The November Study

Vicky had intended to see how long she could last without masturbating, a personal challenge to stave off her own desires, so when her university friends had proposed the idea, she was entirely on board: to go the month of November without allowing herself any sexual release. If only she knew quite what she was in for.

Being very sensitive to stimulation, Vicky had often found it difficult to hold back from coming. Even with several friends with benefits at her university who she hooked up with regularly, she still found the most comfort in her private moments of masturbation, which were numerous throughout the week. The prospect of holding off for a week or two seemed daunting yet rather erotic, having to endure an entire month sounded like nothing more than pure torture. She liked the idea of such a challenge.

Her friends had fit her with a special heart rate monitor on both wrists, sealed in order to ensure she couldn’t remove either without them knowing. The devices would be able to alert for any spikes in heart rate along with being able to map out hand movement below waist level, ensuring they’d know within the month if she masturbated to orgasm. Vicky however had no intention of trying to cheat, she wanted to last.

On the first day, she was shown pornographic videos and asked to rate each one. Various videos ranging from straight porn involving anal scenes to lesbian porn did nothing for her, which she rated between 1 – 4 out of 10. It was only a straight scene involving a massage and vaginal sex that gained the highest rating from her of a 7. Overall, she wasn’t too impressed with the scenes. Surprisingly, that was all the study required of her until the end, from that time onwards it was simply up to her to abstain.

The first week was not too bad, though there were plenty of times when absent mindedly she’d slip her hand between her thighs, particularly at nighttime. It almost seemed that the awareness of how long it would be were what motivated these movements towards her intimacy. The first few days seemed to draw attention to just how sensitive between her legs truly could be. These few days in, it dawned on her just how frequently she would typically indulge herself, realizing that every couple of days at least she’d have made herself come, or invited one of her friends over to play with. With no outlet for her fantasies, the nights seemed so much longer already. Even while thinking of someone going down on her, just playing with her chest became too much, as the stimulation she applied to her nipples trailed right through to her clitoris, tempting her further. As much as she enjoyed the slight relief of caressing her chest and tweaking her nipples to the thought of a mouth clamped around her pussy, it merely added to the frustration.

Watching porn should have been off the table, though Vicky still took enjoyment in watching the pleasures which she could not indulge in. To see women being brought to the brink which she craved was a delight. Each sigh and moan from the men and women seemed so much more pronounced in her heightened state of arousal. When watching porn or reading erotica it was merely a means of fueling the flames further to her imagination, now it was something she desperately wanted to be a part of. The thought of being there, witnessing the pleasure first-hand, or being involved directly in the stories as opposed to being a mere passenger, was something which had her pussy aching with need. Running her fingertip along the soft wet crease of her sex was a dangerous game, nothing made her want to stroke herself more than feeling just how easy she would be to penetrate. She thought about how enticing her folds would be for her fingers… another person’s fingers… someone else’s hard cock. Whenever her hand settled between her thighs, her fingers primed for stimulation, she realized that it was enough, that she was merely making things more difficult for herself. She needed to keep the porn and erotica to a minimum.

The first week was certainly frustrating, though she had made it. It hadn’t been all too bad, though that was because in that first week she only had to contend with her own imagination. Week 2 however was a different story…

Week 2

Once Vicky had entered week 2 of abstaining from orgasmic release, she was beginning to realise just how sensitive her body could become. The weight of her sex was so apparent throughout the day, as if it were constantly vying for her attention. Her pussy lips felt so much more full, so much plumper, while her clitoris seemed to constantly tingle with desire from even the slightest sexual thought. She had become very aware of how even just brushing her fingers or clothing along her thighs and rear, down her legs, across her chest or even simply touching down her neck turned her on. The sexual output of her body before had seemed a treat, now it had become a feast that could be savoured. Vicky had to be careful to avoid touching herself too much. Merely the gentlest strokes along her pussy lips had her feeling unbearably wet, causing the desire to masturbate herself to become overwhelming. Still, the presence of the monitors on her wrist always yanked her back to her senses before she got too caught up in her desires. Just a few touches to her sensitive clitoris, which had her sighing in pleasure, was enough for her to realise that if she continued she wouldn’t be able to stop herself.

