Drawn by Desire – Night Out

Audio excerpt ‘An Erotic Encounter’ from the erotic novel ‘Drawn by Desire’ on Smashwords

Audio by PleasureTorture and CreativeIntentAudio. A chance meeting leads to a night of passion as she is introduced to pleasures she had never experienced before. An audio story involving teasing, edging and multiple orgasms.

Below is the entire chapter taken from the novel.

When the afterglow of orgasm faded, Lucy was surprised to see the time. The evening had sped by. Her friends would be picking her up in the taxi to the club in a little while.

After her second hurried shower of the day, she put on her black lace lingerie; their tightness for a second made her think back to the wand vibrator, how she could easily use it against her underwear once before leaving. She abandoned the thought, however, and searched for a tight-fitting dress. While she wanted to wear a perfectly fitting white, two-piece dress, she was not fond of her underwear showing through. It also occurred to her that it had only been a few months since her ex had bought it for her. It still felt strange wearing something from someone she had grown to dislike immensely. Deciding instead on a form-fitting red halter dress, she closed the sliding door of the wardrobe and admired herself in the mirror. The dress accentuated her slim figure. Even though she often wished she had a larger chest, the piece lifted them more prominently while hugging the curve of her ass nicely. Rather sharply, 9 p.m. had arrived.

Lucy’s friends had plenty of time to chat with her while in the taxi and after stopping by a few bars in town. Telling them about the new job seemed a little routine compared to landing on the topic of her new toy. It felt strange being out with her girlfriends these days, as they all had boyfriends now. Talking about sexual things with them seemed a little more awkward than it used to, even when it was just the girls out like tonight. 

“Trust you, Lucy, for that to be the first thing you buy,” said Katy, chuckling at the prospect of one of her oldest friends finally opening up a little.

“Tsshh whatever, I remember when we went last time you wanted one,” said Lucy, flushed with alcohol.

“I knooow. It’s just that you are usually so quiet when it comes to that. Last time we were there I suggested getting one and you told me to mind my own business. Now I can just borrow yours,” Katy replied in jest.

“Fuck off,” Lucy playfully snapped back, laughing as Katy smirked. Their blonde-haired friend Emma then carried on the conversation as Katy poured herself, Emma, Lucy and Kirsten the last remnants of their cocktail from the pitcher. 

“I don’t know why I got rid of my toys when I moved in with Paul. We used to have a lot of fun with those…” Emma trailed off.

“I often wish you’d have kept a ball-gag to use on Katy when we go out,” interjected Kirsten.

The group laughed before Emma continued, looking toward Katy.

“How are things going with Chris?”

“Really well, thanks,” said Katy, sweeping her dyed red hair away from her eyes and sipping her drink. “Been a lot of fun. He told me we’d get one of those Hitachi wands, still waitin’ though, maybe by Christmas I’ll get one.” 

After finishing her cocktail, Lucy responded, speaking loudly over the waves of surrounding chatter from other tables.

“Meh, if you can play with yourself, what else do you need?”

“Exactly!” Lucy’s three friends replied in unison, laughing.

“I’d rather have the fun stuff without worrying about guys for a while,” Lucy added.

“Well, not all guys are total dicks,” remarked Katy.

“You heard from Mark lately?” asked Kirsten, cutting across Katy. 

Lucy sneered at the mention of the name. “He seems to have gotten the picture that it’s over. I hope. He hasn’t messaged me for a couple of weeks at least.”

“Good riddance,” said Katy as she downed her drink. “So shall we hit the club then?”

The rest of the group displayed their agreement by finishing their drinks in one gulp.

The queue to Reverb was long but moved fast while the girls passed the time by amusing themselves recalling past nights out, skimming across how drunk they had gotten and some of their more undesirable hook-ups. Once inside, they headed straight up the stairs near the entrance, hoping that the bar upstairs would be emptier than the crowded one below.

Once at the bar upstairs – which was equally busy – they were able to look over the railing to see that the dancefloor was already packed.

“Busy night ain’t it?” shouted Katy over the pulsating beats of electro-house music, the multi-coloured flashing lights reflecting through the darkened club, making the contrast of her dark black dress and red hair more apparent. Lucy simply amused herself with the sight over the dance floor: a sea of movement interspersed with the occasional opening, solely occupied by a swaying tangle of limbs owned by the overly drunk or incredibly enthusiastic.

