She wondered to herself, ‘Was it worth it?’

An eruption of pleasure. Twenty seconds of ecstasy. Her body was seizing, a sense of weightlessness, grounded only by the pulsating pleasure originating between her legs and spreading throughout every inch of her body. For that brief moment, Mia was no longer a solid being but a liquid entity unable to be contained. Only once the tide receded did she realise what she’d done and what was to come.

‘Was it worth it?’ – Seconds before Mia’s orgasm, and certainly during it and for a minute afterwards, she’d have said, ‘Yes!’

Now that Mia was suffering the consequences, ones that she had agreed to if she dared climax without permission, she’d argue that it wasn’t worth it. Not worth the need that coursed through her. Not worth the desperation that clouded her mind and sapped her body.

Mia had promised not to come for two weeks, even suggesting that she should go into two weeks of complete chastity if she climaxed without permission. She’d spent a week in denial, so when his cock slid within her, it set her alight. She wished she could return to that evening when her partner was between her legs, feeling him tease her with his cock.

Now she found herself in that period of denial, having given in to the pleasure. As she had proposed, she was in for two weeks of self-imposed chastity. All for not being able to withstand the sensation of that rock-hard length penetrating her tenderness. Back then, she had thought she was in need when her legs were spread, awaiting what she craved; it paled in comparison to where she soon found herself.

Mia spent days watching her partner pleasuring himself. He also abstained for those first few days, ensuring that each time he stroked himself, his cock was more achingly stiff. He knew that she had a voyeuristic side and loved watching. It made it much more difficult for her to merely observe without involving herself, especially to see it twitch in such a way each time he got close. She wanted to reach out and feel it, yet he didn’t allow it. She, of course, wasn’t allowed to touch herself, which made it so frustrating to see that pulsating length in front of her – unfathomably hard, so wondrously erect.

He teased her by describing how it must have felt for her when he slammed it inside, how it had so quickly made her come. He added to her frustrations further by ordering her to describe how it felt with him inside. The ways it made her feel so full at last, like more than just her pussy was filled, but her body, in its entirety, was completed.

Just watching him stroke to the brink, sliding his hand back and forth and cradling his manhood, reminded her of how her pussy cradled that swollen shaft. If only she could feel it once again, nestled so deeply, pulsing within for a moment of quiet bliss before he pounded her with such animalistic passion. The whole time, to add to these thoughts, she was finally allowed to touch everywhere except her pussy. The brief respite of touching her body did little to quell the longings between her legs. In fact, it made it worse, reminding her body constantly of how those slender fingers could explore herself.

After a few nights had been spent being tormented by this display, Mia’s partner made it even worse. Not only did he climax in front of her, but he also made her the one to bring him to that point. It made her pussy clench to feel how much his cock pulsed and twitched. It always amazed her just how much motion there was within those rigid inches. Similar to how his balls mesmerised her – constantly moving, whether swaying from the motion of masturbation or simply churning of their own accord when static. A part of his body that astounded and aroused her in equal measure. She could imagine how his cock would have felt similar to her clitoris, yet she couldn’t at all imagine the sensation of having those soft, smooth balls next to that veiny, hard length.

She was most aware of her denial when she finally made him come. Stoking him as slowly as possible, she could almost feel every inch through her palm sliding within her body. That enlarged head piercing her, allowing the walls of her pussy to clench around the shaft as she anticipated that swollen cock head to pull back out to repeat that constant friction.

With her little finger pressing against his balls each time her palm slid towards the base of his shaft, Mia was able to feel his balls tightening. The base of his cock began to twitch more rapidly, and she knew from his deep inhalations that he was right there.

“Don’t you wish you could feel what I’m about to feel?” he had said as she continued to stroke. He was right. She wanted nothing more than to feel the eruption of pleasure she witnessed. To feel every little convulsion and spasm, that pressure finally released. In place of the cum he erupted, she would have exploded in a screaming, writhing heap. An expression of sound and motion as opposed to this liquid geyser.

She desperately wanted what she witnessed and could feel in her palm. Those sweet convulsions of release. Yet it was only a few days in.

After another couple of days spent in complete absence of touch, she was greeted by his attentions.

Ordered to keep her hands above her head each time, her partner spent the following nights teasing her with his fingertips and mouth.

Without ever touching her pussy directly, her partner took great pleasure in bringing her to a frenzy of frustration. He made her nipples desperate for attention by spending so long touching and kissing all around her erect peaks. Every flicker of the tongue, every delicate touch and every fluttering kiss led a path towards her sex.