Her friends, even those who were not directly part of the study, all knew about her experiment. This made things a lot more difficult because instead of trying to focus on other matters, her friends seemed to want to make things as difficult and frustrating for her as possible.

When not focusing on her classes or having to study, most of her thoughts were sexually charged enough as it was; her friends made sure to keep things that way whenever she met with them. The first time she met her girlfriends in week 2, they spent most of the time chatting about past sexual encounters, noticeably in greater detail than ever before. While they teased Vicky about how her heart rate seemed to creep up a little while they described things that had happened, she couldn’t help but vividly picture the scenarios they each talked about.

“…So then we went back to his apartment, his girlfriend as well with me, and they both spent the night fucking me. I’d never been so turned on in my life, having them both take turns going down on me throughout the night.”

“Honestly he was by far the biggest guy I’ve been with. Was like… 9 inches easily. It was just too big when he was fucking me, but I’ve got to admit, going down on him was so fucking hot. Just the way he was so hard and swollen, I could wrap both hands around it and it was still too big to take all the way in my mouth.”

“I love how a guy gets that hard, like it seems like it should hurt when it’s that throbbing and swollen. Seeing every vein while it just pulses constantly. Just seeing that makes me need it inside of me right away.”

“I once had gone back to someone’s apartment, only for his housemate to join. It was my biggest fantasy scenario come to life, having 2 men take turns with me while the other held my wrists down while letting me suck his cock.”

They made sure Vicky then had her turn to describe the things that she recalled most fondly. While at the time it wasn’t too bad explaining how someone had aroused her in a nightclub, fondling her before she guided his hand under her skirt, it was when she had returned to her bedroom that her imagination was set alight. The thought of how she had looked around while the man had stroked her pussy, wondering if anyone had noticed her while she tried not to moan as he made her come right in the open, it made her want to masturbate right away. She held herself back, knowing it would be unbearable to have to stop herself if she began.

Later that night, she received a call from one of her friends with benefits. While they made idle chit chat, she realized that he had clearly been told about her situation, considering how quickly he turned their conversation into a sexual one. He described in detail how much it turned him on whenever he was around her, always thinking of the times he’d strip her and penetrate her, describing how she always came much harder when he would thrust inside at the same time as biting against the nape of her neck.

The descriptions he gave, of how difficult it always was to hold himself back from coming too fast due to the cute way she moaned while he pounded her, caused her to instantly need to clamp her legs shut, to stop herself from touching herself. Though the fact that she hadn’t hung up when he started to describe himself stroking his cock meant that she certainly wanted to be lost in her haze of arousal. Misty eyed and trapped in her own thoughts, Vicky pictured his length in front of her as he described how stiff it was within his palm, how it throbbed in need to be within her wet little entrance, desperate for her tightness to clench around and bathe it in her warmth. As aroused as she was, she instantly replied with a ‘yes’ without thinking of the consequences when he asked if he could come over. The moment he hung up she could have kicked herself, she felt like a glutton for punishment.

The rest of the night was spent in agony. Her friend had come over not with the intent of having sex with her, but simply to torment her further and test out the monitors on her wrists. She knew that if he had fucked her, she’d have probably not been able to hold herself back – he also seemed to be very aware of this. At first, he whispered erotic scenarios while telling her to masturbate herself in front of him. The chime of the alarms from her monitors sounded each time she’d begin stroking her pussy for him, getting louder as her heart rate increased, signalling that she was getting closer to orgasm. Having him describe how watching her made him want to tear off the rest of her clothes and fuck her senseless meant that she was able to get close in no time. Having him describe how he wanted to tie her up and eat her out caused for the alarm to signal almost constantly. The thought of his mouth pressed right where her fingers were, to be sucking her clitoris as intensely as he described, was too much to take.

Once he began stroking himself in front of her, she seemed to be riding the edge constantly, her eyes focused on the length she prayed would slip inside. Even without her period of denial, their mutual masturbation would have been one of the most erotic moments she’d have experienced. To hear him describe how much it turned him on to watch her stroke her dripping wet pussy, while she was able to see the physical embodiment of his desire in his erect length, was torturously hot. She wanted nothing more than to jump on him and ride that twitching shaft. The most devastating part was having him start to pull her hand away each time she got close, pinning her hands at her side before kissing her firmly on the lips. To feel such intimacy, to feel his smooth lips and the softness of his tongue, set her imagination on fire again as much as her body. She nearly was at the point of begging for him to plant his mouth against her most needing lips. Every time she pleaded with him for more, the pattern continued, with him simply ordering her to stroke herself for him.