Drinks in hand, the four girls circled the top floor, overlooking the dancefloor to see if they could spot anyone they knew. After no success, they headed back down and stood to the side of the dancefloor, near the DJ’s booth, standing like swimmers gauging the temperature of the water before diving in.

“We went to school with those guys,” said Emma, cupping her hand to Lucy’s ear and pointing to a group of people who took residence in a small, seated booth on the opposite side of the dancefloor.

“Okay, Katy and I will be around this area or the dancefloor,” shouted Lucy.

Emma and Kirsten then took off over to the group, leaving Katy and Lucy together, nodding along to the suffocating bass which seemed to divide the dancefloor a little.

“I’m going to ask for Return of the Mack,” yelled Katy over the noise.

“Awesome, go for it,” replied Lucy loudly in amusement.

While Katy started chatting to the DJ, a man on the dancefloor caught Lucy’s attention. His figure-hugging red shirt stood out and showed off an athletic physique, sporting eye-length jet-black hair that seemed to make the shirt shine out even more. While dancing calmly along to the rhythm, his eyes peered over into Lucy’s for a moment before snapping back to his vicinity. 

After surveying the scene of tight tops, dark jeans, revealing dresses and the occasional trilby hat bopping around, the punchy beat of Return of the Mack kicked in, followed by Katy screaming ecstatically behind Lucy.

“This’ll get you out there.”

Lucy laughed as Katy held her by the hand and practically dragged the smiling girl down the step into the now-heaving pit of enthusiastic revellers. Lucy realised she was near the man with the red shirt. She swayed over a little closer, as much as she could, while Katy jumped ecstatically.

“I haven’t heard this in sooooo long,” said Lucy, leaning into Katy to be heard, though keeping her eyes on the man who had started to dance exuberantly. In the guise of dancing around, Lucy swept across toward him, though it could not have been too discreet as his eyes moved straight to her before he smiled, plainly understanding that she was interested. He took a couple of steps toward her and offered his hand, which she took, and then pulled her towards him to dance. They danced face to face for a moment, after which he twirled her around playfully as the song closed. ‘He could dance well,’ she thought to herself. She noticed Katy was chatting to Emma and Kirsten’s friends now, a little relieved that she had not left her friend alone. 

“I love your shirt,” Lucy finally said after they had danced through another song, smiling and stroking the silky material.

“Thanks, I wore it to match your dress,” he replied with a grin that showed off his brilliantly white teeth. “I’m Jonathan… you?”


“Good timing. I was about to leave – the friends I was with already left.”

“Great timing! How old are you?”

“26, you?”

“You look younger,” she responded, smiling. “I’m 22.”

“You go to Uni here?” Jonathan asked, leaning closer to her ear as a higher tempo track started with a deafening volume.

“Uh, no. I did, but I’ve just today got a new job.”

“Ah, nice. Congratulations. So d… ahh Beat It! Now this is a tune,” he suddenly exclaimed in joy as the song burst through the speakers. Lucy giggled as he took her by the waist and danced. She enjoyed this contact very much. The idea of enticing him further sent a sizzling sensation through her. She swayed her hips as much as she could, not that she had ever been a confident dancer, but she knew well enough what worked best to either get through a song or give someone an idea of how interested she was. It seemed to work as he pulled her a little closer, close enough for her to smell the citrusy scent of his cologne. She could feel his hands occasionally wander over her frame. Whether he was doing it intentionally or not, she was enjoying it. When his leg slid between her own as they danced, she felt a rush, a flood of instant desire that made her hips move back and forth ever so slightly. Clearly aware of this, Jonathan kept his leg there, occasionally moving his knee just enough to press between her legs. To be doing something which seemed so sexual here, in an open room with so many people, astounded Lucy, though it certainly turned her on in equal measure. 

Glancing over Jonathan’s shoulder, Lucy parted from him slightly as she could see Katy approaching, smiling knowingly. 

“Having fun, Lucy? I’ve got a shift tomorrow so I’m heading off. You staying?”

“Uhh, yeah, yeah. I’ll stay for a little longer. Em and Kirsten still here?”

“Yeah, they are catching up with their little group. I’ll call you tomorrow, okay?” she finished, giving Lucy a little hug and smiling at Jonathan, who smiled back. 

Turning back to Jonathan, Lucy stood awkwardly for a moment before he took the lead.

“How about we celebrate your new job? Can I get you a drink?”