Mia typically did not care for too much attention on her nipples as they were very sensitive, yet each time he teased all over her chest in such a casual, indirect manner, she would have let him bite and suck on her nipples to get some relief.

When he would finally suck gently on them – in the way she was comfortable with – it ensured that she imagined how good it would feel to have that same suction on her clitoris. Instead, she’d have to endure him teasing the rest of her body, trailing his mouth and fingers slowly downwards and then along her legs and inner thighs. She had to fight the urge to lower her hands and touch herself the whole time.

He’d always spend the final fifteen minutes of teasing simply focusing on the central point between her thighs. His tongue would slide up and down her pussy lips in the lightest manner. He’d kiss and lightly suck along her engorged labia and up to her mound, cruelly making sure not to make contact with her clitoris directly or apply pressure to her opening.  

Each night, once he stopped and left her whimpering for more and rocking her hips in anguish, he reminded her, “Remember, Mia, this is your punishment for coming.”

The second week was by far the worst of her time in chastity from masturbation or playing with herself. While it was easy enough to abstain from touching herself while with her partner as he was able to ensure she wouldn’t touch, watching intercourse was another matter entirely.

Each day throughout the week, her partner brought home a different mutual friend whom they often engaged in threesomes with. Usually, having another woman play with her and her partner was wonderful. This week, however, it was torturous. She was made to simply watch (while entirely naked) as her partner and the other woman played together.

It was awful to see these things playing out in front of her that she’d give anything to feel. Watching her partner devour these women, sucking on their pussy so hungrily before turning to smile at her frustration.

At times, he would also repeatedly bring one of the women to the brink, letting Mia witness a sample of her inner turmoil unleashed on the thrashing woman. It was so erotic to see and hear such a need that mirrored her own. Just as erotic was seeing the resulting climax that was given. Mia watched jealously as that pleasure was allowed to gush forth in a torrent of screaming and convulsions while her partner fingerfucked the woman non-stop throughout. It took everything in Mia’s willpower not to slide her own fingers within herself and enact the same pleasure.

The worst part, however, was watching the wonderful display of penetration. Seeing the woman riding him, her pussy engulfing every inch of that shining member, made Mia constantly beg, “Please… fuck me. Please!” to no avail.

It was hypnotising to see her partner’s tight balls swaying up and down as he drove himself up to thrust as deeply as possible into the woman. Mia had never been so wet from watching something and not touching herself.

Whether it was watching the women riding him, watching her partner take the women from behind, or watching her partner either go down on or fingerfuck the women, each day Mia was forced to watch these most erotic displays. Every day – sometimes hours at a time – was spent gazing at such explicit passion without being able to touch herself.

Mia’s body was a seething, bubbling cauldron of need that constantly threatened to spill over.

The worst moments, when she most wanted to get involved in the action in front of her, came when the pair looked directly at her. Mia’s partner fucked the woman from behind, facing Mia and constantly giving her a look that stated, ‘We know you want to be feeling this.’

Occasionally the pair would moan out to Mia, doing all they could to frustrate her further.

“Fuck… d-don’t you… Uhhhh YES!! Mmm… Are you imagining him… inside you? Mmmmm, God, don’t stop! I can feel every inch of him in me…. J- fuck… Just watch how fucking hard he’s ramming me!”

“Good girl Mia. Don’t take your eyes off her. She’s feeling exactly what you want to be feeling. Fuck… Mmmm – she’s coming again. I can feel her pussy clenching so tight around my cock. Just like how yours did a couple of weeks ago. Don’t you wish you were in her place, shivering like this in pleasure while your wet little pussy wrapped around me?”

The pair could see how shining wet with arousal it was between Mia’s thighs. She continued to grind desperately in her seat while jealously watching. It was tormenting to see the wonderful, anguished look of orgasm on the woman’s face. Yet it was the way that he kept fucking her just as roughly throughout her orgasm that made Mia dig her fingers into the chair arm, desperately trying not to play with herself. Her clitoris couldn’t take any more. Watching him pound so fiercely into the woman, bringing her to orgasm repeatedly, hearing the sounds of their skin slapping hard together and the howls of ecstasy were all too much.

Mia’s bright red, tingling clitoris could almost feel the vibrations of the toy – her favourite toy – that her partner used on one of the women. That sleek, black vibrator pressed against the woman’s pussy to end each night. The squeals of pleasure as the device brought each woman to unbearably intense orgasms were like music to Mia. She needed to feel that same rhythm of ecstasy pulse through her own body.

