Your breasts, the centrepiece of your sensuality. A weapon of desire to use against you. How they encapsulate what I adore about your sexual essence, how I can focus on just this one area of your body and still have such a direct effect on your sex. Your body is made for such pure erotic exploration. Those soft, delicate curves that entice me so much, making me want to grope, fondle and caress them to my heart’s content and to feel the slippery seduction of them coated in oil.

What is most enticing is the effect it has on you. The way I can tie you up and focus only on that place, teasing in such a way that brings forth that fire inside you. It almost seems to confuse you, to feel a burning deep inside that emanates from somewhere so unexpected, making the link between your breasts and your pussy cause a need for so much more. 

Once I’ve built it up from just embers to a flame, that is when I know just how much your body is built for excitement, for pleasure. It’s all about starting slowly, just urging your body to feel more and more in that area, to slowly coax every sensation within you into realising that the orgasm you would desire can be brought about from just this.

Finally, once your upper body and lower body are in sync, a realisation that I will not relent until the crescendo of pleasure has been hit, you understand just where this is heading. That is when I manhandle your chest intensely, hard and fast, my hands assaulting your breasts in a torrent of desire. As if your body cannot quite comprehend the pleasure it feels, an eruption of pleasure from deep within you, as if more of a shock of electricity than a burst of flame, you come. 

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Image source: Emiru Momose (Forbidden Stories)

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