When he finally climaxed, she simply had to stop touching herself altogether. Watching the pleasure which she herself was denied was too much to take. The way his muscles tensed, how his hips thrust as his cum gushed forth, the masculine, guttural moan that escaped, it all would be seared into her mind for the rest of the night.

Before he left, he touched Vicky’s pussy directly, causing her to let out a deep moan of satisfaction. The light ringing of her monitors signalled her arousal even though he was barely moving his fingers. Before bringing her even to the edge, he stopped and told her that he’d better not work her up too much as it’s only week 2.

Week 3

Throughout the ordeal of week 3, having spent the previous 14 days abstaining from orgasm, Vicky felt a renewed understanding of her own sexuality. It was so much clearer how receptive her body was to stimulation, something which seemed to have been dulled slightly by the constant cycles of orgasm she had allowed herself in the past. Whether showering, changing or simply admiring herself in her bedroom mirror, Vicky was always astonished at how every delicate curve had the ability to arouse her imagination. There was something so sensual about knowing that even light touches to her midriff, her thighs, her neck, or her sides could feel so sexually charged. Every time she exposed her clitoris – which seemed to always be throbbing hard with anticipation – it aroused her to simply touch it gently and watch in awe at how it twitched and convulsed on its own accord, desperate for more. Such a turn on to realise how every part of her body could succumb to such a tiny, delicate segment.

She was aroused enough throughout this 3rd week without needing her various sexual partners texting and calling her. Some were better at conveying erotic thoughts through text. The ones who simply stated how they wanted to fuck her or to make her scream in need merely sent a surge of desire. It was the ones who stated the details on how they’d want to explore her slowly and teasingly that caused a constant churning need throughout the day. Descriptions were sent of tying her down and having their fingertips and tongues paint a path from the sensitive nape of her neck down to her mound, parting her soaking wet lips to see her pussy-hole open and close in longing. Further descriptions came of how their tongues would sink against her wetness, flicking up to her clit before clamping against it while she writhed in longing. These were the messages which kept her constantly wet with need.

The more she fantasised about being teased by these people together, the more times she had to change her lingerie throughout the day, her wetness occasionally soaking them uncomfortably. This was something which her friends with benefits, who had made it a habit of turning up to her room, were fond of letting her know. They would waste little time with stripping her down to her underwear and fondling her, exclaiming how wet her panties were to the touch even though they had barely begun. While Vicky was thankful for the occasional relief of these brief encounters, having the constant additions of further denial was also maddening. Vicky had chosen to avoid watching pornography, as it merely riled her up without the prospect of release, though her occasional visitors were as much of a cruel diversion as porn would have been. She wondered if they perhaps had started to message each other with the times of their visits, as they never overlapped.

One of the most arousing times was when one of her friends had needed a shower and invited her into it with him. Feeling his wet and slippery body against hers was heavenly, feeling every muscle press to her back, feeling his cock becoming slowly erect while his hands soaped up her own soft and supple curves. He began sliding his shaft between her thighs from behind, parting her lips slightly with each back-and-forth motion while his hands glided along her chest, his palms against her stiff nipples. Instinctively she bent forwards, placed her hands against the wall and wriggled her ass seductively. Though she was very aware that if he had thrust himself inside her she might have come instantly, at this point she didn’t care, she was just so insanely desperate for release. Thankfully, he had no intention of letting her give in. He simply pressed the head of his cock against her entrance, letting the folds of her lips wrap enticingly around but not giving her the satisfaction of entering her. Each time she pushed her hips to him, he backed off, letting his cock continue to tease her enough to feel her pussy convulse invitingly. What made it so much harder for Vicky was feeling the pulsation of his manhood against her intimacy, feeling his heartbeat emanating throughout his length, she wanted to feel that pulse inside her. Finally, realizing that he wouldn’t give in, Vicky turned around and pressed her body to his while stroking his cock, moving her hand as quickly as she wanted to stroke herself. She was giving someone else the relief she needed so badly. Being able to feel him hold her tightly, hearing him breathe so heavily and moan loudly as he came, was the closest thing to giving herself an orgasm as she could get without touching herself.