“Umm, it’s okay. I’ve actually got vodka at mine if you’d like…?”

“Well, I shouldn’t have any more… but I can give you a lift back. Next time we are here I’ll get you that celebratory drink.”

“Next time, eh?” Lucy replied, grinning. She peered over to where her remaining friends were engaged in conversation in a booth and decided to go on ahead.

“Yeah okay, let’s go. Not much happening here now anyhow.”

The drive back to Lucy’s flat was a short one. Jonathan’s car was comfortable, made even more so by Lucy’s approval of his music choice.

“Ahh, I love Depeche Mode!” she chirped.

“Can’t beat the classics. Uhhh, Balamb Street is over the bridge, isn’t it?”

“Yep. So where do you live then?”

“Just over in Birmingham. It was a friend’s party, so I thought I’d pop over. A fair drive, but I like Worcester nights out.”

“So, what do you do any- Oh, it’s this apartment block on the left.”

“Okay. For work, I basically do security.”

“Oh, cool,” Lucy replied as they pulled up on the drive, her throat a little dry and heart pumping from excitement. 

Jonathan made to bid her a good night, but Lucy invited him up to hers, deciding that there was still more of the night to be had. She felt comfortable with him, more so with the fact that he had not tried to invite himself upstairs or made any assumptions. 

Jonathan followed her through the key-fob activated entry door and up the stairs as Lucy continued, wanting to carry on speaking so as not to begin feeling awkward. “So do you go out a lot in Worcester?”

“Not that much anymore. I used to when I went to university here though.”

“What did you study?” she asked with great enthusiasm as they reached the door to her flat. 

“Sports coaching, not that I did anything with it, though I used to do boxing.”

“Nice, no wonder you look so good,” Lucy said with a grin as she took off her shoes.

Jonathan followed Lucy to the kitchen cupboard, where she reached for a bottle of lemon vodka, before replying, “You look amazing, you know,” as his hands pressed to her hips. 

Blushing, Lucy spoke in a higher-pitched, surprised tone that gave away the fact that it had been quite some time since she had been in this kind of situation. “Th… thank you. Sure you don’t want a drink?” she asked as she took a sip of her own.

“No thank you, I’ve got to be back home by tomorrow morning, helping my sister move some stuff.”

“Oh, okay,” Lucy couldn’t hide a little sign of disappointment in her voice.

“I don’t have to go anywhere right now, though,” he said softly as he gripped her waist a little tighter and pulled her closer, staring eye to eye. She could almost see her slender face reflected as she looked up into those dark brown eyes.

She grinned and thrust her glass hurriedly down on the table before deciding there and then to let loose and escalate this situation which had her heart racing. The images that the visit to Blue Exotica had instilled, the joy the toy had brought her, the euphoria of finally having a night out clubbing again, and the buzz from the drinks she had consumed had culminated in this aching desire to take this man, this stranger. Darting her head forward, she pressed her lips against his, wondering if Jonathan could taste the subtle hint of lemon as their moist lips pressed together. Cupping her waist and pulling her close to him, he fastened his lips over her bottom lip, sucking it gently. Lucy was in awe of the sensation. So sensual and arousing without being overtly sexual. This was the intimate interaction she had craved for so long. 

As soon as their mouths parted, she wordlessly grasped his wrist and led him through the kitchen and living room to the bedroom. The gleam of moonlight reflecting against the large mirrors bathed them as they stood next to the bed. He looked hungrily at her body as he advanced and again seized her waist, pulling her to him. This time it was he who pressed his lips to hers; she was delighted that he wanted her, delighted in feeling she alone was turning this man on.

His palms trailed up along her sides and around her back as he nibbled her soft, full lips. Wrapping his left arm around her waist, he slid his right hand slowly along her body, softly sweeping her outer thigh, up her waist, up her side, feeling the shape of her ass, feeling the arch of her back. Her breath quickened, the warmth expelled against his cheek as they remained locked at the lips, his fingertips slipping up the back of her neck to undo the knot fastening the dress. The dress slipped off her shoulders as Jonathan’s fingers journeyed down her neck and around the side of her chest. Jonathan pulled back from her lips. Lucy watched the delight on his face as his fingers slowly examined her body, exploring every curve of her delicate frame.

Lucy unbuttoned his shirt. She whispered in his ear, her hands moving down his defined chest, “You’ve got me so hot.”

“I haven’t even started yet,” came his deep-voiced response.