Mia’s partner ensured that the women were facing Mia with their legs spread wide, ensuring she could watch the vibrator press right to where Mia needed it so much. Mia opened her legs in the same manner just to imagine the same sensations. Doing so also gave her partner and the women a glimpse at how needy Mia’s pussy was, how swollen her pussy lips had become and how bright red and erect her clitoris was. Her pussy juices shone in a seeping trail down her rear.

‘It wasn’t worth it,’ Mia thought to herself. It wasn’t worth giving into the pleasure two weeks ago and ending up in need.

“When I make you come, Mia,” began her partner through the squeals of pleasure as he continued vibrating the woman to orgasm, “I’m going to first make you come with this.”

As she continued to watch, Mia wasn’t sure whether knowing this made it more or less frustrating.

Once the week had passed, filled with days of being subjected to being the desperate voyeur, it was finally over.

Mia’s partner ensured that she was dressed in restraints. Her wrists were fastened to her thighs, leaving her free to move and writhe, though unable to stop the relentless orgasms that she was ready to indulge in.  In her state, she anticipated the release too much even to contemplate a position of not wanting to come any more.

Mia cried out in blessed relief as the vibrator pressed between her legs. In no time, she was right there at the pinnacle. She expected him to stop, so she wasn’t surprised when he did; however, she still moaned frustratedly. He then simply began stroking her pussy while whispering to her.

“Don’t worry; I’m going to make you come. In fact, I’m going to make you come so much you’ll be begging me to put you in chastity again.”

As much as Mia protested that she wouldn’t ask to endure that again, the more he stroked her and brought her to the brink with his fingertips, the more she needed him to put his threat to the test. Mia whined and begged ceaselessly as the weeks of denial spilt out of her.

Finally, after minutes of howling with need, Mia felt the soothing hum of the vibrator against her sex. It only took a few seconds until she was there. It was a little shock to not be denied again, which was what she had expected. Instead, her partner left the device in place. The silky black wand vibrator sent its shockwaves of pleasure directly through her clit and throughout her pussy.

“You may come.”

Shrieking in relief, Mia came.

The climax wracked her body and went on and on. She almost wished it were fingers or a cock that had brought her past the brink. At least then, it would have been something she could become accustomed to. Instead, the intense vibration seemed to keep her body and mind focused on it, never letting up or offering relief.

Caught in the electric shock of pleasure brought upon by these vibrations, Mia could barely scream or breathe. She tried to close her legs as the relief of the orgasm quickly gave way to the intensity of overstimulation from the constant buzzing of the vibrator.

She tried to press her thighs together to get a little respite, the restraints leaving this as her only option of trying to protect her pussy from the onslaught. The vibrator, however, was going nowhere. Her partner kept it perfectly in place to draw out another orgasm – and another – from Mia’s swollen tenderness.

The stabbing shocks of pleasure were too much to handle as she was forced to come repeatedly. She begged for his fingers, begged for his cock, even pleaded to him that she’d suck his cock or let him do anything else if he’d just let her rest for a moment.

Still, he kept it in place without responding, continuing to smile as she squealed in orgasm.

Nothing Mia said seemed to be able to stop the forced orgasms she was being subjected to. However, she knew what she could say to stop it. At this point, she was willing to suffer the consequences.

“Okay… Fuck fuck fuck… I’m coming again!!!! Ahhhhh GOD!!!!!…. Okayokayokay please stop… I can’t take it anymore. Mmmm FUCK It’s too- too much. Too much.”

Another orgasm made her arch her back against the bed while he held her in place. As much as she squeezed her thighs together, nothing could protect her hypersensitive pussy. She could do little other than scream and convulse.

“Fuuuuuuck! OH MY GOD! Okay, yes… yes… please put me in chastity again. Just make it stop!”

At that moment, the agony of being denied for two weeks was nothing compared to the agony of being forced to come so much when she was already rendered so sensitive from the previous denial.

Two more weeks of chastity – at that moment, she thought to herself this time that it was worth it.

If only giving in as she did would have meant he’d have stopped. He had never promised that he would stop making her come for the rest of the night just because she agreed to be put back into chastity. He still had all night left to continue using the toy on her while he fucked her hard.

By the end of the night, she’d have spent over an hour begging to be put back into chastity again.

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