Taken and Manhandled

They were waiting for her, ready to pounce as soon as she returned from work. She was surprised at how fast they were, catching her off guard. She should have expected it, but she really wasn’t too sure what she was expecting. She struggled against them playfully, wanting to get her moneys worth for the taken and manhandled premise that she had opted for. She’d always fantasised about such a situation, to have pleasure thrust upon her in such a way and to be forced to orgasm in ways she could never invoke upon herself. Through the Pleasure Torture Experiences website she’d found, she realised she could turn her needs into a reality.

The strength of the two men both surprised and aroused her; the thought of feeling so helpless in the situation was such an added turn-on. As soon as the vibrator pressed to her clit however, she quickly found herself straining more forcefully against them. She hadn’t played with herself in over a week in order to build further anticipation and longing. Though with the speed of her impending first orgasm, she realised that her denial was not necessary at all. Her first orgasm hit her hard; it seemed to cripple her. It shocked her just how intense the vibrator felt as the orgasm subsided, how it seemed to send constant little electric shocks of white-hot pleasure coursing from her clitoris throughout her lower body. Whenever she masturbated alone, even after an orgasm, she could still continue to stimulate herself easily. This was something else entirely. Her clitoris felt like it had swollen five times larger.

“That’s it, come again even harder.”

“Good girl, take it. Your pussy wants so much more.”

Their words seemed to be lost in the background to her own screams, begging them to stop making her come, though absolutely knowing that they wouldn’t. Her pussy had become so red and swollen. It was beyond anything that she could have ever considered being able to withstand. Every orgasm made her see stars. Even though it was too much for her to handle, truly she wanted nothing more than for them to keep going and to just keep relentlessly forcing orgasm after orgasm from her. She wanted them to ignore her pleas to stop… which they did. Her deepest fantasy was being fulfilled.

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