Suddenly, he grasped her upper arms and spun her around, leaving her facing the bed, her back to him. His hands again gripped her upper arms, though gently this time, as very slowly he worked his fingers to the loose straps of her dress, sliding them down patiently. This combination of tenderness and control sent a tingle throughout Lucy. The tingle turned into the surge of an electric shock as his lips unexpectedly pressed against the nape of her neck, his teeth nibbling that sensitive little spot. Lucy remained still, relishing the sensation while her dress slid down to uncover her chest, slipping down to her waist, revealing her tight black lacy underwear, and finally dropping to the floor. Her lingerie quickly followed.

She wondered if he could feel the drumming beat of her heart while his fingers trailed along her cleavage. With his chest pressed against her back, he had assumed command over her. Lucy felt so bare, so utterly naked, since she was exposed entirely while he remained nearly fully dressed. Still, she was surprised that his fingers continued to tease along the soft contours of her body in such a deliberate manner. The fact that he had not already urged her to go down on him, or hadn’t bent her over to begin fucking her, had caught her entirely off guard.  

Feeling his fingers walking eagerly along her cleavage and around her breasts, Lucy tensed as they glanced over her nipples. Imagining him grinning behind her at her reactions, she sighed deeply in pleasure as he gave those stiff little peaks a firm pinch. Though Lucy was getting a little frustrated at his slow pace, she nevertheless truly enjoyed having this attention being focused on her. 

Without warning, Jonathan spun her around to face him, causing her to gasp, caught off guard. She expected him to tell her to get on her knees, ready for things to really start, though to her surprise, he again pulled her close to him with one arm. With his other, he slid his hand down her front at the exact moment he kissed her deeply. She moaned into his mouth as his hand slipped downwards over her soft mound. A jolt of pleasure rose from her core as a single finger stroked back upwards along her cleft. It felt as if liquid desire was flooding her veins.

“Enjoying this, aren’t you?” he asked in an amused, deep whisper while the single digit continued to ease up and down her already wet pussy. 

“Mmm… y… yes!” she breathed out, her mind’s eye focused on the way his finger was slightly parting the petals of her sex, just pressing down slightly against her entrance, making her yearn for him to push it inside. Each time he toyed with her this way, her pussy twitched for the penetration it wanted.

“Pl… uhhh,” Lucy could not get the word out, a stab of pleasure overcoming her once he traced his finger up over her clitoris, her essence coating it, making it glide silkily over her now engorged little bud. Pushing his thumb against her mound to push back her clitoral hood, the circular motions of his fingertip over her exposed clitoris made her legs nearly buckle, though he held her tightly and kept her upright.

“Plea-” once again she was cut short as Jonathan quickly kissed her, sucking on her lower lip and delighting in the muffled moans while he teased her clit gently. Just the slightest contact with that sensitive button was enough to have Lucy’s hips rocking for more. Each harder press against it and against her entrance was met with a stifled moan. His fingertip once more slid down along the wet line of her pussy lips. Once it sunk slightly into the little place that seemed to try desperately to suck it in deeper, Lucy forcefully pulled her lips away from his.

“Please! Just fuck m…” she gasped the words out before his finger sliding inside took her breath away. The build-up of being teased made the sensation of that penetration so much more of a shock to her body. He left it pressed deep inside, the soft wet velvet of her tightness twitching and clenching around him as if every morsel of her body were quivering in anticipation.

“Tell me Lucy, what is it you want right now?” he asked softly, his eyes boring deeply into hers, a look of ferocious hunger that made something inside Lucy melt.

“I… just please… fuck me… finger me. Please! I need it so bad,” she said meekly, breathing heavily.

Suddenly he slipped his finger nearly all the way out and then back in, driving it within her while keeping her body held tight against his, watching as her eyes clenched shut in pleasure. Her moaning grew as the slapping of his hand against her wetness also increased. Jonathan simply continued to watch her closely, observing every little detail of her joy. To Lucy, there was nothing else but this moment. All thoughts of the night out had vanished. Even the usual self-consciousness which had so often blighted intimacy with others was gone. Her attention was solely on the boiling pleasure being stirred between her legs. Lucy was about to come.

“Fuck… so good! I’m… I’m…”

The way her hips were rocking in a more stuttered way; the way her body began tensing in Jonathan’s grasp; the crinkle between her eyebrows as her eyes clenched, lost in her own sensations: these were all enough to give away that she was close. 

