Holiday Haunting

Readings of a few short erotic-horror stories to excite and arouse. All stories focus on orgasm denial, with a couple containing elements of forced orgasm torment.

The stories included are:

They Will Return (0.00 – 6.57) The Being (6.58 – 15.45) The Trapped Man (15.46 – 18.25) Enjoying His Work (18.26 – End)

Soundgasm link (in case audio file does not work correctly).

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Female vocals by: AEisMe

2 thoughts on “Holiday Haunting”

  1. Wow! I really loved your version of “The Trapped Man” with the moaning pleas of the man in the background – that was so hot! Never heard an audio like that before – more of that please! I’m into both male & female denial & listening to a guy moan & beg under your narration had me cumming in minutes. I didn’t hear any female audio tho – did I miss that? If you do more audio, hearing the “subject” begging and moaning & writhing in the background should def be done again!

    1. There will definitely be more… The plan is to put up supernatural/halloween based audios around Halloween and Christmas every year (with other audios put up throughout the year). The intention was indeed to have female audio as well in the background, but time constraints meant that I could only add the male audio in time. Expect a lot more moaning and begging from both males and females in future.

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