It’s not the feeling of how your pussy clenches around every inch of my length… it’s not how erotic it is to have your gorgeous, sensitive body pressing against me… nor is it the wonderful sounds you make as you moan in pleasure. It is the look on your face that captivates me the most: that look of rapture. How we’ve spent so long slowly building this up, holding back until finally you can’t stall it any more. That expression of pure ecstasy, telling me that every second was worth it, telling me that you don’t want it to stop. That’s why I won’t stop or slow down, no matter how intensely you come.

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The two lecturers assaulted the girl’s sex with their mouths, not even giving her a chance to plead for mercy. Gone were the days that they could let this girl get away with such cheek; now the time was right to show her how they have always truly wanted to punish her. Their tongues worked in unison over the defenceless girl’s pussy, constantly devouring her sensitive flower. No matter how much she tried to free her hands or sway her hips away, their tongues constantly found that swollen clitoris, feverishly lapping away at it as one: almost as if punishing her for daring to try and pull away.

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Their Little Doll

Helpless to them, her thighs spread wide, her wrists cuffed tightly, making sure she won’t escape what they have in store for her. Their little orgasm doll for as long as they desire…

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