Telepath C23P

While she had trained for years to withstand all kinds of interrogation techniques, she was not prepared for this.

This wasn’t about finding out information. He could find out anything he wanted in mere seconds: this was simply about entertaining his own desires. After a while, she would be screaming out every secret of her organisation, telling them everything they wanted to know, begging for mercy, pleading for it to stop; he would savour every second of it.

Due to his abilities, Telepath C23P needed to be utilised to prevent this heroine and her group from delving further into the experiments of the corporation.  Telepath C23P was quite an achievement for the facility; his ability to read into sensations within the mind was beyond anything else they had achieved, an ability he was going to use for his own wicked entertainment. Although having requested three hours with her, Telepath C23P knew it would only take two minutes at most to extract the information about the rest of the girl’s organization, as well as what plans they were putting in motion to disrupt the facility’s experiments. The rest of the time could be spent torturing her in his own cruel way, for his own pleasure.

Gifted with such abilities to sense thoughts and internal sensations, Telepath C23P had harnessed his skills to sense sensations of pleasure, pinpointing the exact moment when a victim was about to climax, honing it down to the last millisecond before that wonderful release. With this, he has been able to frustrate and torment this girl with cruel, agonising pleasure. He did not need her begging for mercy – or her quivering pussy contracting constantly around his fingers – to tell him when she was about to come. He did not need her tears of tortured need, her trembling body, and her dripping wet pussy, to tell him that she was a moment from orgasm. He knew the exact time when to withdraw his fingers, the exact moment when to begin again, even the precise seconds when to keep the vibrator pressed to her in order to keep her locked on the brink of orgasm.

After the first hour, he would know her body better than even she did, being able to keep her trapped on the edge of orgasm for tens of minutes at a time without fail. Her whimpers of need would not stop him; she could scream out every secret in her life, every detail of her existence, yet that would not stop it. Even when it came to the final hour, he was contemplating one final act of true experimentation… had he honed his skills enough to keep her teetering on the edge of orgasm for a full hour?

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