Any update on the novel?

Yes… the novel has been completely written and formatted. Just having a read-through with others to make sure there’s nothing that needs to be edited. For the time being, I have put a small segment of the story on the patreon page (this will be posted here in time too). I’ll be putting a full chapter on the patreon page soon too as a little preview (and then on here a little later). Hoping to have it available by Christmas.

Just wanted to let you know your site got infected by a virus. AVG pings me every time I visit the site. It only started a few days ago. Otherwise, I love your stuff.

Thank you ever so much for mentioning this. I’ve just installed a number of security measures and ran tests which are now showing that the issue has been cleared up. The site is much more secure now (have ran numerous scans indicating that the site is completely safe from any viruses, malware or hacks). If anyone has any issues (including if any of the security measures implemented impede any access to areas of the website) please reach out and let me know. Really appreciate it. (please do mention if the same issue persists).

Hello there! I was wondering if you were going to do even more stuff regarding ancient royalty having fun with a girl. Maybe being bored and so taking enjoyment from edging a spread-eagle girl whom is helpless to resist. Letting her cum after a few hours of torture, but of course not stopping there. Maybe something including a forbidden romance between kingdoms, getting caught and the girl getting punished by the man’s guards… And then being comforted with passionate sex by her lover? Perhaps I’m thinking too much into this, but maybe you could do something with it if it suits you. I love your works!

Hello. This is actually something that is heavily involved in the next large story I’m working on. It’s going to be a large world-building series involving a fictional world where one of the large aspects of the royalty in the kingdom is sexual pleasure – using it as a means of both entertainment and punishment. The working title is ‘the sexecutioner’ but that won’t be the finished name. I think you’ll very much enjoy what it involves – it’ll be a very large work spanning multiple novel length stories. Until then though, I will certainly put out a story much like the second one you’ve mentioned – you’ve given me a nice idea for the scenario actually!

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