section here: https://pleasuretorture.com/contact/

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  1. Always look forward to your posts…I especially love the possibility of watching you edge/deny by teasing her with your cock…Her writhing as you slowly enter her, teasing her clit with every thrust, finding her sweet spot within to drive her crazy but never enough to make her cum…and teasing yourself at the same time, whispering how close you are & how hard it is to resist the snug pull of her pussy…Her labia swollen and plump, throbbing around your achy cock…to the point where it’s not clear who’s teasing who…Both of you making whimpering sounds with each slow thrust…Excruciating pleasure right on the edge, her wet softness meeting your rock hard silky smooth cock…The whimpers turning to loud cries for both of you… “Oh god…Please…” So hot…the friction inescapable but never enough… desperate cries growing louder still…“OHHH…OH GOD!”…(I’m getting so hot thinking about it)…Perhaps you made a bet to see who could last the longest, or perhaps one of you had accidentally taken something that made you or her or both incapable of orgasming, or perhaps you were being controlled by a third party, someone directing you both…Warning you not to com or else…Mmm…Would love to read something like that. 🙂 Side note-do you ever allow a third party to watch and/or “assist” with sessions if everyone is into it? 😉

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