The Masseuse (Part III)

If they both knew how much they’d be internally screaming out with need for an orgasm, they would never have denied themselves throughout November. It seems foolish now to have passed on the opportunity to masturbate when these skilled hands tormented them beyond reason.

The man’s entire body was already tingling with anticipation when he had first arrived; his mind was too focused on the pleasure to come to pay much attention to the second massage table in the room. He was asked to undress and lie on his back. The moment he stripped and laid down, the masseuse instantly returned and began caressing his upper body. His lower body remained covered by a towel. Even though the masseuse’s warm, oil-coated hands massaged only his shoulders and chest, his length instantly began to stir. The month of abstinence – two months total without a full orgasm – meant that all he could think of was the masseuse’s hands reaching under to stroke his cock. Just thinking of her stroking him, sucking him and riding him instantly sent a surge through to his manhood. He wanted her to whisper to him that she was going to fuck him, to impale herself on him, that knowing how desperate to come he was made her wet just thinking about, and how it aroused her to fuck men in this state.

Instead of fulfilling his fantasies right away, the masseuse simply continued to massage him wordlessly. Even the previous sexual audio, which filled the room with moans and cries of ecstasy, was absent.

Just as he began to wonder why things were so different and why the masseuse’s previous accomplice wasn’t present, another person entered the room, followed by the accomplice.

The woman stalled for a moment as she realised a man was in the room being massaged. Even though the man’s lower half was covered with a towel, she still felt as if she were intruding on something private, especially considering how her massage had developed last time. Her masseuse instructed her to ignore this and disrobe. She was pretty self-conscious about undressing with this man in the room. However, it was a testament to just how aroused the past month had caused her to be that she simply nodded and did as told before lying back on the massage table. She appreciated that the man kept his head back to face the ceiling with his eyes closed while she undressed. With a towel covering her entire body and the massage table a good 10ft apart, she felt that she could now focus on her own situation as if this man wasn’t even there. Having not felt the relief of a full orgasm in the past two months, her needs outweighed her reservations. In fact, having a male in the room, the possibility of him seeing and admiring her body while being teased and stimulated, was an arousing prospect.

The moment her neck and shoulders were touched by the masseuse, who began to trail her fingers down her chest and slowly push the towel further down, she was once again lost in her desires. Thoughts of those hands caressing her chest, gliding down to her swollen mound and teasing her to a frothing wet mess was all that clouded her mind.

As the man turned to glance at the woman now nearby, his masseuse left him for a moment to turn on the relaxing audio from before, which also featured those erotic moans. He saw the woman bite her lip for just a moment as she also heard the sexual cries, her masseuse stroking her upper chest and pushing the towel tantalisingly close to uncovering her breasts. He wanted the towel to just slip down a fraction more to uncover those heaving globes, but the masseuse was taking her time. Once the attention was back on his own body, he closed his eyes again. After a few minutes of soothing massage to his chest, the hands finally began to slip further down, pushing his towel downwards to uncover his pelvic region, so close to exposing him entirely. Only the elevation of his manhood seemed to keep the towel in place, bunched up at the base of his sex. With his masseuse trailing her fingers in along his waist and pelvis, he started to slightly rock his hips in anticipation, a signal of his need for more. The ticklish tapping of her fingertips right along his waistline and just above the base of his cock caused it to physically stir beneath its cover. A slight rustle beneath the towel indicated to the masseuse that he was becoming erect.

As his cock began to swell, a little moan from the woman nearby caught his attention. He looked over to see her fingers clenching against the massage table while her nipples were being circled.

Her back arched in anticipation once the towel slipped past her nipples, uncovering her chest entirely. She couldn’t help but moan as the masseuse gave them a sudden pinch, adding to the frustration by then merely circling around them. With how sensitive they were, she needed more stimulation and didn’t care if she had to beg for it, even with this man, this stranger, in the room with her. Her plea was met with a little laugh and the promise that more would come soon.

She was amazed by how wet her pussy was without even being close to being touched. At the mercy of this woman, all she could do was claw against the massage table in an effort to stop herself from whipping the towel away entirely. With the heat of her arousal burning throughout, she wanted to be naked. Deep down, she also wanted to be seen by the man a short distance from her. It turned her on further to be in someone else’s fantasies, having him concoct scenarios involving her, perhaps joining in and masturbating her, knowing that he’d want to watch her receive the orgasm she desperately craved. She wondered if he’d also had to endure the same length of denial. The thought made her imagine his cock, having spent a whole month of denial just the same, throbbing with a need to feel a hand, a mouth, a pussy to squeeze it tight. Suddenly, she wanted nothing more than to see him exposed.

While her nipples were constantly circled without any sign that she’d receive more and adding to her torment, the woman looked over to the man. The moment she did, her masseuse finally pinched her erect nipples, eliciting a yelp and moan of pleasure and appreciation. At the same time, the masseuse who was tending to the man also grazed her fingertips along the bulge beneath the towel. It was so hot to see the movement under the covering, his sex rising to attention beneath.

