Q:Hey, just wanted to know, what would you say to women with low confidence and self esteem? As one such person, I’m interested.

I simply say that one of the main reasons this blog was created, was for you…

Our sexuality is such a basis of what we are, and creating this blog has always been about feeling secure and confident in your desires and cravings, to explore them in safety, security and confidence; to have confidence in your sexuality can help you feel confident in the rest of you, something from which to stem from. Use these cravings and desires to explore yourself in the most positive and self-appreciative ways possible, and then realise that this should then carry through to other areas of your life. Sure, the moments you spend on the blog and other areas of sexuality may be in your own privacy, but the joy, excitement and fulfilment are all brought about from you, things that aren’t so bottled up after all.

Juts remember, this may exist because I care, but it only continues to exist because you care.

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