Star Of The Show

You could have been cautious, though perhaps you wouldn’t have done a single thing differently.

For the first few days in college, you kept to yourself as you always had. Buried in your books as if raising your head would necessitate the need to interact with the world outside of them, a safe haven from the complications and discomfort that interactions can bring. It wasn’t that you didn’t occasionally look fondly at the relationships of others around you. It’s just that the fear of the unknown wouldn’t allow you to traverse outside the safe haven of your solitude. 

‘The shy girl,’ that’s how Julia first referenced you. Few terms could make you withdraw further than being directly labelled as shy, yet the more Julia spoke to you throughout your first week in college, the more that you realised this person, who you deemed  ‘the cool girl’, wanted to befriend you. It took a little while to coax you out of your shell a little more, yet the prospect of not just making a friend, but befriending one of the most popular people in college, allowed you to feel more accepted. 

Often in the past, you’d looked on, wanting to not just win people over but also be admired, yet too afraid of any imagined repercussions and confrontations to commit yourself and push past your fears of rejection. Yet here you were, the first couple of weeks of college and already friends with THE Julia. 

You had known before when people’s eyes were lingering on you. Since Julia befriended you, her remarks on how attractive you are helped you not only appreciate the gazes but also meet them head-on. While you weren’t quite ready to actively hang around with Julia’s clique, you couldn’t deny that the thought of being amongst the popular group was enticing. Being around Julia had helped you realise that your interests and hobbies weren’t a cause to be the outsider – she shared many of the same likings. In fact, she admired your love of reading, writing and photography. For once, your pastimes weren’t making you feel like an outsider. 

When Julia finally invited you to her house, you felt like a different person compared to the timid girl who walked through the college doors. No longer were you an outsider looking in. 

You feel so foolish now, yet at the time, it seemed so normal. Julia clearly was very interested in your photography and looked fondly at your self-portrait shots. You weren’t quite certain exactly how much she enjoyed some of the more risque shots, the ones that helped the most when you needed to build your confidence more in the past, but you found out soon enough. One, in particular, stood out to her, your chest sensuously pushing against your white bra while your lower half was bare, your legs angled to conceal your intimacy as if daring the viewer to glance closer, to will them open. When she suggested trying her hand at taking some photos, having you restrained to do so, you suspected she had some rather more erotic intentions. Though the only reasons you went along with it – with her restraining your wrists and ankles to the bed frame – was suspecting how good the images would turn out and also being a little aroused by the thought of her being into you in ways you hadn’t previously suspected. 

“Let’s make sure these look really authentic,” she says before pulling your lingerie up tightly. 

You gasp in surprise as she ensures that your delicate mound is perfectly outlined against the tightly pulled-up material. After a couple of photos, with you doing your best to look alluringly into the camera, she abandons all pretence and begins caressing your body.

“I think if I work you up a little more, the pictures will turn out even better, right?” 

You do not even attempt to hide your delight; not only were you befriended by someone you admire, but now that person was also attracted to you. Sighing in pleasure, you didn’t care at all that Julia tightened the restraints while teasing you with her fingertips. This was a little fantasy come true. 

For quite some time, Julia worked you up, taking care to avoid touching your nipples and pussy directly, but getting close enough while touching everywhere else to ensure you were frothing with need. It felt like an hour had passed, yet still, no matter how much you had been begging, she wouldn’t give you the attention you truly craved. Once you felt like you were finally at your wits end and about to scream out, Julia stopped and walked over to her computer.

“I think you’ll be the perfect star,” 

Suddenly, you realise the amount of messages constantly popping up on her monitor.

“Let me introduce you to my anonymous audience. You are our new guest.”

Julia then explains how her streaming cam show has been a huge source of income, though bringing you into the picture will raise the bar even higher. 

“You’re our new star. You can try and hide it and pretend, but I see how you’ve looked at me before. You’ve never been with another girl, but I can tell how much you want it. The viewers are going to send suggestions, and I’m going to act them out on you.”

When you ask about who is watching, she moves back over to you and whispers, “Well, not only are you about to become a star, but everybody in the University will know you and how much of a kinky play doll you are. They are going to love seeing me do all sorts of things to your gorgeous body. After all, that’s why you were posing for me, right? Now you’ll be posing for all of them.”

Julia then proceeds to execute the suggestions from the followers. First, continuing to caress and fondle you once again. In between her ministrations, she cuts at a piece of clothing, slowly revealing you inch by inch. At first, she cuts away at the centre of your bra, leaving only the cups to conceal your chest. Then she tears away the sides of your panties, the fabric barely clinging to your mound to offer protection. In between this, she continues to kiss and caress your body while stating how she knows that you want everyone to see you. 

“I guarantee that you’ll be begging every single person to watch you come.”