With her nipples constantly being pinched and tweaked while watching the man, she kept her focus on his lower body. She knew that he was also watching her; perhaps seeing her stimulation was also causing his cock to react further. She loved knowing that he was taking joy in the display. Arching her back and thrusting her chest upwards, making the masseuse grope and pinch harder, she saw that the man’s masseuse slipped her hands beneath the towel to caress his inner thighs. It looked as if she was avoiding touching him directly. It pleased her to know that the pair of them were receiving the same type of cruel teasing and denial. Hearing him say, “Please, it’s been a month,” confirmed her suspicion while his hips swayed in longing for more.

She didn’t even try holding back her moaning, wanting it to have more of an effect on the tormented man nearby. Finally, her own masseuse began to slide the towel further downwards until it was positioned in the same way as the man’s – resting atop her mound. Once the woman’s fingertips started to trail along her waistline and her mons, she began to rock her hips in the same manner as the man nearby. The towel was pushed a little further down, barely concealing her intimacy but allowing her inner thighs to be teased by those delicate fingers.

There was no more hiding their arousal or their lust; the pair were openly watching one another. It added so much more intensity to see another person in the same state of need, imagining how it feels for the other.

The woman’s towel was removed entirely. Rather than shying away from the situation, she embraced her arousal, spreading her legs in the hopes of having the direct stimulation her pussy ached for. Instead, the fingers simply trailed along the lips of her sex teasingly. She moaned and sighed in frustration.

The man continued to watch, his length continuing to strain against the towel while adoring the side profile on display, that delicious, swollen curve of the woman’s mound. From the moaning and look of frustration on the woman’s face, he was sure that her masseuse was not touching her pussy directly.

Finally, the man’s towel was removed completely, letting his rigid cock spring forth, twitching with every surge throughout its prominent length. He thanked the masseuse. The woman nearby exhaled and smiled the moment she saw his manhood revealed, causing it to twitch of its own accord from it being the central exhibition. His cock constantly throbbed and twitched back and forth as the masseuse teased around it. After two months of near-constant abstinence aside from one ruined orgasm, it was so sensitive that he felt like merely a single touch would put him on edge. No matter how much he pleaded for relief, the masseuse simply smiled and continued massaging directly around it.

The woman wanted to see that engorged length stroked as if knowing that if it were given attention, her pussy would also receive some stimulation. It was hypnotising to see it swaying back and forth, straining to be handled. It made her pussy convulse as she was also teased, her clitoris twitching just as badly while her masseuse occasionally and cruelly circled it. At times her nipples were pinched while her upper body received a massage. However, this only further sent a shockwave of pleasure between her legs, adding to the torment. The trail of pussy juice dripping down her inner thighs kept her constantly aware of how much that slick wet crease needed attention. If only the fingertip, which repeatedly circled her clitoris, would slip up and touch it directly or slip inside her twitching entrance. She began to pray that it would only be a few more minutes of this methodical torture. A few more minutes of having her most sensitive place teased until she was begging loudly to be masturbated. Maybe just a few more minutes of watching that stiff, throbbing cock be circled and occasionally brushed against while the man pleaded for it to be stroked. Hopefully, just a few more minutes of the pair of them clenching her fists and toes in desperate anticipation for more stimulation.

An hour later, the pair were writhing their hips frantically, begging for more and keeping their gaze on the other’s motions. They each didn’t want to try and take control of the situation, having spent so long building up to this point and relishing the loss of control. At the same time, each masseuse gave a firm stroke to that slippery crease, erect clitoris and pulsating length. The groan of pleasure from the pair filled the room. Each looked across to see how red and swollen the other was.

Finally, each masseuse rolled the massage bed towards the other until the man and woman were lying side by side next to each other.

Her heart was beating out of her chest, a mixture of extreme arousal and nervous excitement from a situation she’d never been in but one she’d fantasised about. She wanted to reach down and press her hand to his cock. She took pity on how red it was, how hard it looked, knowing it must be agony to be so in need.

Seeing the woman by his side made it harder not to masturbate; how her breasts swayed so erotically with her breath, the stiffness of her nipples and the slight shine of wetness along the gorgeous curve of her mound. Her clitoris was exposed from how erect it had become, and he wondered if it throbbed as much as his cock was.

The masseuses began massaging all over the pair before addressing them directly.

“If you’d like, you can masturbate yourself or the other person. However, whoever climaxes first will have the orgasm ruined once again. The other person will then get the orgasm you need.”

The man was hesitant, keeping his hands pinned to his sides as he glanced towards his own erection. On the other hand, the woman wasted no time, instantly reaching out to wrap her palm around that engorged length. She hoped that this action would entice him to touch her, a signal that it was okay and that she wanted to feel the touch of another person against her tenderness. It worked. The man followed suit and pressed his hand between her legs to feel the heat of her soft, wet pussy.

