Do you plan on making more audios in the future?

Absolutely – the major audio post being worked on is an updated version of ‘The Torment of Denial’ audio. In the meantime however, I am going to post an audio tease which is a shorter one than normal – perfect for those who are not used to teasing and edging themselves – basically one that is more around the 15 minute mark as opposed to the 30-40 minutes like usual. I enjoy making them far too much to stop creating audios.

I found your twitter and am sorry your Tumblr got deleted. I liked your stories a lot. Especially the one where a girl was denied to orgasm or make a sound while another girl tired to make her sigh while a man watched them both. If she made a sound she’d have another mouth of chastity and you could see the agony of keeping quiet. If she remained silent she would be awarded an orgasm. I loved that one

I’m currently uploading all of the posts that used to be on tumblr (not certain which one that was, but I’m slowly getting through every post one by one). Plenty more to come, and I’ll make another original story in that same scenario too!

Hey, great videos! Will there be more with brush stimulation? I really enjoy the clit tickling with the brushes.

Thank you. I do intend to create a brush teasing video as soon as possible. I’ve been planning on some brush based tease and denial stories for a while, so this is certainly on the agenda (there will be a large section in a future novel length story which focuses specifically on some very cruel paintbrush teasing).

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