Once she cuts away the last remnants of your clothing amidst your protest, she then launches into an all-out attack on your most sensitive places. You arch in pleasure as her mouth presses to your nipples, her fingers pinching and tweaking them in a bid to entice every reaction possible. You turn away from the monitor, though the most curious recess of your mind wants to take a look at the image on the screen – to see how you look from that side profile. If you could see yourself now, as the viewers do, you’d see your chest rising up while your ass cheeks press firmly into the bed, your nipples so stiff as they anticipate every tug and pinch.

Julia only stops sucking on your nipples to occasionally look at the computer monitor. 

“Oh, it looks like they really want me to eat you out! What do you think? Shall we give them what they want?”

You don’t reply, but she decides to spring into action, sliding between your legs. With how much she had turned you on already, you wonder to yourself, if your ankles weren’t restrained and your legs spread open, whether you’d have truly tried to stop her. 

“She is so fucking wet,” Julia calls out to her followers before sinking her lips to you. 

It doesn’t take long until you are sighing and gasping in pleasure. She works your pussy expertly, her lips coaxing your flower while her tongue wreaks havoc upon your clitoris. Nobody had ever gone down on you with such precision, with such fervour, with such delight. The sense of fear and shame that had gripped you seems to melt away as your pussy melts against her mouth. The slow movements of your pelvis turn to stuttered shakes as you involuntarily begin to ride her face. 

Suddenly, she stops and calls out, “Tell me every time you get close to coming.” At that, she then returns to tending to your sex. 

Once you feel the onset of climax, the internal struggle begins, whether to go along with this sick show or keep quiet and fight back. The sense of shame gives way to the arousal, along with the curiosity, to see what cruel games Julia wishes to play with you. You give in and let her know that you are close, at which point she stops abruptly. 

“Get closer before telling me.”

At the instruction, she returns to devouring you.

For the next 30 minutes, you are able to almost forget that there are people watching you through the webcam. Every time you get close to orgasm, and inform Julia, she stops and again tells you to get closer. Soon you have to almost scream it out, with how close you feel. Yet each time, she simply stops, not giving you the relief of the orgasm itself. After half an hour of being denied, all that is on your mind is how good it would feel to come while her mouth was pressed against you. The final time she stops, she pays attention to the messages on the monitor.

“They want to hear you beg! Why don’t you beg them to let you come? I’ll let you come if they allow it.”

Once again, Julia returns to sucking your pussy intently. At first, you try to fight it, yet still, you tell her each time you are close, hoping that maybe she’d get tired of stopping. You lose count of how many times she stops as you announce the impending orgasm. With your clitoris pulsating with need, you finally relent and cry out to please let you come. This doesn’t change anything, as Julia simply continues the same pattern – lapping away at your clitoris until you cry out with the need and longing to come, before stopping and letting you rest for a few seconds before starting again. 

As your entire body seems to convulse with need, Julia finally stops and looks again at the monitor.

“It seems like they want much, much more.” Julia then gets up and heads to a drawer before brandishing an assortment of toys. “Tell me what you want me to do to her?”

Hours pass as you are teased and tormented by Julia and her viewers. Using an assortment of dildos, she fucks you to a frenzy. The first is a glass dildo which slides wonderfully within you. Your pussy clenches around the cool intrusion; the cold sensation clashing against the blazing heat of your wet sex makes you gasp. It isn’t long until you are gasping again, this time at the sensation of being on the edge of orgasm. Yet again, she stops, leaving it buried within you, your quivering wetness clenching desperately around it, hoping for any kind of movement to allow that sweet release. Julia tells you how multiple people are commenting how they want to hear you beg them for an orgasm. You continue to fight it, trying to hold onto those last remnants of control.

Sweating, shaking, and feeling like every moan is merely a murmur away from begging the viewers to let Julia fuck you to an orgasm. You cry out in frustration as the dildo is pulled out. You suddenly moan deeply as the cool, sleek dildo is replaced by Julia’s own warm fingers. Invited so fondly by your dripping wet entrance, her fingers instantly seek your most sensitive spots. She tells the viewers how she can feel every quiver of your pussy, every time you clench, and when she found your g-spot. Mercilessly Julia explores your intimacy while announcing to the webcam each moment you are brought to the brink. The moment she presses her other hand to your neck, squeezing gently while fingerfucking you, you nearly cry out in ecstasy – it’s an action that has always been able to turn you on most. In this situation, it seems to magnify your pleasure tenfold. You have to scream out that you are about to come. For a moment, you think this will be it. However, she manages to stop just in time. You strain desperately against the restraints, wanting nothing more than to stroke yourself and give yourself the orgasm you need. Finally, you relent and beg Julia to let you come.

“I don’t think they heard you.”

Each time her fingers work you to the edge, you beg louder and louder, finally turning to face the webcam directly to urge the viewers to show mercy. You mouth the words ‘please’ continuously as she holds you on the edge, her fingers gliding along your g-spot, massaging it slowly. 

“I can’t let you come yet. A number of people will give some huge tips if you’re crying with need.”

Over the next hour, Julia uses vibrators to torment you further. 