Never had she experienced such a desperate need to be filled. Her pussy throughout the rest of the 3rd week felt so empty, as if it constantly needed something to wrap around. Every person she knew in a slightly sexual way, or every person who attracted her attention in the gym or in passing, was someone who could possibly fill that void. Whether a cock, fingers, a hand to hold something to penetrate her with, all were candidates in her imagination to fulfil her intense desires.

The worst part came at the very end of the week, when one of her friends with benefits tied her up while promising not to touch her pussy at all. If she thought things were difficult before, this was a new level of hell.

Having his fingertips trace up and down her body, teasing along her inner thighs and around her chest, made her twist and writhe in the restraints as a wordless plea for more. The sound of her monitors increasing as he circled her nipples and drew his fingertips close to her pussy was enough to let him know when to back off, much to her dissatisfaction. She began pleading with him to even just touch and pinch her nipples, though still he merely teased around them, keeping them as stiff as possible without any stimulation. While his fingers only grazed along the outer lips of her pussy, her juices leaked as if he were actively fingerfucking her. Once his lips began following the same pattern as his fingers, she squealed out in exasperation. As tempted as he was to slide his tongue over her clitoris, seeing it pulse in the same rhythm as her heartbeat, he avoided it and kept her swimming in the shallow waters of her arousal. If she were to have been given the chance to dive in fully, to be submerged in the pleasure she begged for, she’d have never surfaced. The constant chime of the alarms at her wrists were proof that she was too close for comfort, even without any direct stimulation to the paces that needed it most. Just the gentle touches along her cleavage, the little bites against her thighs, having him massage the underside of her breasts, feeling his breath against the nape of her neck, it all had her shaking.

Once he had left, leaving Vicky alone, her pussy juice dripping down her thighs while her body burnt with need, she was sure of one thing: she needed November to be over.

Week 4

Almost immediately in week 4, Vicky nearly gave in. On her own, she was able to resist the temptation, it seemed to feel like a challenge she was winning, her prize was a renewed sense of sexual identity. Before this study, her sensual thoughts and fantasies were merely the idle time between the daily regimens and jobs – a side note. Now however, these regimens and jobs were simply the idle time between the fantasies which consumed her. She enjoyed being able to get so fully lost within the fantasies of being played with, of watching others come while she writhed in need. Edging and denial had become its own joy. The difficulty, and what caused her to nearly give in, was when someone else took control, when the temptation was out of her own hands.

One of her sexual partners had brought over a remote-control bullet vibrator which Vicky slipped inside herself. Together they used the wireless remote to keep Vicky on the brink throughout the evening while walking around the university grounds. What would have been a 10-minute walk ended up taking an hour, with Vicky needing to stop after tensing up any time he turned it up a little higher, sending the wrist-monitor alarm ringing out. While Vicky was thankful that he didn’t turn it up higher any time they passed people, she wondered if her heavy breathing gave her away at all. The device, held in place by her lingerie, tormented her constantly, a gentle hum of vibration being enough to keep her painfully close to the edge, but not quite enough to set the monitor off or have her clutching between her legs.

Once they returned to the room was when the real ordeal began. He pushed her to the bed and restrained her, then spent the next hour using the monitors attached to her wrists as the instrument for her torment. Keeping the vibrator at a level that caused for the monitors to be chiming then leaving it at that point, he was able to keep Vicky as close to climax as possible without sending her over the edge. After the previous weeks of denial, she was already a dripping wet mess of need. No matter how much she screamed out that it was unbearable, he kept her teetering constantly on that brink without mercy, masturbating in front of her. Even as he came, he continued to leave the device to vibrate within her at a frustrating intensity. It would have needed to be set higher to make her come, but it was low enough to keep her mind solely focused on the climax that was just barely out of reach.

For the final 15 minutes, she constantly begged him to let her come, that she didn’t care about the study anymore and just needed the relief. Her pussy almost hurt with the need for orgasm, an ache that stemmed deep within her apex. When he let her free and removed the vibrator, Vicky instantly began masturbating. Before she could climax, he stopped her, pulling her hands away and pinning her to the bed. She was nearly in tears with need, yet he calmed her down, telling her that if she gave in now, it would all be a waste, that she’d gotten too far to throw all the self-control away. Once he promised that as soon as week 4 was over, he’d help give her the most intense orgasms she’d ever had, he let her go. This thought calmed her down, especially thinking to herself how sweet the release would feel when she could come without any guilt. The thought of how pleasurable the orgasm would be after holding back for so long helped strengthen her resolve.

