Do you plan on making more audios in the future?

Absolutely – the major audio post being worked on is an updated version of ‘The Torment of Denial’ audio. In the meantime however, I am going to post an audio tease which is a shorter one than normal – perfect for those who are not used to teasing and edging themselves – basically one that is more around the 15 minute mark as opposed to the 30-40 minutes like usual. I enjoy making them far too much to stop creating audios.

I found your twitter and am sorry your Tumblr got deleted. I liked your stories a lot. Especially the one where a girl was denied to orgasm or make a sound while another girl tired to make her sigh while a man watched them both. If she made a sound she’d have another mouth of chastity and you could see the agony of keeping quiet. If she remained silent she would be awarded an orgasm. I loved that one

I’m currently uploading all of the posts that used to be on tumblr (not certain which one that was, but I’m slowly getting through every post one by one). Plenty more to come, and I’ll make another original story in that same scenario too!

Hey, great videos! Will there be more with brush stimulation? I really enjoy the clit tickling with the brushes.

Thank you. I do intend to create a brush teasing video as soon as possible. I’ve been planning on some brush based tease and denial stories for a while, so this is certainly on the agenda (there will be a large section in a future novel length story which focuses specifically on some very cruel paintbrush teasing).

Thank you to anyone who has supported through Patreon. Due to this, I’ve been able to update the website to a better host, allowing for more content to be posted (I was running out of space on the previous one -they didn’t allow as much GB used for uploading GIFs and images). So for everyone, expect higher quality, updated GIFs compared to some of the Tumblr posts (many of which I am still in the process of re-editing to make them look much better). A few of the posts that were put up on Patreon early will be getting posted here soon too.

I’m now able to create transcripts for the audio posts (some who are hearing impaired asked for more text based teases in particular), I have already posted a transcript for the original, 1st audio tease. Please do message me if you’d like to see the other older audio teases have the same work done to them.

The goal will be to also have some more professional pictures taken, something to look forward to in future. 

There will be some more audio posts coming as well – though for now, expect the full version of the video ‘come for me intensely’ this weekend.

Why do you keep posting stories and no more videos? You promised to upload the rest of the last video tease a year ago.

Very true, it amazes me that a year has passed since then! The main problem is that I’m quite the procrastinator. Going to finish the editing on that video (it’s not a very long one at all) and get it uploaded as soon as possible.

A big thing as well is that I avoid posting any video until I’ve got the ‘okay’ from the person in it. I only recently made contact again with the girl involved in the session to make sure they were fine with the edited parts being used. Now that I have the ‘go ahead’, I can post this new segment a lot faster.

In the meantime though, I’m just in the process of uploading a little extended scene from a session which involved a little tickling. I have had lots of requests for tickling based content, so this seemed like a nice little upload in response to that (was meant to be posted along with a past video but never got around to it due to the Tumblr issues). Will be putting it up by the end of the day.

Overall though, the stories will always be the focus, as it is very rare to be able to do a session with someone who wants video footage uploaded. If anyone would like to do a session and have it filmed, please feel free to contact me. Also, so often, written content can ignite the imagination much more than visuals ever can.

Happy New Year

Another year to come, so many days to fill with pleasure and sensuality.

Thank you as always for following the work and the input regarding content. I know it’s often mentioned, but knowing the content is enjoyed always makes it so worthwhile.

Firstly, the Patreon website is being filled with all website content currently. A nice way to have all content very easily accessible. A new audio has just been posted there as an exclusive post for now (a dual masturbation based audio) – it will be posted here in time as well, but for now it’s a nice little exclusive as a thank you to the recent patreon supporters. There’ll be a couple of videos coming there soon too (which of course shall be uploaded here in time – one will be a short bit of extended tickling from a past video). There’ll be more Patreon interaction coming in the way of audio q&a posts, voting on stories, accepting requests, and snippets from the upcoming novel. Feel free to check it out at:

Speaking of the novel: so far it is in the final edit. It’s taking a little time due to their other commitments, but hopefully it won’t take too long. In time I’ll be posting snippets of the upcoming project which will involve lots of longer stories.

