The Masseuse (Part II)

(Part I)

If she knew how much she’d be internally screaming out with need for an orgasm, she’d have never denied herself for so long.

She had often enjoyed the sensuality of her monthly full-body massage. While she always felt that her masseuse lingered on her inner thighs more than necessary, there was nothing overtly sexual about the experience. What was apparent, however, was that after every massage, she had a great need to masturbate once she returned home. She always abstained from playing with herself for a few days before her massage, enjoying the heightened sensitivity and where her imagination led her following the massage. This time she had decided to test herself and abstain for the entire month. Having not touched herself intimately between her last massage and this one, she was already in a hyper-sexual state of mind before even lying down on the table.

Covered in only a towel, she was aware of how little her body was concealed from the two women who walked into the room. The masseuse and her female accomplice -introduced as a trainee – began massaging her back. The second woman’s wonderfully soft, warm hands ran across her shoulders while the masseuse focused on her legs. Folding the towel down inch by inch, the trainee was free to press along more of her back. It would have had her imagination on fire to have been focusing on how this newcomer’s fingertips were grazing so close to the sides of her breasts, squished against the padded table. What instead drew her attention was how the masseuse’s hands were gliding up her legs so brazenly. The masseuse’s hands slid from feet to ankles to upper thighs and buttocks in one direct motion, instantly pushing the towel up so that it barely concealed her intimacy. A mixture of shyness and arousal coursed through the silent woman. Feeling a little cool air between her legs, she closed them, knowing that the masseuse positioned at the foot of the massage table would be able to sneak a peek at her privacy if so inclined. She was unable to conceal a gasp as the masseuse suddenly gripped her ankles and pulled her legs back apart.

Retreating into her mind, she tried to tune out the growing arousal as the masseuse’s hands continued to glide up her legs and buttocks. Even as the hands purposely pushed against her ass as if trying to expose her intimacy further, she tried to act as if everything was normal. Having the trainee massage her back helped her relax into the situation. Even though occasionally those fingertips brushed across the exposed sides of her breasts, it was easy enough to imagine it was unintentional while the rest of the attention was placed on soothing the muscles in her back and shoulders.

What caused her eyes to open, pulling her back into the reality that this was no regular massage, was the sounds coming through the speakers. The usual tranquil background music was intermingled with the sounds of men and women moaning, punctuated occasionally with a little shout or scream of euphoria. All sense of sexual longing and previously repressed urges flooded back into the near-naked woman. It became much more apparent just how close to being entirely naked she was, with the towel nearly bunched up to a slither on her back, covering only the top of her buttocks.

The masseuse’s fingertips began focusing more directly between her spread thighs and lightly grazing along her pussy lips. Having such minimal contact made her so much more alert to the sensation compared to if it had been more direct pressure applied. This slight trace made it unbearable, trapped between wanting it more and needing it to stop before she lost herself to the moment. It took everything in her not to begin to tilt her waist to raise her ass up and down in a bid for more attention.

As the trainee finally removed the towel entirely, she made to speak out, to ask what their intentions were – however, the moment she made a sound, she was interrupted.

“Shh. Just relax and drift away,” said the trainee while her hands caressed the length of the silent woman’s back.

While the masseuse now had full access to her body, the methodical teasing continued as she simply focused on massaging her inner thighs and legs. The trainee applied a liberal amount of massage oil across her back, rubbing it all around to make her skin feel silky smooth. The warmth of the oil lingered particularly along her legs and lower back, though it was nothing compared to the heat emanating from between her legs. Being entirely naked, having such erotic sounds in the background and with such sensual attention focused on her body, she was certain that even with the oil being slowly applied to her pussy, there would be no mistaking how wet she was. She was sure that the masseuse would know that it wasn’t a droplet of oil that trailed from her opening and down the folds of her clitoral hood to leak onto the massage table. That pronounced essence would be a mark of her raging need, which she had so far kept well hidden.

As the trainee’s silky palms slid down her back and began massaging her ass directly while the thumbs of the masseuse massaged her pussy lips more intently, all pretence vanished. Rocking her ass back and forth and starting to breathe heavily, the woman heard the words that she both feared and longed for.

“Turn over, please.”

After nearly thirty seconds of hesitation, all while the hands continued their work, she did as requested while avoiding eye contact. Now on her back and with her eyes closed, she expected the pair to touch her sexually at once. Instead, she was met with the same slow massage as at the beginning. The trainee focused on her upper body while avoiding touching her chest. The masseuse ensured that the smooth strokes to her legs and thighs stopped just a fraction away from her pussy lips. Internally she was screaming commands for her hands to cover her privacy, yet there was an allure to being this on display, this helpless.