Instinctively, as his sensitive cock pulsed to the touch against it, he thrust his hips up and down to give a little relief of friction and to urge her to stroke him. She obliged, moving slowly up and down while enjoying how much she could feel the pumping of every vein in her tight grip.

The man began stroking her pussy, motioning his fingers in circles over the woman’s clitoris. As she moaned, the masseuses smiled and continued their sensual massage. The woman’s masseuse paid particular attention to her chest, pinching and tweaking her nipples while watching the man continue to masturbate her.

The woman moaned and rocked her hips, feeling the orgasm gain momentum within. Her increased moaning, along with watching her sway her body so erotically, also sped up the man’s own climax. He was the first to signal that he was close before asking her to stop. She continued for a few seconds longer, waiting for her own orgasm to peak to the edge before stopping. Both were panting, yet after a few seconds, the pair began again, working their partner back to the brink.

Neither wanted to push the other over without their own approval, partly due to unfamiliarity with one another, so wanting to keep things as agreeable as possible, but also partly due to wanting to prolong this sexual excitement. Each time the pair started stroking the other and bringing one another to the edge of orgasm, they seemed to have an unspoken agreement to only allow for a few seconds of rest. While they each loved this situation – a little fantasy brought to life, having spent so long concocting scenarios over the previous month – they also wanted to feel the sweet relief of a full orgasm.

Each time her palm remained still for a few seconds at the base of his length, feeling the thick pumping of climax held at bay, she imagined feeling it within her own body. The man also imagined his cock slipping within the woman’s wet folds. His fingertips were coated in her pussy juice, feeling the occasional twitches of her clitoris as he kept a fingertip pressed motionless against it as she shuddered on the brink. The times between reaching the edge became shorter for both of them until it seemed as if they had to cease motions every ten seconds.

“I’m going to come!” she exhaled sweetly, followed by her continuous moans. While she wasn’t quite there yet, these words lit a fuse in the man’s mind that couldn’t be stopped. Just hearing her say that, thinking of her convulsing in orgasm and how she’d moan and cry out, made his cock surge with renewed desire as if it were no longer in his control. He couldn’t help it, but nothing would stop him from coming. He didn’t want it to stop. Seeing her curves shining with oil and her waist grinding against his touch ensured that he instantly hit the edge. Nothing could stop him as he thrust against her warm palm.

“I’m coming… I’m coming!” he cried out as the woman let go. As she released his cock, time seemed to freeze for a split second. Everything was still for a moment until his cock twitched and erupted. The woman gripped the base to better feel his convulsions as a stream of cum was unleashed. Cum fired up and over his chest as the three women in the room watched, his eyes closed in a mixture of brief ecstasy and painful frustration, desperate for more friction to milk out the pleasure that seemed to be trapped within his convulsing length. The ruined orgasm seemed to last a full minute, with constant tremors that were not aided by his thrusts into the air. No further relief would be given. His first yell of pleasure had given way to moans of disappointment as the sensations began to subside.

The woman began to caress his balls, taking pity on the ruined orgasm she had been responsible for, though enjoying the display, remembering how it felt over a month ago when she had experienced the same thing. She wondered if it felt exactly the same, though her thoughts were quickly brought back to her own body as the man began stroking her pussy again, joined by the masseuses.

All three were now focused on the woman who kept her hand between the man’s legs to soothe him further. Her own masseuse continued to tend to her chest while the man stroked her clitoris. The other masseuse suddenly penetrated her, fingers exploring deep and fast inside her previously neglected depths. Her pussy clenched around the welcome fingers which explored her so intently. As instantly as it had started, she had reached her moment.

“Oh fuck. I’m coming! I’m there.” This time she was right on the pinnacle as she said it. The motions continued. She was thrust hard into her orgasm. Screaming out in bliss, she was able to enjoy the orgasm which had been taken away from the man beside her. He was rather glad that it was her who received the orgasm, enjoying witnessing such an intense display of pleasure. With how long the orgasm was drawn out of her, he thought it would have been wasted on himself.

Her legs clamped shut, shielding herself from the intensity of the aftershocks as it caused the fingers within her and against her clitoris to slow down to a stop. While her body wanted to recover, in her mind, she wanted them to continue and to bring her to another orgasm that wouldn’t take long to rekindle with how aroused she still was. Sadly for her, she wouldn’t be given this extra attention as her masseuse spoke.

“That will be all for today. Perhaps next month, we can see who will be able to earn a full orgasm again and who will have to make do with a ruined one.”

The man and woman, panting in the afterglow as the masseuses cleaned and soothingly massaged them in a relaxed manner, both lay in silence. Both were thinking the same thing: they looked forward to abstaining for another month before the next massage.

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  1. Incredible!!!! Love mutual denial so this was a perfect end to the massage stories. Hope you do more massage based stories.

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