None of this sadly made the rest of the week any easier. Her thoughts seemed to constantly cloud her, thoughts of just how she might first experience the impending orgasm. She imagined finding her favourite porn scenes and masturbating intensely, then imagined instead having her lovers going down on her, climaxing while wrapping her thighs around their heads. These thoughts, particularly ones of coming while someone else was inside her, and just how intense that would feel for whatever lucky guy got to be the one to experience that, kept her constantly soaking wet. Her plans to perhaps hook up with someone for that first time were made easier with the fact that on the last night of November, they’d be having a party at her residence, with not only the study group signing her off and removing the wrist straps, but also with several of her sexual partners in attendance as well.

November 30th had arrived, and it couldn’t have come soon enough for Vicky. Her body seemed to tingle with anticipation as the party began. The first thing to do though was invite her friends to her room to be done with the study…

November 30th

Vicky had forgotten all about the pornographic scenes which she had first watched and rated at the beginning of the study. She was asked to watch the same scenes again, though this time, in her hyper aroused state, she was a lot more aware than before of her friends watching her. While feeling eyes peering at her as she watched the scenes, she couldn’t help but feel a lot more aroused this time than previously. This time, her lowest rating was a 5, with the girl-girl scene receiving a 7 and the straight scene – which she severely wished she were watching alone – she gave a 10.

Vicky was very much caught off guard when one of her friends whispered to her, “do you want to finally come?” just as one of the people she had played with in the previous week stepped into the room. As he, along with the others in the room, began to fondle Vicky, the thudding bass of the music and chatter from downstairs reminded her just how many people were downstairs. With how aroused she was, however, she allowed herself to give in to the sensations she had constantly fantasised about. It was so much more intense, knowing that with this stimulation, even though they were still only applying teasing amounts of contact, she’d at least finally be allowed to come.

As she lay back on the bed, her friends continued to stroke and massage all over her body, stripping her intermittently piece by piece. She kept her eyes closed, avoiding the embarrassment of knowing it were people she saw on a day-to-day basis doing this to her, knowing she was getting off on the attention. Her breathing grew heavier as she became more exposed, her chest rising and falling deeply once she was down to only her lingerie. Hearing them comment on how her panties were soaking wet with how turned on she was made her blush bright red. The heat across her skin radiating from her embarrassment certainly did not burn as hotly as her desire for more stimulation. She arched her back in pleasure as multiple palms pressed against her chest and along her bare skin, sighing in joy as a hand pressed seductively and playfully around her neck. While the hand pressing between her inner thighs did not move, it was still a relief to have some contact right there, to have the pressure against her mound.

“My hand feels wet with her pussy juice, and we haven’t even fully stripped her yet.” Hearing these words led Vicky to exhale in anticipation.

They continued to tease her this way, massaging her body all over and trailing their fingers along her most delicate spots, until she implored them to touch her more, to make her come.

They responded by removing her bra and circling her achingly stiff nipples. She was so turned on that she felt as if she would be able to come just from having them pinch those delicate peaks. She sadly did not come when they did so, the pinching and tweaking merely brought her to a point of desperation. As she reached a hand down to masturbate herself, her wrists were pinned above her head and held in place while mouths clamped onto her chest. The suction was heavenly; however, it did not satiate her need, her pussy continued to throb as if vying for her attention. She cried out for them to play with her pussy, thankful that the music was loud enough in the party to drown her out.

Vicky did not protest even as her wrists were cuffed to the headboard of her bed, due to the fact that they removed her lingerie entirely at the same time. A couple of the friends left, replaced with another pair of her play partners. One of her friends merely pressed a fingertip to Vicky’s lips when she began to question the situation. Once a mouth pressed to her pussy, Vicky had no desire to ask anything – this was exactly what she had wanted for the last 4 weeks. He sucked her clitoris and flicked his tongue against it, causing her to moan out loudly, forgetting her predicament for a moment. She was brought back to reality when the sound of the monitors on her wrists signalled she was close, bringing the man between her legs to a stop. Vicky had forgotten that her friends should have removed these by now, with the study over.