“Are you going to come?” he asked, in a tone that seemed quite sure of it.

His voice seemed to drift into her consciousness as if from a distance. Breathing heavily, she responded.

“Yes… yes…” 

His fingers continued to thrust in and out until suddenly…

“Nooo… what?? Wh-” Lucy gasped, lost for words as his finger slipped out from within her.

As Lucy’s legs trembled slightly, her body shocked by this sensation of stunted pleasure, Jonathan kept her held tight – a means of keeping her held upright as well as keeping her from escaping his grasp.

“Tell me when you are about to come,” was his only reply as she looked at him in wide-eyed surprise, unable to truly comprehend the sensation she was feeling.

A second finger joined the first, pressing again at her soaking wet little hole, sliding in slowly. Lucy could not think of a response. She could merely squeak with pleasure as the thicker sense of penetration worked into her. Squeezing her waist tightly, Jonathan finger-fucked her hard and fast. It took less than a minute to bring her back to that pinnacle. 

“I’m co-” it stopped again before the words could leave Lucy’s trembling lips, his fingers motionless. 

“Oh Fuck… what are you-?” before she could carry on, his fingers continued exploring her, delving inside and out as fast as possible. 

Lucy’s mind was racing; never had she felt anything remotely like this. It was somehow agony and ecstasy all at once. She wanted to push him away and run, yet at the same time wanted him never to stop fingering her the way he was. She continued to tremble, her legs shaking as if they were unsure how to react to this new sensation. Once the tensing began again, she was sure that there was no way it could be stopped this time. Her orgasm was like a dam ready to burst.

“NOOO! Please no… fuck. Fuck!” 

Her legs gave way, yet he was there to keep her from falling. Instead, he pushed her back onto the bed and lay beside her. Before she could instantly reach down and stroke her sex, which was throbbing in need, he gripped both of her hands and pulled them above her head. With one hand he held them there, leaving the other free to introduce her further to this new delight.

“Please, please, please! I need to come. I’ll-” she moaned, but still he replied simply by pressing his fingers inside again and smiling at her.

“Just tell me when you get close,” he said while fingering her hard, the soft, wet sound of his palm slapping against her mound echoing around the room. 

The next time she came close, another kiss muffled her moan of frustration. She attempted to close her legs in vain, her body trying to defend itself against this new onslaught of sensation that it could not fathom. By locking his one leg around her and keeping it held apart, she was rendered utterly helpless to him. 

Mercilessly he continued again, working his fingers inside her until she was on the very edge of an orgasm, the sound of her muffled indication again making him stop. She turned her head away from him to escape his lips and cried out.


“Soon,” came his abrupt reply before carrying on his cruel torment of her pussy. 

No matter how much she strained, Lucy could not break his grip on her wrists. Every nerve in her body seemed to be on fire with pure frustrated need. She did not know whether she wanted to scream, beg, or cry, though again when she was brought to the brink of an orgasm and it stopped, she knew that she just wanted to come above all else. 

“I know it feels torturous. This is called edging… think how intense it will be when I do let you come,” he spoke softly and calmly to her while she moaned and begged ceaselessly. 

The feeling of her pussy juice dripping down her ass cheeks made it even more unbearable, a constant reminder of how much her body was succumbing to this torment. 

“Please, please, I’m begging you… I need to…” she stuttered, breathing hard between words, her hips constantly shuddering. 

It felt like an eternity to her, being held in this limbo of climax, yet something within her was fascinated by the sensation of having so little control over the pleasure. Though even the state of wonder that having no control brought, all that was on her mind was the aching need to come. With each time being brought to the edge of orgasm, it felt as if a knot inside was expanding, a knot that was being pulled tighter and tighter inside her very core, waiting desperately to be unravelled. 

On the verge of tears of sexual need, Lucy was about to scream out another plea, yet before she could, Jonathan shifted himself and whispered, “I’m going to make you fucking come harder than you ever have before.”

Suddenly, he slid off the bed, his head coming to rest between her legs as he gripped her thighs. He pulled her towards him, letting her legs rest beside his shoulders. Even though Lucy wanted more than anything to slip her own fingers inside and bring herself to orgasm in seconds, she felt an overpowering need to let this man take her on this sexual experience. The welling flood of pleasure that had not been allowed to gush forth was agonising. The sensation that her pussy was continuously contracting – opening and closing as if willing some further stimulation – was too much to ignore, yet she felt certain that begging further would not help her cause.

