A weekend all to herself, finally the chance to try out the PleasureTorture outcall service had presented itself. Having made the call and booked for the entire weekend, she started having second thoughts, though, by this time, it was too late. As per the service she had chosen, there was no warning or introduction; as soon as the door was answered, she was stripped and tied. She was shaking, her heart pounding, yet even through wondering whether this was all a mistake, it somehow felt so perfect.

The first hour was pure bliss. Not a word was spoken to her. All part of the package that had been chosen. Of course, after a couple of hours, the denial period would take its devastating effect; soon, she’d be begging for an orgasm, begging for just a word or acknowledgement at all from the masked tormentor.

A weekend of orgasm denial and forced orgasms… once chosen, there is no going back. She had asked to be teased to the extreme, wordlessly brought to the brink until she was crying with need, then forced to endure orgasm after orgasm until the weekend was over. This was the service she asked for; it was the service she would undoubtedly receive.

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Image source from: Orgasm and tickle fiesta

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  1. Mmmm … yes please! I can’t wait for your paintbrush video – so hot! Any chance of hearing a male denial audio or story in the near future? I’m a woman who’s into male and female edging (I like to think of myself as the clinician or whatever in “The Two Participants” – the hottest denial story I’ve read!). I love getting a guy desperate by making him watch his woman get desperate 🙂 Such a turn on.

    1. There certainly will be more male denial themed content in future, as well as audio which features a little of that too. That kind of scenario will indeed be explored more over time. I certainly intend to turn you on a whole lot more.

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