Their Little Doll

Helpless to them, her thighs spread wide, her wrists cuffed tightly, making sure she won’t escape what they have in store for her. Their little orgasm doll for as long as they desire…

She had fantasised for so long about the scenario, but the reality is always so much more intense. They work her body relentlessly. she does not have a moment to rest. The first orgasm hits her hard and she tries in vain to ask for mercy.

Her begging soon turns to screams, which they grow tired of. All she can do is bite into the gag as they masturbate her to another orgasm, neither of them acknowledging her desperate pleas… she is their toy. The women know every sensation she is feeling, and know just how to make her suffer in ecstasy even more. Orgasm after intense orgasms thrust upon her, the vibrator pummelling her throbbing pussy.

She begs and bargains with them to make it stop. Just like the girl’s captors, the vibrator shows no mercy to that dripping, delicate mound of sensitivity.  She arches her back in climax yet again, the pain of sensitivity giving way to the pleasure consuming her. She smiles as the warmth overcomes her, tasting the domination she had longed for… if only it were going to end here. They have no intention of stopping so soon.

Content created by: PleasureTorture

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    1. Sadly I do not know, I’ve been looking for a long time for the source (the video I made the GIF’s from has no title or source information). As soon as I find out I’ll update it and post it. Sorry I can’t be of help for now, hopefully I’ll track it down though!

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