The twitter feed ( ) is also going to be a good place to keep updated (currently catching up the posts being put on here). The same with Bdsmlr. The focus though is still on making all of the original Tumblr posts available here. Mixed in with the re-edited posts will be some newer pieces, including a few requested stories which are currently being worked on.

Overall, there’s a whole lot to come.

A little update: There are a couple of posts on Patreon that have been made available – one is a snippet from the novel (with a longer segment soon to come) and a couple of behind the scene GIFs from a recent session that never materialised into a full video).

Hi. Love your posts! I’m just curious what your policies are with your sessions. Like the videos, your privacy policies and things like that?

I’m going to be putting up more details related to this soon – after a request for some information on safety for those new to bdsm play, I’ll make some posts regarding safe practices and tips etc.

In terms of privacy, if someone wants a session filmed, it is always their decision if it is made viewable on the site. If someone is okay with it being made into a video for public view, any GIFs that are made will always be made without showing faces or anything identifiable (particularly as it may be difficult as well to, at a later date, get permission for every single GIF created).

Any update on the novel?

Yes… the novel has been completely written and formatted. Just having a read-through with others to make sure there’s nothing that needs to be edited. For the time being, I have put a small segment of the story on the patreon page (this will be posted here in time too). I’ll be putting a full chapter on the patreon page soon too as a little preview (and then on here a little later). Hoping to have it available by Christmas.

Just wanted to let you know your site got infected by a virus. AVG pings me every time I visit the site. It only started a few days ago. Otherwise, I love your stuff.

Thank you ever so much for mentioning this. I’ve just installed a number of security measures and ran tests which are now showing that the issue has been cleared up. The site is much more secure now (have ran numerous scans indicating that the site is completely safe from any viruses, malware or hacks). If anyone has any issues (including if any of the security measures implemented impede any access to areas of the website) please reach out and let me know. Really appreciate it. (please do mention if the same issue persists).

Hello there! I was wondering if you were going to do even more stuff regarding ancient royalty having fun with a girl. Maybe being bored and so taking enjoyment from edging a spread-eagle girl whom is helpless to resist. Letting her cum after a few hours of torture, but of course not stopping there. Maybe something including a forbidden romance between kingdoms, getting caught and the girl getting punished by the man’s guards… And then being comforted with passionate sex by her lover? Perhaps I’m thinking too much into this, but maybe you could do something with it if it suits you. I love your works!

Hello. This is actually something that is heavily involved in the next large story I’m working on. It’s going to be a large world-building series involving a fictional world where one of the large aspects of the royalty in the kingdom is sexual pleasure – using it as a means of both entertainment and punishment. The working title is ‘the sexecutioner’ but that won’t be the finished name. I think you’ll very much enjoy what it involves – it’ll be a very large work spanning multiple novel length stories. Until then though, I will certainly put out a story much like the second one you’ve mentioned – you’ve given me a nice idea for the scenario actually!

Some recent AMA’s

Hello. I imagine you get messages about your posts a lot but i wanted to reach out and thank you so much for what you do. If you could pass this on to any of the people who have been in your videos too i would really appreciate it. I had felt like i had lost all sense of sexual identity and just couldn’t enjoy myself in that way (id been in abusive situations and also had bdsm used in the name of a physically abusive relationship) It was through your videos and seeing the women engaging in caring, gentle play that focused on just pleasure that helped me see a different side to it all. It has helped me find my sexual desires and confidence. Your videos and the way you approach the topics you write about have helped more than you can imagine. Thank you so so much.

Very happy to hear this, I will pass this on to my friends who have helped throughout. While not all are okay with having videos made viewable, I am happy that the videos seen have been able to help you so much (I have had a few messages from people over time who have shared how the content has helped them through hardships and I appreciate you reaching out). This is one of the reasons why I’ll always continue to create the content. There will also be some posts coming over time that will give a little more insight into safe BDSM play. While I do not engage in much BDSM play at all (all the focus is on teasing and pleasure based play – so there’s never any risks involved), I’ll put up little pieces of advice that may help those who are looking to engage in this kind of activity.

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