“We certainly have been studying how denial and a need for release can influence one’s perception of pornographic videos, along with studying how well the monitors work… they work really well don’t they? None of this now is part of the study anymore, it’s just for fun!”

For at least an hour, Vicky received no remorse as she begged to be given mercy, for them to make her come. While she kept checking the door to make sure anyone who entered was someone she knew, and that nobody peered into the room, she struggled to focus on anything other than the mouths that worked her pussy to a dripping frenzy. Constantly they heeded the monitors to ensure that they didn’t accidentally let Vicky come, switching places so that each person could have their fun torturing her with further denial. Every time they stopped, she rocked her hips, urging them to just flick her clitoris with their tongue one more time. Every one of them was as cruel as the other, showing no mercy. A couple of her friends had brought toys with them, using vibrators to keep her on the edge of orgasm and then pulling them away just as she got close. With her body so in need, they had to remove a bullet vibrator even when on the lowest setting, as it nearly made Vicky climax with such light stimulation.

Another hour passed, with toys, fingertips and mouths being used to the fullest effect to leave Vicky nearly at the point of screaming for someone to help her, for someone not part of this cruel group of friends to come in and make her come. She began to hope that someone might come in who, just from seeing her in this state and naked on the bed, would be powerless to stop themselves from simply fucking her there and then. Vicky was not fortunate enough to have someone enter the room with the intention of showing any mercy.

“Look down between your legs, would that scene get a 10/10?”

Vicky looked down and moaned at the sight: one of her male and one of her female friends each between her legs, looking at her pussy hungrily. The slick wet slope of her mound shone with her juices, while her clitoris was swollen enough to be constantly exposed, twitching of its own accord as if a dance to entice any mouth in its vicinity. The pair took turns devouring Vicky’s flower, feasting on her until the alarm of her impending orgasm sounded, before the other took over. It was as if they were racing to see who could bring Vicky to the edge of orgasm fastest.

Throughout it all, with hands caressing her writhing body and with mouths and toys being used to keep the alarms almost constantly ringing, Vicky didn’t even realise that the door had been left open. As she turned and realized that the party was no longer downstairs, instead focused on her room, she mouthed the words ‘please’ to the onlookers who watched her desperate need to come. Instead, they merely joined in, some watching with delight at such a display of uncontrollable ecstasy, others engaging directly and adding to the ordeal.

Vick’s exhibitionism fantasies had become more of a reality than she could have ever thought possible, though what made things so much more intense was having these people be directly involved in her orgasm inhibiting torture. With the monitors attached, Vicky wasn’t granted the prospect of coming until her friends and partygoers wished for it to happen. What made it even harder to withstand was having her play partners describe loudly what turned Vicky on the most, so that others could cause for the maximum torment. Having so many people nibble the nape of her neck, bite along her inner thigh, press their hands to her throat and suck gently along the underside of her breasts, while stroking her clitoris or using vibrators on her, was unbearable.

By the time she was crying in need and frustration, she pleaded with her friend, the one who had attached the monitors, “Please!!! I’m fucking begging you all, let me come now… I’ve gone the month without it. I lasted the whole month. So PLEASE LET ME COME!” Vicky squealed out at the end as once more she was masturbated to the bring just before the stimulation ceased, a fraction away from climaxing.

“Oh Vicky, believe me, we are absolutely going to make you come so hard. With how much you’ve been begging for it, we’re going to make you wish you hadn’t begged so much. We’ll force orgasms out of you until you are weeping for it to stop. We’ll fingerfuck you until your pussy juice is dripping all over the bed. We’ll eat you out until your clitoris almost hurts from oversensitivity. We’ll strap the vibrators to you and just enjoy the party while you’re in here screaming for us to turn them off, crying out to anyone who wanders in to stop just watching you come and help stop the torture. We’ll even watch while your partners here fuck you hard, describing how even though you are pleading for it to stop, they can still feel you coming repeatedly around their cocks. The thing is though, you’re forgetting something… it’s still November 30th! There’s another 2 hours before November is over, so another 2 hours at least before we think of beginning all of that with you. Just hold out… not that you have any choice.”

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