With a vibrating dildo, she thrusts every inch back and forth inside you, ignoring your desperate pleas for more once she pulls it entirely from you as you race to the brink, your orgasm screeching to a halt as your pussy convulses, feeling so empty while your wet hole clenches for the withdrawn length. She takes her time pressing it back inside you, making sure you feel every inch so deliberately slip within, the vibrations taking hold of you. The viewers see your back arch and your fingers and toes clench each time she denies you, your hips rocking continuously with longing. After screaming out so many times that you need to come so much that it hurts, you finally break down, tears streaming from your eyes while you weep in frustration while begging them to let you come. 

“How about we let them bask in this delightful view?”

Julia slips a bullet vibrator inside you and turns it on the lowest setting before moving out of the webcam view. She leaves you untouched, simply allowing you to focus on the gentle pleasure within. At this moment, you truly feel the central exhibition, thinking of all those eyes that are lingering on you. You wonder how many people must be masturbating at this very moment while watching your naked body writhe in such lust. Fear and shame gave way to uncontrollable ecstasy and desire. You cry out for them to tell Julia to finish what they started. Once the gently vibrating bullet is pushed out of you due to the constant contractions of your pussy, much to your frustration, you look directly at Julia and gently utter the one word, channelling every ounce of agony and despair into the one syllable: ‘Please!’

Finally, Julia pounces once again, thrusting her fingers inside you before exclaiming to the viewers that it’s time to give this little pleasure doll what she needs.

Her fingers work you fiercely to a crescendo; after what has seemed like hours of edging, it takes little at all to have you right on the cusp. Just as you announce that you are going to come, even turning to the webcam and telling them you are close just to ensure they allow it, Julia presses her hand to your neck once again. You hear the numerous dings coming from the computer, the sound of tips being given by the viewers who are pleased with the show. This, however, becomes lost to you as suddenly you explode in orgasm. You scream out with joy as your body tenses, your eyes clenching as you try to imagine it is just you and Julia sharing this moment of bliss. 

You are pulled back to reality once her fingers do not stop or slow down. Tugging on the restraints, you try to escape the onslaught, your overstimulated body wanting to ease the sensations. You do not get such respite. Instead, Julia simply continues to fingerfuck you furiously, keeping you pinned down firmly against the bed by your neck while you try and fail to twist your hips away. Once her mouth presses to your clitoris while she continues to thrust her fingers inside, you know that there is no fighting the pleasure that continues to build. 

After a few minutes, you begin screaming out that you can’t take it, and that you need to rest. For the next hour, Julia continues to force you to orgasm without any break, letting the faceless audience dictate your torment. You tell anyone who will listen that you are too sensitive, that you can’t come any more, though Julia’s explorative fingers and cruel tongue prove otherwise. 

As she peers at the monitor, you believe that they have told her to stop. You are entirely wrong. Wasting no time, she thrusts the glass dildo inside you, fucking you hard and fast with it. This firm, full sensation manages to fan the flames even further. You are also thankful that Julia is giving your hypersensitive clitoris a much-needed rest. 

Turning to face the screen again, you catch a glimpse of yourself, the image that the webcam is producing for the viewers; with your hips raised, your glistening mound is so visibly prominent – such an erotic sight. You then call out that you are coming.

Suddenly, Julia stops, pulling the dildo from you the very moment you climax, leaving your pussy to clench uncontrollably against nothing in the agony of a ruined orgasm. 

“They want you to beg us to let you come again. Tell them that you want us to torture your clitoris.”

Julia then repeats the cycle again, fucking you to an orgasm and then stopping just as you come. With how sensitive your clitoris is, you cannot bear the thought of having any more stimulation there, though nothing could be worse than the hellish sensation of having your orgasms ruined repeatedly. After the 3rd time having the fulfilment of your orgasm snatched away, Julia asks you, “Tell us to torment your clitoris,” though you simply beg them to do anything else. Without replying, she fucks you to another orgasm and once again stops just as you come. As you strain against the bondage, you finally give in and plead with her to stop it, to let you come from your clitoris.

For the rest of the time in Julia’s clutches, under the gaze of the viewers, she exposes your clitoris and uses the bullet vibrator directly on it. You have no idea how long this cruelty continues. The orgasms seem to blend into one another – an unbearable pleasure. 

“Don’t worry, I’m only going to make you come a couple more times. I don’t want to exhaust you too much, being as we can have more fun tomorrow. Now tell us… how does it feel to be a star?”

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    1. Thank you. I’m going to be posting more frequently, so that it’ll give more reason to check in more frequently 😉

  1. Oh wow… this is hot. It made me go get my (cheap) bullet vibe and vibe my clit! I’d love to see a continuation of this where Julia puts her “star” into denial… maybe she even uses some of the money to buy a chastity belt so that her “star” can only feel the sensations Julia allows her to feel and when Julia allows her to feel them… to make sure she isn’t “cheating” on the viewers of course!

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