Work-Life Balance

You wanted to experience what I can do to you?

I couldn’t help but smirk a little when you first asked. On the phones at work, those brief moments when you managed to prise the details of my sexual appetite from my lips. Perhaps it was the tone, maybe the choice of words, maybe even the way I looked you deep in the eyes as I spoke, but something sparked that fire, that longing. The curiosity kept getting the better of you, asking how I did it to the other girls, where you could watch it, what kinds of toys I used and how I used them. Work was never the suitable place to answer in detail, but I gave you just enough to keep your imagination alight. Finally, once I thought your curiosity had run its course, after such silence on the topic, you asked the question that caused that smile, which you still think of now. How I pictured you teasing and pleasuring yourself to the content I had led you to, wanting to allow you to explore your desires to the fullest. Though I never expected the words to drift from your alluring lips.

“Would you do that to me? Even just once?”

It didn’t take much planning. As you followed me home from work, the scene playing out in your mind as you wondered what I’d do to you, the butterflies in your stomach fluttered to the degree that you thought for a second to change your mind. It wasn’t fear. It was simply the unknown, though if you did turn back, you’d never know just how good it would have been, something you’d always regret.

Finally, back at the house and wordlessly led to the bedroom, the feelings of uncertainty decimated by desire. Slowly I stripped you, basking in your beauty but careful not to let my touch linger, not yet. You wondered why there were no toys around, though before you could ask, the blindfold was slipped on. You couldn’t help but bite your lower lip in anticipation. Once your wrists were tied, you knew that this was exactly what you needed, what you’ve always truly craved deep down. I then simply lay beside you, letting one hand drift along your body, teasing you so deliberately while telling you that I’m not going to use any toys on you. Instead, the only thing you will need is my lips; I want to show you what I alone can do to you.

While my fingertips traced along every delicate feminine curve, I kept my mouth an inch from your ear and just whispered. While my fingers swept your body as if painting a picture of pleasure, my words painted constant images of eroticism for your mind. I made you imagine so many hands caressing you, so many fingers exploring your delicacy, so many tongues wanting to torment you with ecstasy. I made you fantasise about being restrained for hours and teased with so many toys, feeling them vibrate within and around you while shining a spotlight on your unspoken desire for your arousal to be the voyeuristic centre of attention. I made you gasp and writhe at the dream of being groped, manhandled and tantalised by so many unseen hands, an experiment of sexuality with you as the test subject to experience orgasms beyond your comprehension. Simply, I made you drip with need.

Then I brought you back to reality once my fingertip slipped along the apex of your sensuality. That’s when I told you exactly what I’m going to do to you, that all I’m going to use is the same thing that has already aroused you this much: my mouth, my tongue. I described exactly how I would tease you mercilessly, constantly trailing my lips along your inner thighs before circling that little bead of sensitivity with my tongue. I asked you if you’d seen the video of me going down on one of my subjects for 60 minutes, then informed you that that would look merciful compared to how I’m going to feast on your achingly aroused, soft, wet pussy. Just the descriptions alone caused your sex to tremble and quiver in anticipation while my finger kept strolling over that tender curve; how I’d use the fact that you’d not experienced teasing much in the past to truly torture you. To keep bringing you close to the edge and stop, just letting my tongue caress that little jewel of your clitoris, building you up so much that it would feel so swollen and sensitive, so much that you’d feel every slight twitch of my tongue resting against it and daring you to try and come. I told you that there’d be no escaping it, no way to stop me devouring your pussy in a torrent of lust. I felt you shiver just a little when I told you how you’d feel your juices slipping down your ass as your writhed your hips in the desperate need for orgasm. Just the thought of begging me to let you come had your sex throbbing in longing. That red-hot flame of desire burned within and seeped from you while I made you focus on how you’d helplessly bask in such agonisingly intense pleasure.

You nearly squealed out in delight just from the image I next created in your mind as I told you how you’d come, how it would feel to have me peel back that clitoral hood and expose that sweet morsel. The way I’d clamp my lips around it to trap it for my mercy, all for my tongue to lash against it relentlessly while you’d buck and writhe in the searing flame of orgasmic bliss. I told you to pull on the restraints just once so that you know that this is all you can do when I keep going. No matter how much you screamed out that it was too much, I wanted you to know that you won’t leave this room without coming more than you could ever imagine was possible.

With you panting in arousal, I could tell you that now’s the time for me to slide down and let you feel every single sensation I’ve described…

Now I can begin.

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Image source from: NewSensations

2 thoughts on “Work-Life Balance”

  1. Damn…just when I thought this piece couldn’t get any better, you found the perfect GIFs to complement it. I need this so badly…

    1. Sometimes I also do it the other way around – where I find a GIF that captures an erotic moment, and use that to wrap a story around it.

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