Once again, his fingers slid into her quivering sex, effortlessly gliding into her wetness. Almost instantly, she was on the verge – and just as suddenly, he stopped, making her thighs tense against him.

“Oh my God! Please. It… it’s torture.”

She could not control herself; a whimper of pleasure, a scream of longing, every ounce of her sexual torment resonated throughout the room.

Without responding, Jonathan simply thrust his fingers hard into her once again. Lucy’s back arched in need, her hips pushing down into the mattress as if unable to cope with this state of orgasmic denial. Still, he continued fingering her.

“I… I’m…” Lucy gasped, unable to control her voice, moaning in a mixture of pleasure and utter frustration.

Just as Lucy had thought he was to stop, his lips suddenly pressed against her mound, sucking her aching jewel while his fingers penetrated her fiercely. Her body tensed as she held her breath until finally, it came. Everything seemed to clench: her eyelids, hands, toes, and every muscle, paralysed by the instant eruption of indescribable pleasure. At first her mouth was open in a silent scream before a high-pitched squeal escaped her lips. Jonathan continued fingering and sucking her. The orgasm seemed to roll on and on without relenting, locking Lucy within it. 

“Fuck… Fuck… Oh God!” she tried to speak further, but the words would not come. This was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced, yet still the stimulation was not stopping. Her legs automatically tried to close, to tighten against this erotic assault to her sex, yet the man would not stop. Lucy reached down to stop him, to let him know that she was too sensitive now, though with his free hand he simply took hold of her wrist and held it there while continuing. 

“Okay… okay, I already… I… I’M COMING AGAIN.”

As fast as the first had taken her, the second orgasm sprang upon her, rolling quickly into a crescendo that she could not avoid. It was as if her mind was in another place in the room, watching this unfold, simply an observer of the overstimulation her body was receiving. The second orgasm was not as powerful, yet it still took the breath from her lungs in her now exhausted state. Never had she climaxed twice in a row, yet being forced to endure it, having someone else control it, had such a drastic effect.

“Okay, okay, stop… please! It’s too much,” she cried out, yet it did not stop him from relishing in her trembling body. Her hips rolling and trying to twist away to no avail, that entire segment of her sexuality remained so finely trapped for this man’s delight. 

As much as she wanted to fight it, he would not relinquish this hold he had on her body. No matter how much her hips bucked and her waist twisted, his mouth followed, staying clamped around her tenderness, her free hand pushing against his head to no avail. 

“No… no… I’m…” she both didn’t want to come and wanted desperately to come again all at once, though there was no choice; every inch of her convulsed in an orgasm that made her see stars. Even the wet sounds of his fingers mingling with her pussy juices seemed distant, though her sense of presence returned slowly as he began to slow down. His mouth remained against her sex while his fingers withdrew. Now only the sound of her panting could be heard. With his hands resting around her hips, his attention to her clitoris felt gentler. 

“Ohhh… fuck… okay… okay… I can’t come anymore.”

Her clitoris felt like it was twitching within his lips as if it were separate from the rest of her body. His tongue circled it slowly, occasionally slipping over the tip of it, which made her squeak in shock and her body jerk. With him being this gentle now, she didn’t fight him, though she was too exhausted even if she wanted to. Without looking at her or uttering a word, he continued to tease her overstimulated clitoris until finally, defying Lucy’s belief, the familiar tingles of orgasm began emanating within her. As she looked down, she felt so sexy having this man want to play with her like this, so clearly turned on by making her come. 

“I’m coming!” she breathlessly called out.

At that moment, Jonathan sucked on her clitoris hard, trapping it within his lips, exposed and accessible for his tongue to lash against it. This made Lucy claw at the bed and scream out in pleasure as she came, throwing her head back in the throes of ecstasy. 

As she slumped back against the bed, Jonathan removed his mouth from her pussy – red, swollen and shining with her juices. Feeling him lying down beside her, Lucy was too spent even to turn and face him. 

“You seemed to enjoy that?” he said with a chuckle, his hand trailing up and down her torso soothingly.

“That was… I’m still shaking,” her voice was ragged.

“Just relax and breathe. No need to do anything more.”

With that, Lucy smiled. She wanted to play with him a lot more, though she could barely move right now, amazed that she had not passed out from the last orgasm. Closing her legs tightly, she wondered if the throbbing of her clitoris would ever go away.

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