Now entirely covered in oil and still exceptionally aroused, she was sure that the pair could hear the buzzing of her imagination on overdrive with sexual thoughts. They merely continued to tease her, taking great effort to only circle around those most sensitive places but not entirely giving the attention they were throbbing for. Her nipples and clitoris were already swollen from having fingertips trailing so close to them. All thoughts were on how these women could relieve her of her month of abstinence. Fantasies of the women holding her down and fingerfucking her hard and fast, taking turns to bury their faces between her thighs, made her clench her fingers into the massage table in frustration. Still, the women continued to massage her body intimately, yet not directly enough. She began to moan, unable to conceal her desires as hands pressed to her chest, rubbing her breasts while still avoiding those achingly erect nipples.

Imagining both of their tongues slipping around her clitoris in unison, she was sure that it was twitching in need, her pussy clearly swollen yet so cruelly untouched in the way it desired. Never before had she been this wet and aroused without already masturbating or being fucked. It was unbearable only being able to picture in mind a length thrusting in and out of her dripping wet hole without having the ability to make it a reality. For a moment, she thought of someone coming in and penetrating her while these women held her in place, continuing to massage her while his cock slid in and out, shining with her juices as much as she shone from the massage oil. Just as she thought about the slapping sounds of a hard cock slamming deep into her, the masseuse slid a fingertip over her clitoris. The sensation caused her to moan loudly in joy. As the finger started to circle around it, she rocked her hips up and down in a wordless plea for more.

“Keep still,” came the firm yet gentle instruction of the masseuse who ceased contact.

Obeying, she tensed in pleasure and frustration as the finger again circled around that pulsating nub, exposed from its hood. The trainee performed the same action on her nipples, causing the moans to increase.

Perhaps this might have been bearable if she had given in to her body’s needs in the last few weeks and allowed herself to come. As it were, her body was wracked with a yearning she could never have imagined. Their merciless teasing of those sensitive peaks stopped every time she moved her body. Each time their hands left her, she felt so abandoned, her body craving the touch it was becoming accustomed to. With a cry of longing and a plea for more (which hung in the air without a reply), she remained still long enough for the methodical touching to commence again.

Even when she succeeded in keeping her hips from swaying or from arching her chest for further contact, the pair occasionally halted their stimulation. Sporadically, the pair would stop without warning before the masseuse pushed back against her mound to entirely reveal her clitoris. In its full glory, they would wordlessly watch it twitch. Never had she felt so much like a plaything, so on display for the pleasure of others. It was an unbearable turn-on.

Finally, after what felt like two hours of a massage session that was meant to have lasted only an hour, she reached her breaking point.

“Please stop teasing me. I can’t take it anymore.”

As if in direct response, the masseuse finally slipped her fingers over her clitoris to stroke it firmly, eliciting a deep groan of pleasure and relief. At the same time, the trainee continued circling her nipples as if nothing had changed.

The woman finally opened her eyes and looked at the trainee and masseuse, both of whom were looking back and smiling, wearing an expression of deep desire and lust. The welling sensation of her orgasm quickly overran the joy of being this sensual centrepiece. As she began to breathe heavily, her back arching, the masseuse stopped. Before she could protest, it started again, masturbated quickly while her nipples were finally being pinched.

Having her nipples played with like this, pinched hard and twisted, always helped bring her to the brink very fast. This added to her torment as each time she exhaled in ecstasy when the trainee stimulated her; the pair could easily tell that she was close to coming. After only a few minutes of this repetition, edging and stopping while she begged them to keep going, she finally pleaded with them.

“Please just let me come. It’s been about a month since I came. Please!”

Suddenly, the masseuse’s fingers slid within the quivering woman, who opened her mouth in silent rapture at this welcome penetration. The trainee simply glided her hands over her oily body, interspersing the erotic massage with occasional firm pinches to those extra sensitive nipples, each time causing a little squeal of satisfaction.

All of the time spent in this state of arousal, mingled with her abstinence, meant that even though penetration usually took a long time for her to come, after only a couple of minutes, she felt the waves of orgasm licking at her walls. When she felt the trainee and the masseuse each hold a wrist down on the table firmly, she knew this would be the moment. Anticipation building, the fingers continued to fuck her. Faster and faster the masseuse worked her to the pinnacle.

“I’m coming!” she screamed.

The orgasm crashed upon her in a screaming embrace, yet just as instantly, the fingers pulled out. Her pussy walls clenched in desperation as they tried to convulse in a climactic fashion against a penetration that was no longer there. While she did scream out, it was a mixture of both climax and frustration. Having her orgasm ruined like this was torture after having endured so much build-up to the moment. She wanted to cry, lash out, and masturbate. All she could do with her hands held down was thrust her hips in the air as if inviting more stimulation. No further stimulation came. Even her nipples were left untouched when the first wave of orgasm arrived. Now all she could feel were the ebbs of orgasm that receded with every passing second – ruined and disappointing. She wanted more, needed more. Yet all that she received was an instruction.

“You said you abstained for a month before arriving. So now you will hold off for another month until our next appointment.”

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