Private Show (solo challenge)

Challenge yourself to not give in… As I play with myself, edging myself, while watching you and telling you to hold back and not climax, you wonder how much more you can take.

Make sure to already have been edging or playing a little before starting, imagining me gazing upon you in the midst of your pleasure. Mutual masturbation… the perfect combination of fantasy and reality.

If you wish: try recording yourself playing along while listening to the audio and doing your best to hold back your orgasm. If you do so, and send it to me (at [email protected]) please mention in the email whether it’s for my own enjoyment, or if you’d wish to have it uploaded anonymously.


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5 thoughts on “Private Show (solo challenge)”

  1. It’s midnight. I’ve been playing all morning today, had one orgasm, but still felt horny, so I kept playing. And just when I wanted to cum again, I saw a post on bdsmlr which said to wait with it just one day. I haven’t denied myself in a really long time, so it was a hard decision, but I’m glad I made it. I felt tingly throughout the whole afternoon, but it wasn’t too bad, until I got to my bed. Humping started since it’s a safer option at the beginning and then I stumbled upon your recording. I’ve seen your videos before and loved all of them, always fantasized to swap places with the lucky girl from the screen. I humped listening to you. I wasn’t naked, I wasn’t edging the whole time, but my god, was it delicious. I wanted to have the ruin so badly… But I didn’t. I kept my hips still while I could hear your orgasmic moans. Perfect amount of cruel. Thank you for tonight. And who knows, I might be strong enough to keep going.

      1. Hi! I did actually, I kept going for one more day! I haven’t tried denial in a while, so it was challenging, but I’m really proud of myself! I did cum after that, though. I listened to your “Soundgasm” audio first thing in the morning. I couldn’t follow the instructions exactly or listen to the whole thing, but hearing you edging was more than enough. And hearing you cum… Just made me orgasm harder 🙈. Your half-whispered “That’s it, good girl” is the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard, I swear. Thank you for this experience.

  2. Just wanted express my gratitude for all the wonderful content on your site. Your voice turns me into a puddle of subby goo! While I try to navigate the wasteland of fake Doms and fuckboys in search of the unicorn worthy of my submission, you provide a safe place to explore my fantasies and remind every woman that we are worthy and desirable. Many thanks 😊

    1. Thank you for the support with following the content and enjoying it. I will constantly do all I can to provide the same erotic safe space to indulge in the pleasure.

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