It Started So Playfully…

It all started playfully enough, I hadn’t expected her to agree to be restrained, but all the teasing, all the sensuality of the moment, must have taken its toll.

Her hips bucked every time I trailed my fingertips down that slender, gorgeous body, smiling to myself… finally, the chance to truly tease and torture this little princess.

The first one wasn’t a surprise. She must have expected I’d tease her a little. She wriggled her hips and giggled with slight frustration. The next time she told me to quit being a tease in her usual playful, cheeky tone.

I’d never felt so turned on in my life, hearing her sigh and moan, grow in frustration as she slowly realised I had no intention of letting her come too soon. I envied her when my lips pressed around her soft petals, my tongue flickering over her throbbing clitoris. I wanted to torture her with the sensations I, too, craved.

It didn’t take long until she was a quivering wreck. I knew it would not take many times getting close until desperation overcame her. I knew how it felt, that agonisingly wondrous touch, tweaking and rubbing her aching clitoris, denying her the release she was screaming out for. I loved seeing her strain in need.

All the begging, all the sobbing, they did nothing to end those moments I had longed for, to see her brought to her limits. I’d always wanted to feel the intensity of having someone deny me until I was crying and pleading with every ounce of my body…  I didn’t want to stop making her feel that way.

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